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Wash a face with white vinegar can hairdressing? How to wash facial hairdressing with white vinegar?

? ? ? ? ? ? Salt washs a face to be able to achieve the result of hairdressing, want to undertake with right kind clean face works nevertheless, besides salt, still have white vinegar, actually white vinegar also has a lot of effect, among them the most remarkable purpose that washs a face to also can achieve hairdressing with white vinegar namely, going up somehow, the safety of white vinegar is spent more effective than salt, wash a face with white vinegar can hairdressing? The answer is affirmative, how to wash facial hairdressing with white vinegar?

Wash a face with white vinegar can hairdressing? How to wash facial hairdressing with white vinegar? (1)


One. White vinegar beauty matchs in vain

Tie-in one: In vain vinegar + water

The composition of a few acidity in white vinegar can help skin cutin metabolize, prevent the proliferation of acne, have the United States' white effect thereby. But the acidity of white vinegar is stronger, need avoids to besmear white vinegar to the face directly, the chroma that best method uses white vinegar of Wen Shui general namely reduces will white vinegar and water according to 1:3scale is allocated, attenuant, shake up; is put inside a small bottle next. After washing a face everyday can take the white vinegar water with good modulation on the face gently, dosage need not too much, pieces of whole face is wet with respect to Ok. Morning and evening each, go to the lavatory simply.

Will white vinegar and water according to 1:2The scale of 0 is attenuant in washbasin, mix whole face next face and hand are washed in hand immerge basin. After washing about 5 minutes, convert clear bath (had better be cold water) . Insist to wash a face with this method everyday, the skin can exquisite, bai Xi.

When bathing, 1 ~ can be joined in the Wenshui of bath crock 2 spoon white vinegar. The Wen Shui in bath crock can make cutaneous pore is stretched, can absorb the nutrient of acetic acid adequately, not only can bate, the corneous layer of eliminate ageing, OK still and life-giving wake head, exhaustion is eliminated after suiting gens going to work to come home.

Tie-in 2: In vain vinegar + glycerine

Will white vinegar and glycerine according to 2:1scale modulation, wipe the skin to arrive twice everyday with this. Can moist skin, what reduce melanin at the same time is ad cool-headed. Probably after a month, the skin is met bleached magically, skin also is met character delicate a lot of.

Will white vinegar and glycerine press 4:1scale mixes. Just washed a face, pore still stretchs, when there still is moisture content on the face, besmear on this mixed liquor, can protect not only wet still can stop urticant. Suit to be used for a long time.

Will white vinegar and glycerine according to 5:1scale is moved into intermixture. Be in intermixture besmear with the neck on the face, clean with clear water after half hour besmear again bit of late frost; is OK also Morpheus pass the night.

Tie-in 3: In vain vinegar + salt + water

water, white vinegar, salt according to 9:3: The scale of 1 is deliquescent. Good modulation mixed liquor hits towel wet, fold is good, whole apply is on the face, morning and evening each. Because salt has the effect of antiseptic diminish inflammation, vinegar has the effect with antiseptic disinfection. This collocation has the effect of blain of beautiful white dispel, and get effective very fast!

Tie-in 4: Egg + vinegar

Thoroughly cook 10 eggs, immerse inside the white vinegar that is put into 500 grams next, probably after a week, the egg is met bate. Shuck next chorion, acetic fluid is entered after albumen and yoke bruise, drink fluid of egg of 1 spoon vinegar everyday enough, often drinkable OK the splash on desalt face, make skin Bai Li fully red.

Tie-in 5: In vain vinegar + walnutmeat

Immerse the walnutmeat of 250 grams in the white vinegar of 500 grams, next the cap on the lid is sealed rise. Ability is OK and drinkable after wanting to await 10 days. After eating a meal everyday drinkable the quantity of two spoon, can carry bright skin to pledge, improve coarse He Hui's dark condition, make skin coruscate glorious.

Tie-in 6: Feed vinegar + soya bean

Feed what the soya bean of 250 grams puts in 500 grams immerse in vinegar, next sealed rise. Take out after 15 days, eat after eating breakfast everyday 10 to soya bean of 15 dip vinegar, can make the skin tender, the pigment on desalt face, and still can reduce cholesterol and improvement liver function.

