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It is so good really that white vinegar washs a face? It is OK that white vinegar washs a face tender skin?

White vinegar is a kind of condiment inside the kitchen is tasted, but white vinegar also is the article that a kind of hairdressing protects skin, when the face is being washed in the life, some of white vinegar can be added inside water before, nevertheless also hostage doubt white vinegar washs facial effect, so, it is so good really that white vinegar washs a face? It is OK that white vinegar washs a face tender skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will see article introduction.

It is so good really that white vinegar washs a face? It is OK that white vinegar washs a face tender skin? (1)

1, the advantage that white vinegar washs a face

1. tender skin

The Wen Shuizhong that joins abluent facial ministry and double hand immerge white vinegar washs face and hand, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is changed after 5 minutes clean, wash a face for a long time to be able to make the skin bright and clean, exquisite with white vinegar so.

2. reduces wrinkle

After washing a face in the evening, take water of 1 spoon white vinegar, 3 spoon to mix, dip in with tampon full, in place of the wrinkly on the face gently inunction, massage gently with finger abdomen again, abluent can. White vinegar washs a face to be able to be helped remove the wrinkle with facial petty ministry.

Spot of fade of 3. dispel spot

Pound Chinese traditional medicine with white vinegar the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is right amount and harmonic, sealed immerse one week. After washing a face everyday, brush the place of spot of minister trying a face, with the passing of time can make fleck is eliminated gradually, retired.

Look of 4. drive tired

1-2 spoon white vinegar is joined in Wenshui, after bathing not only can the corneous layer of purify skin ageing, and eliminate exhaustion, coruscate spirit, facial also appear very ruddy.

2, how dispel blain is the most effective

1, daystart clean

Rise in the morning actually facial ministry is done not have so dirty, major person should use a large number of clear water to be able to wash the face clean only, include skin of blain of outermost layer of skin, blain! Wen Shui is being used when washing a face is the most appropriate, do not use too hot bath face, can stimulate the skin otherwise.

2, evening clean

Do not make up by day, tu Fang basks in frost. Skin of blain of the blain below this kind of circumstance needs to use common clean face product to come only clean, pure physics is prevented bask in what change syncretic than content to prevent bask in wash hard a little a bit, but surface of clean of major amino acid is enough also will prevent bask in be washed clean. If feel to wash sordid, can use gentle strip makeup water is wiped first.

3, make up by day

Much is weak makeup can use scour off of the grandma that wash a face, the hangover that can be not dropped by metabolization for that little goes to what wash your face following a piece of paper clean, because grow blain, frowsty purely force of excessive cleanness, gimmick causes close a mouth. As to change skin of raddled blain blain, recommend use discharge makeup water, is not discharge makeup oil.

4, accuse oil in time to protect wet

Facial ministry has oil to jam pore, of more need is to protect wet skin, the skin gives oil much, also cause actually, we are OK again clean be over after the skin passes, water of use bright skin and protect wet breast, maintain cutaneous wet, it is protective cutaneous key.

5, attention food

Eat the reviver such as adipose, high in syrup, acrimony, panbroiling food and liquor, coffee less, have boiled water of vegetable, fruit, much water more. Often constipation person usable gram 20 grams, intelligent rice 50 grams, boil congee together, add a few rock candy to mediate, daily cent second take.

6, turnip juice apply face

In bowl is being put after washing the turnip clean well-done, till familiar sodden position, holding the turnip in the arms in gauze, extort juice, float add of relay of turnip replace boiler again bead, boil thick stiff condition, most mushy when, with respect to the solution the turnip even daub is growing the place that has whelk, can as far as possible much Tu Yi some, relatively serious place as far as possible Tu Hou, can hold to daub 3 times everyday, insist 34 days to be able to have the effect of dispel blain, this is a kind of very good method that treats whelk, can try.