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How to wash facial hairdressing with white vinegar? What does the small doohickey of white vinegar hairdressing have?

Hairdressing protects skin is the business that everybody can do everyday, what do you know to have to protect the method of skin in the life then? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, white vinegar is a kind of very common provision, we are to use white vinegar to do condiment commonly, a lot of things can use white vinegar, do then you know white vinegar how does hairdressing protect skin? Below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How to wash facial hairdressing with white vinegar? What does the small doohickey of white vinegar hairdressing have? (1)

1, white vinegar hairdressing protects skin

1. tender skin washs a face to be able to have the effect of tender skin with white vinegar above all, clean face and hand are washed inside the Wen Shui that rejoin feeds vinegar, clear water is changed to be cleaned clean after 5 minutes next. Use for a long time can make the skin becomes bright and clean, delicate.

2. is divided knit after washing a face in the evening, with 1:3the scale add of vinegar and water, dip in with tampon next take compound vinegar besmear to be in facial ministry wrinkly place, with show the abdomen massages a few minutes gently, next again scour off. Can rise to remove the effect of petty furrow so.

3. changes acne to feed vinegar and 2 glycerine to mix with 5 even, next daub is in skin carbuncled affected part. Long use kills acne and black head effectively, let the skin become smooth.

4. fade fleck joins the right amount the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes in Chinese traditional medicine white vinegar in, sealed at a week immersing in bottle, facial fleck is wiped with has immersed vinegar after washing a face everyday next, it is OK that time grew fleck subsidise.

Look of 5. drive tired is used at tub, 1 ~ is joined in Wenshui 2 spoon feed vinegar, after bathing not only can the corneous layer of purify skin ageing, and eliminate exhaustion, coruscate spirit, facial also appear very ruddy.

2, the note that wash a face

White vinegar washs a face, water Wen Ye needs to had been controlled, white vinegar itself contains the liquid of certain active namely, lukewarm meeting exterminates exorbitant water the active gene in acetic acid, need to use Wen Shui only so can. Water is warm it is a notable main factor when washing a face, water is warm do not pass low not exorbitant also, probably 339 degrees OK, exorbitant the active that exterminated acetic acid, too low cannot keep clear of completely facial ministry is smudgy.

When washing a face every time, put a small water, join a few (about 2 spoon) white vinegar, in pouring water smooth, attack to go up to the face, flat perhaps a facial immerge warm water. Pour water next, resumptive the normal procedure that wash a face.

White vinegar washs a face, do not need the ground one day 2 times to wash, such too diligent, go against facial ministry grease to produce normal harmonious effect, at most one day washs practice, had better put in face before sleeping.

This kind of method must hold to, such ability can have very good effect. It is OK that one day washs a face 2 times at most, do not need too diligent ground goes washing a face, such meetings destroy layer of meeting cutaneous cutin, cause premature senility.

3, white vinegar beautifies hair

1. can restrain scurf with acetic shampoo. Some girls dander is much, all sorts of going to bits washs hair fluid to be used without giving thought to. Before can sleeping every night, with 1 ∶ of 1 feed vinegar and clear water to lay advantage in dander besmear is wet, gently knead sends a department, after 10 minutes, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. Such doing can restrain dander to be generated too much, can effect a radical cure finally. With join the lukewarm bath that feeds vinegar to send effective also fruit.

It is OK that 2. uses acetic shampoo black shine hair. Some girls hair is withered work without burnish, used moist wash hair fluid to also do not get effective, can washing hair fluid to wash hair hind with neuter every time, reoccupy is opposite hair of warm water full, rinse with clear water after 20 minutes. Slowly, the hair can become soft burnish, pitch-black bright beautiful.

3. still can improve head skin with acetic shampoo. According to theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, acetic lukewarm, invigorate the circulation of blood changes the effect of detoxify of Yu, detumescence. Modern medicine considers to think, vinegar has downy stimulative effect to the skin, but outspread blood capillary, improve haemal circulation. Wash with vinegar hair, the bacterium of spore of egg circle branny Pi that also can exterminate scalp of patient of dermatitis of fat excessive sex likewise, can stop consequently urticant, go scurf. What should remind everybody to notice is, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is used as medicine what use vinegar points to is to use what the brew such as rice, broomcorn comes out " rice vinegar " .

4, recipe of white vinegar hairdressing

Clever will white vinegar and other data come an elaborate collocation, the hairdressing that can have do with sb unconscious protects skin effect.

Water of 1. bright skin

Recipe one: The skin is thick black person. White vinegar: Glycerine =2: 1 mix, skin of constant put on the skin, a day of 2-3 second, can make the skin wet, reduce melanin deposit, the skin after a month namely exquisite white tender, clean and smooth rich flexibility, bestrew aesthetic feeling.

Recipe 2: The skin is dry the person that Sao itchs. White vinegar: Glycerine 4: 1 mix, take the advantage of the pore after wash a face or bathing to open, when the skin did not work, on Tu Yu skin, have very good effect.

Recipe 3: The skin of grandmother is super protect wet secret recipe. White vinegar + glycerine + 9 the root of remembranous milk vetch, this recipe very protect wet, a bit is stick, besmear again because of after this is used, need not be being used the frost that protect skin, this recipe suits to be used in the evening.

Recipe 4: The alluring woman's recipe. White vinegar: Glycerine: Pure water =1: 2: 4, summer white vinegar is bit more, winter glycerine is bit more. If glycerine puts too much meeting,the individual thinks very stick, later if used cream to be able to be stuck,be together, because this compares the method with praise highly white bit more vinegar, but if feel acetic flavour is too big, that adds some of pure water!

2. is tender skin goes blain

Recipe one: White vinegar + pure water. White vinegar: Pure water =1: 3 had matched, every day after morning and evening has washed a face, with the palm gently will white vinegar is patted go up in the face, need not use too much, little goes. You feel whole the face is wet go. Still can use this kind of bath to wash a face accidentally. Hold to a week, had the effect, the skin is very delicate, not very grows blain blain, blain blain scar is weak also, the skin does not give oil, pore also narrowed.

Recipe 2: White vinegar + cucumber juice. White vinegar: Cucumber juice =1: 1 mix up, wash the scour off after on face of the Tu Yu after the face 10 minutes, a day 3, use consecutively is not sent after half month.

Recipe 3: Face of white vinegar apply. Wash a face to be felt equably with white vinegar in the evening every day go up in the face (escape eye all around) etc 10 to 15 minutes, after feeling to there is a dry film on the face, wash with clear water, when be being done for the first time, you can feel resemble making facial department a bit antiseptic kind a bit painful do not worry about white vinegar to have antiseptic effect originally, enduring, wait for the place that after washing a face, your meeting discovery has wiped vinegar to be sent a bit, red do not want concern to sleep morning of early in the morning is good, need to hold to, won't appear twice apparent effect, but hold to a week your skin with respect to meeting him discovery can become very fine still can discover oneself are whiten.

Spot of fade of 3. dispel spot

Material: The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes (inn sells Chinese traditional medicine again: 2 yuan are controlled 9)

Recipe: Pound right amount the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes to mediate with white vinegar, sealed immerse a week. After washing a face every day, wipe face minister spot to be in, with the passing of time can make fleck disappears gradually, retired.