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What does the hairdressing effect of tomato have? What hairdressing effect does tomato have?

Tomato is a kind of very common food, already OK and direct edible, still can use make a few delicate cooked food, tomato nutrition is rich, and to the female, very good hairdressing protects the action of skin, suit a female at ordinary times edible, so what does the hairdressing effect of tomato have? What hairdressing effect does tomato have? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the hairdressing effect of tomato have? What hairdressing effect does tomato have? (1)

1, the hairdressing effect of tomato

1 dispel spot

Dissection tomato, brush in have fleck place, can make fleck drop off.

2 fight anile

Pound of will bright ripe tomato takes juice, add a few white sugar, use besmear face everyday, can make the skin white, exquisite, smooth, hairdressing, prevent anile effect admirable.

3 beauty white

Skin frost is protected on the besmear on abluent face, stick next put a few tomato, cool milk of the reoccupy after 30 minutes washs a face, this meeting makes facial ministry skin exquisite and white.

4 reduce weight

Tomato quantity of heat is low, with will reduce weight more appropriate. Tomato reduces weight best method is: Breakfast and lunch pay attention to nutrition, dinner is used 1, 2 tomato are replaced.

5 go smelly

After washing bath, 100 milliliter tomato is joined in tub juice, immerse two armpit 15 minutes in water next, every week two, can eliminate body odor.

6 desalt black rim of the eye

Choose squashy tomato, agitate of tomato flesh gouge even, apply is in all round the eye after about ten minutes, with wet towel wipe up. Such not only can desalt black rim of the eye, still can defer eye ministry all round cutaneous ageing.

7 go dead skin

Become tomato dolly sauce state, touch making up on cotton, besmear next go up in the face, wash with Wen Shui after about 15 minutes clean OK.

8 cure bask in an injury

Become tomato dolly sauce state, besmear makes an appointment with 15 minutes on the face, wash with Wen Shui later clean, the skin that is basked in by the sun remediably.

2, the nutrient effect of tomato

One: Abroad considers to discover, from the juice of maize jelly shape is medium all round tomato seed depart came out the material of a kind of P3 that be called, have combat plaque agglomerate effect. Can fight hematic agglomeration, prevent cerebral thrombus.

2: Clear heat is alexipharmic. Pleasant of tomato sex cool flavour is acerbity, heat having Qing Dynasty promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the effect that raises shady and cool blood, haemorrhage of suffering of hot to the stomach mouth, gum, mouth is dry tongue dry, calorific fire of irritated thirsty, empty rises have better treatment effect.

3: Prevent cataract, yellow spot is metamorphic. What contain vitamin A, C, can prevent cataract, still to nyctalopia red element of tomato of; of effect of fair prophylaxis and treatment has the effect that restrains fat to cross oxidation character, can prevent the destruction of freedom radical, restrain denaturation of retinal yellow spot, safeguard eyesight.

4: Disappear of be good at stomach is fed, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, embellish bowel is aperient. What contain the organic acid such as malic acid, citric acid, can make gastric juice secrete, right adipose the assimilation that reachs protein. Increase concentration of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, adjust gastric bowel function, the rehabilitation of disease of conduce stomach bowel. What contain fruit acid and cellulose, bowel of peptic, embellish is aperient action, can prevent and cure constipation.

5: Fall fat step-down, diuresis discharges sodium. What contain red element of vitamin C, Lu Ding, tomato and fruit acid, can reduce hematic cholesterol, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance and coronary heart disease. Additional contain many Potassium to reach alkalescent mineral, can promote the eduction of salt of the natrium in blood, have effect of diuresis, step-down, detumescence, have favorable auxiliary therapy effect to disease of hypertensive, kidney.

6: Hairdressing protects skin, treat skin disease. Tomato contains carotene and vitamin A, C, have fight fleck of anile, dispel, hairdressing, protect the effect such as skin, treat skin disease of sex of fungus, infection. Acid can maintain the Nick that it contains to be secreted of gastric juice normally, the formation of stimulative erythrocyte, be helpful for maintaining the flexibility of hemal wall and protective skin. Another considers to show, tomato juice still has certain effect to eliminating body odor.

7: Prevent cancer to fight cancer, defer consenescence in recent years, the place in considering to confirm tomato contains tomato red element to have fight oxidation distinctly, can keep clear of the freedom inside body base, prevent the happening of cardiovascular disease, the hair bread chance that reduces pancreatic cancer, rectum cancer, oral cavity cancer, breast cancer effectively is led, prevent the progress of prostate canceration. Tomato still contains the peptide of cereal Guang pleasant that prevents cancer to fight consenescence, can keep clear of the toxicant inside body is qualitative, it is normal to restore airframe organ function, defer consenescence.

8: Maintain sexual function. Tomato red element is had fight oxidation ability distinctly, can cleared freedom base, protect a cell, make deoxidization ribonucleic acid and gene spare destroy, can prevent canceration progress. After absorbing, gather at prostate, adrenal etc place, make prostate fluid secrete exuberant, because tomato is juicily,can safeguard ejaculation function; , can diuresis, nephritis patient also appropriate edible. The female eats tomato to be able to arouse desire and joy more. Tomato besides having precautionary effect to prostate cancer, the hair that still can reduce the cancer such as cancer of rectum cancer, pancreatic cancer, laryngocarcinoma, oral cavity, lung cancer, breast cancer effectively is sick into death danger. See the nutrient value so much of tomato, like to go up this advantageous vegetable? If you like, proper everyday edible will raise Yan Meirong be good at body.