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What fruit juice to drink can is hairdressing raised colour? What fruit juice was drunk can you remove hairdressing to raise colour action?

Hairdressing is raised colour it is the business that every female friend is doing everyday, be in especially burning hot summer when, on the face perspire very easily, bring about makeup look to be destroyed, method of beautiful Rong Yangyan in the life has a lot of, do then you know hairdressing is raised colour what does fruit juice have? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

What fruit juice to drink can is hairdressing raised colour? What fruit juice was drunk can you remove hairdressing to raise colour action? (1)

1, hairdressing is raised colour fruit juice

1, tomato juice

Material: Fresh tomato 1 go to 2.

Practice: tomato need not flay, cut small directly, fall into juicer, can make tomato juice, direct and drinkable can.

Effect: Rich vitamin C is contained in tomato, be known as " the storehouse of vitamin C " . Vitamin C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin white thereby tender, shading subsidise.

2, apple honey juice

Material: Fresh Lu Hui 200 grams, the cider that has extracted 1/0 cups 4, honey 4 small spoon.

Practice: Will fresh Lu Hui is abluent, with the Xie Pi of part of knife purify green, leave transparent mesophyll to cut small to be put into boiler. Join 200 milliliter clear water to boil after boiling, put cool, join honey to mix divide evenly joins the cider that has extracted can.

Effect: Aloe is to clear poison of intestines and stomach, platoon is aperient expert, absolutely it is antiphlogistic detoxify, beautiful the first choice of white skin. Honey, apple also is hairdressing is raised colour beautiful is tasted.

3, rock candy lemon juice

Material: Fresh lemon 1 go to 2.

Practice: citric section, citric agitate juice, add rock candy right amount and drinkable can.

Effect: Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, still have calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the vitamin. Constant drink lemon juice, not only can white tender skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial pigment speck, and the effect that still has arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure.

4, Liu Chen pineapple juice

Material: Pineapple 100 grams, liu Chen 1, 5 grams of foreign Qin, tomato 1/2, citric 1/3/ , honey 1 small teaspoon.

Practice: Willow orange flay, pineapple flay and heart, tomato goes the base of a fruit, each cut proper size. After citric flay, juice is extracted in waiting to be put into squeezer entirely with foreign Qin, add honey along with law of be fond of again.

Effect: This tasting is the fruit juice with vitamin A very concentrated content, can raise cutaneous metabolism, enhance skin to reach bacterial resistance to stimulation. And ageing of skin of circulation of OK and smooth blood, precaution.

5, colour juice of beauty of carrot fragrant citrus

Material: Carrot, orange, lemon juice, honey, ice cube each are right amount.

Practice: Because use carrot to extract juice alone very insipid, can add orange color one case so agitate. Right amount lemon juice, honey and ice cube agitate are joined later even can drinkable.

Effect: This one beautiful white freezing drink is done is very simple really, but was not looked down upon so one cup east, carrot juice contains carotene and vitamin to wait, OK and exciting cutaneous is metabolic, promotional blood answers a circle, make complexion ruddy thereby, to hairdressing be good at skin has original effect. Carrot juice had better be drunk when the morning is hollow, because, this more benefit is absorbed at gastric bowel.

6, tomato lemon juice

Material: Tomato 2, citric 2, honey is right amount, 50cc of cold boiled water.

Practice: Cut the tomato of flay agglomerate account, put into mixer, add into honey again, with cold water an agitate, add lemon juice and ice cube finally can.

Effect: Lemon contains rich vitaminic C, have the effect that restrains melanin generation, much drink can help skin antagonism ultraviolet light. Additional, tomato has fall the effect of blood pressure, clear hot detoxify. Both mix add right amount honey to flavor, can develop the beauty that discharge poison's white effectiveness, have effect very much to preventing splash.

2, hairdressing is raised colour eating food

1, towel gourd

Towel gourd can be lubricant the skin, prevent the skin to produce furrow.

2, bean sprouts

Bean sprouts can prevent fleck, shading, make the skin whiten.

3, wax gourd

Wax gourd contains microelement zinc, magnesium. Zinc can promote human body to grow development, magnesium can make a person bouncy, complexion is ruddy, the skin is fair and clear.

4, asparagus

Asparagus contains a lot ofselenium, can refuse consenescence and prophylaxis and treatment all sorts of diseases that concern with adipose and excessive oxidation, conduce to skin hairdressing raising colour, make the skin whiter tender.

5, dawdle

Dawdle nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofprotein and vitamin, adipose low, without cholesterol. Edible dawdle can make female estrogen is secreted more exuberant, can prevent often fight decline, make skin gorgeous.

6, aubergine

Aubergine contains vitamin P, but bate is imperceptible and hemal. Also contain vitamin C at the same time, can restrain cheese ammonia acid enzymatic, restrain the synthesis of melanin, have whitened effect to the skin, can do use daily.

7, cucumber

Cucumber contains many vitamin and dissociate amino acid, still have rich fruit sick at heart, can clean beauty skins in vain, eliminate bask in injury and fleck, alleviate the skin is allergic, it is traditional hairdressing is raised colour emperor is tasted. Accordingly, still searching hairdressing to raise hard colour alimental friends, might as well foretaste looks.

8, carrot

Carrot is known as " skin food " , can moist skin. Additional, carrot contains rich pectic material, can be united in wedlock with mercury, make the harmful composition in human body is able to eliminate, skin looks more exquisite and ruddy.

9, sweet potato

Sweet potato contains a large number of sticking albumen, vitamin C is very rich also, vitamin A former content receives the content that is bordering on carrot. Often eat sweet potato to be able to fall cholesterol, decrease hypodermic and adipose, filling empty lack, increase effort, be good at taste, beneficial kidney is in relief, conduce to hairdressing raising thereby colour.

10, pea

" detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account, pea is had " go burnish of black An, your face " effect. Modern research is discovery more, pea contains rich vitamin A former, vitamin A can be formerly inside body A of translate into vitamin, remove hairdressing to raise action of Yan Runze cutaneous.

11, Bailuo is predicted

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bo Ke of white trailing plants " benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear muscle " . Bai Luobo has this kind of function, because its contain rich vitamin C,be. Vitamin C is antioxidant, can restrain melanin synthesis, prevent adipose combustion, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit. Accordingly, often feed Bai Luobo to be able to make the skin fair and clear and exquisite, raise to hairdressing since colour action.

12, tomato

Tomato contains rich natural antioxidant, besides vitamin C, still contain tomato red element, these natural antioxidant are the redundant freedom exceeding oxygen inside body base " natural enemy " . And oxygen exceeds redundantly inside cleared body freedom radical can reduce melanin to generate. What what contain in tomato is low get together the composition such as candy, still can reduce the ferment that forms melanin effectively. Come so, much edible tomato also can achieve hairdressing to raise colour the effect.

13, potato

About the United States' white vegetable, still have " double beans " say, double beans is mixed tomato patch namely pea. Contain rich B tomato patch a group of things with common features vitamin and many high grade cellulose, still contain microelement, protein, adipose wait for nutrient element with high grade starch. These composition are having main effect in resisting the old course that prevent disease, body of female of can effective help discharges poison. Contain rich vitamin C to make female reply beauty white skin among them.

The woman loves the United States, above introduced 13 kinds to eat advantageous hairdressing to raise for everybody colour vegetable, the woman that loves the United States mights as well eat in daily life eat look. Small make up think, feed filling is hairdressing is raised colour choice of the first-rate in the method, can eat not only delicious, still can protect skin, double effect, female people tries rapidly.