Tie-in 7: In vain vinegar + glycerine + the root of remembranous milk vetch + clean water

shape of powder of wear of the root of remembranous milk vetch. white vinegar, glycerine, the root of remembranous milk vetch, clean water with 2: 2: 1:1scale is harmonic. But the acidity that notices white vinegar please is stronger, can stimulate the skin, accordingly cannot too much. White vinegar has the United States' white effect, glycerine and the root of remembranous milk vetch have the effect of filling water again, if insisting for a long time to use, can make the skin smooth, bai Xi.

Tie-in 8: In vain vinegar + the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

pulverize of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes shape, enter next right amount white vinegar is harmonic, sealed immerse. Ability of a week hind is used. Can stick with small cotton autograph take a bit mixed liquor, besmear grows the position of spot on the face. After be being used for a long time, fleck can be eliminated gradually, retired.

White vinegar why OK the United States is white

White vinegar has stronger acidity, use white vinegar to come hairdressing accuses oil to rise is, bate cutin, antiseptic and the effect that helps skin regain burnish and flexibility, wash face and hairdressing to protect skin to have the effect of very good beautiful white tender skin so with white vinegar.


2. Use frequency correctly of white vinegar

Is white vinegar beauty's white accurate method how? How to come to the beauty skin in vain with white vinegar? Is anybody used? Actually otherwise, to mixing a gender the beauty comes with white vinegar for skin and oily skin white effect is first-rate, blain blain flesh as much applicable, use frequency of average a week is 2-3 second; But white to suiting to use for the MM with sensitive skin and corneous thinner layer vinegar comes hairdressing protects skin; And drying skin uses frequency to be a week 1-2 commonly second.


3. Wash accurate method of the face with white vinegar

1. Notice to use white vinegar measure

White vinegar washs a face, need one small spoon only every time can, do not need to put in a lot of white vinegar, such meetings are excitant to skin generation, cause the skin thinner and thinner, grow microgroove easily, become dry.

Because our skin needs to get used to a process, accordingly, the quantity of white vinegar had better be to be put less a bit, it is OK that the small ladle that drinks boiling water puts one ladle.

2. Those who notice the grandma that wash a face is phyletic

White vinegar washs a face, can use contain those who protect wet effect to wash grandma, wash a face so, water embellish still is on the face, not easy and dry, do not use those who contain a large number of salicylic acid to wash grandma, wash the skin easily bad.

The grandma that wash a face had better choose according to skin type, oily skin can choose rub silk washs grandma, can squeeze extrude foamy namely the sort of, in drying, can choose low bubble to wash grandma.

3. The frequency that the attention washs a face

White vinegar washs a face, do not need the ground one day 2 times to wash, such too diligent, go against facial ministry grease to produce normal harmonious effect, at most one day washs practice, had better put in face before sleeping.

It is OK that one day washs a face 2 times at most, do not need too diligent ground goes washing a face, such meetings destroy layer of meeting cutaneous cutin, cause premature senility.

4. The water that notices to wash a face lukewarm

White vinegar washs a face, water Wen Ye needs to had been controlled, white vinegar itself contains the liquid of certain active namely, lukewarm meeting exterminates exorbitant water the active gene in acetic acid, need to use Wen Shui only so can.

Water is warm it is a notable main factor when washing a face, water is warm do not pass low not exorbitant also, probably 339 degrees OK, exorbitant the active that exterminated acetic acid, too low cannot keep clear of completely facial ministry is smudgy.

5. The attention is follow-up maintain

White vinegar washs a face, after washing fine face, can do according to normal procedure protect skin and maintained, it is a bit better to can choose to protect ability in swimming protect skin to taste, after and be written down washing a face, taking the advantage of a face to go up to still bit of humidity begins to do protect skin, did not wait for facial doing to appear maintain again.

According to the normal step that protect skin besmear maintains it is OK to taste, this is a basis of yourself maintain the habit comes from personal decision, be this covers a region commonly.

6. The time with removed attention

Use white vinegar to wash a face after half month, want halt 5 days, make the skin OK regain normal position, the skin and pore and corneous layer can grow naturally one phase.

So doing basically is to assure the skin of facial ministry not to produce dependence to white vinegar, and can better with outside ambient action, won't produce dermatitis.