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How to maintain a good color? Is good color how refine becomes?

Skin hairdressing protects the method of skin to actually a lot of is plant, feminine skin is dark because,sinking also is of oneself nurse did not do those who bring about good, skin is dark if sinking, maintain with respect to should seasonable stand or fall the skin, should do in daily life nurse what kind ofly, can you make oneself color better? So, how to maintain a good color? Is good color how refine becomes? Will look.

How to maintain a good color? Is good color how refine becomes? (1)

1, the doohickey that hairdressing protects skin

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey 1, sleep early rise early the skin good

Everyday arrived at 10 o'clock of before dawn at 2 o'clock, it is the optimal time of damage skin rehabilitate. Although already platitude do not fall 1000 times, but be accomplished very hard still. Rest as early as possible please for your good skin.

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey 2, hot water promotes haemal abide bad

38 degrees water is warm, immerse 10 to 15 minutes, water has done not have navel can. Can make blood expedite, be helpful for the metabolism of skin.

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey 3, much drink plain boiled water

"Drink 8 cups of water everyday " it is a very vague concept, so called 8 cups of water, it is to point to everyday the person is passed have a meal, the water quantity that drinks water to wait to be absorbed in all, if you drink one caldron boiling water, drink 8 cups of water again, it is to plant for certain destroy. Of course, if holding the coffee, beverage drink that contains coffeine in both hands only everyday, natural meeting affects the intake of normal Bai Shui. The most healthy is plain boiled water, the proposal fills everyday water can be passed drink plain boiled water, draft fruit, drink the means such as congee to finish.

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey 4, the fruit is raised colour

Cherry contains a lot ofiron, iron can make girl color ruddy character; The vitamin C content that pomegranate contains compares malic tall 1~2 times, it is OK to eat more help body and skin fight oxidation. Newest research discovers, vitamin C is OK and outspread the skin is hemal, stimulative blood circulates, make the heat energy inside human body sends out as soon as possible come out, achieve thereby " keep out is cold " purpose. On the west the good origin that the vegetable such as orchid, Chinese cabbage is crude fibre not only, still can take away the redundant moisture inside body in digestive process, prevent bloated happening. Different season feast has different efficient nutrition fruit, small write a proposal you can answer season eats these fruit vegetables more. Turning over seasonal fruit is artificial composition a little overmuch, natural nutrition can decrease a few, it is better to still accord with the order of nature.

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey 5, motion having oxygen eliminates the skin dark sink

Woman skin is dark heavy because endocrine and toxin deposit are caused,very big reason is. Canter, swim, the metabolism that rides the motion having oxygen such as travel to be able to increase airframe, hematic fortune career is accelerated can provide more oxygen and nourishment for the skin, stimulative skin produces more collagen protein, cutaneous vigor also can grow somewhat, in addition, motion having oxygen still can help airframe eliminate toxin, improve the mood, make the skin red-blooded.

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey to want to be made from healthy diet not only, still have the side such as daily life motion, want to insist to accomplish only, natural with respect to can beautiful beauty.

2, protect skin method tomato patch

1, film of immature soil bean flour makes a way: Match spoonful potato pink to give birth to yoke to be moved into only partly. Stick number 20 minutes with film of this kind of face, can reduce next eyelid dropsy not only, and still can stretch the skin, make whole face becomes smooth. If countenance appears tired out, also can use film of mellow soil bean flour, it can eliminate tired out feeling not only, and also can extend wrinkle.

2, film of milk potato face: Evaporate of will unripe potato is ripe, the potato after evaporate is ripe uses spoon or mixer, pound potato mud

Press potato next: Pure milk =5: The scale agitate of 1, of course you are OK make up scale according to his be fond of

milk potato mud, direct apply is on the face, 15-20 minute

15-20 mud washs the milk potato that gets on the face after minute can

Attention: Match next likewise filling water ensures result of wet bright skin water much better, using what use daily to protect latex of wet tender skin next can.