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What method does aloe dispel blain have? How to use aloe dispel blain? How to use Lu Hui can dispel blain

Aloe is us the product that the very common hairdressing in daily life protects skin, believe everybody should have used Lu Hui, what do you know the method of aloe dispel blain has after all then? Reckon a lot of people feel exceeding doubt, below, introduce the method of aloe dispel blain to old furniture body, the hope is helpful to everybody, we look together.

What method does aloe dispel blain have? How to use aloe dispel blain? How to use Lu Hui can dispel blain (1)

1, the method of aloe dispel blain

Method of aloe dispel blain one: Lu Hui makes up water

fresh aloe juice, join dilute of a few water. Direct daub is in usable palm on the face, flap gently next to absorb. Can adjust the grease balance of skin, prevent the generation of blain blain. Still can protect wet skin.

Method of aloe dispel blain 2: Blain of aloe honey dispel protects wet area film

fresh Lu Hui Xie Qu pricks flay to be washed clean, dolly becomes mud, join agitate of right amount honey smooth. After cleanness is facial, wipe equably skin at facial ministry, maintain 10-15 clear water is used after minute abluent can.

Method of aloe dispel blain 3: Aloe blain of dispel of Chinese herbal medicine

Prepare Lu Hui 30 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch, angelica each 10 grams, leave aloe flay the flesh to pound mud, mix the root of remembranous milk vetch again angelica pulverize, add water to mediate together become equably mushy, the apply after abluent face makes an appointment with 15 minutes, rinse out of reoccupy warm water. Effect of blain of dispel of its diminish inflammation is first-rate. Sensitivity skin MM careful with Lu Hui.

2, what does Lu Hui's action have

The action of aloe one: Platoon poison

The cleared bowel line with can complete aloe, hepatic toxin and clear regulating blood condition are in charge of. A variety of plant active composition are contained to reach a variety of amino acid in aloe, vitamin, polysaccharide and mineral composition, among them aloin and Lu Hui are suddenly and end can stimulate small intestine wriggle admirably, go to eduction of alvine path toxin. Toxin eduction, skin just has likely inside and the health outside.

The action of aloe 2: Prevent bask in

Aloe gel not only the screen that is sunshine, and the harm that it can prevent ultraviolet ray to arise to immune system, can restore the immune function that is injured, make bask in an injury to achieve recovery, prevent the formation of skin cancer. It can desiccative cut keeps wet, the growth inside gel factor can stimulate fiber cell directly, make its obtain second birth and rehabilitate. The tensile strength that can promotional sore hurts aloe gel, promotional sore hurts cure, stimulative heal. It is in not only lab and in clinical trial, with aloe gel cure is basked in, got breathtaking result.

The action of aloe 3: Fight anile

What contain in aloe is mucous kind material is to prevent cellular ageing and the important part that treat chronic allergy. The place such as the muscle of human body of mucin consist in and gastric bowel mucous membrane, let organize rich flexibility, if fluid element is insufficient, muscle and mucous membrane can lose stretch and inflexible ageing. Make the cell of year of human body, if mucin is insufficient, the cell is met gradually feeble, lose the ability of defence bacteria, virus.

The action of aloe 4: Protect wet

The skin to human body has the amino acid that aloe contains and compound polysaccharide material to defend wet, moist action goodly. This kind natural preserve wet element, can complement the partial moisture of lose of the caustic in the skin, restore the function of glue protein protein, prevent facial furrow, maintain the skin smooth, soft embellish, rich flexibility. Because polysaccharide is contained to reach a variety of monose in Lu Hui, add a trace to measure the presence of lactic acid magnesium, and the aloe gel that uses aloe make it has natural wet property, wait the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture. Reed is received enter an organization.

The action of aloe 5: Accuse oily dispel blain

Blain blain arises commonly at oily skin, its balance aloe skin composition can effectively consecution is oily skin, achieve go oil defends wet action. The delay of aloe stimulates peptide enzymatic will to be able to resist jointly with hemal insecurity inflammation, eliminate inflammation blain.

Those who need an attention is, aloe is not everybody applicable, because aloe place contains material very rich, to the skin of a few irritability, the composition such as the aloe glucoside that it contains and colophony, cause the symptom such as allergy very easily, cause combat the effect. Because this is about when choose,do a test first to his skin.