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What hairdressing does tomato have to protect skin action? How does tomato make film of the face that protect skin?

Tomato is the food that a lot of people love to eat, can regard a fruit as edible directly, also can make a few delicate cooked food, the flavour acid of tomato is sweet goluptious, have edible value not only, still have hairdressing to protect the action of skin, the help improves the problem of skin, so what hairdressing does tomato have to protect skin action? How does tomato make film of the face that protect skin? Everybody introduction is below.

What hairdressing does tomato have to protect skin action? How does tomato make film of the face that protect skin? (1)

1, tomato hairdressing protects skin action

, the effect of hairdressing health care of tomato

1. clean skin

Wash a face with tomato, having very good clean effect. Tomato contains rich fruit acid, OK and effective clean pore, absorb the redundant grease on the face, make the skin clean, return the bacterium that can kill skin surface at the same time, thoroughly clean skin, prevent acne and whelk effectively, and won't destroy cutaneous acidity to balance, protect the skin, special agree with oily cutaneous friend is used.

Practice: After tomato abluent pound becomes juice, after mixing agitate with protein protein pink, wash a face with mixture.

2. chamfer pledges

Tomato contains more fruit acerbity material, adjust effectively balance of cutaneous soda acid. Not only such, tomato shows acidity this one characteristic, the cleanness that makes the chamfer that its are a kind of natural and high grade, health qualitative is protected article.

Practice: Wash tomato clean, after pound becomes juice, the autograph that use cotton is juice apply on the face, withhold 15 minutes, can cutaneous old old corneous and sufficient win over by soft tactics, clean with water subsequently, can will corneous purify, those who restore skin is slippery tender.

3. is beautiful white

The vitamin C content in tomato is very rich, vitamin C has very good block to break melanin to form, make skin new coruscate fair-skinneds in vain glorious. Besides, the vitamin P that can prevent a vitamin to C is oxidized and be destroyed still is contained in tomato, its can cooperate with vitamin C produces effect, drop senile plaque of shading, precaution.

Practice: Often eat tomato raw to perhaps wash face, apply face with tomato, can make the skin becomes more fair and clear.

4. is deep-seated and moist

People often edible tomato, can make the skin gets deep-seated moist result, and rich carotene is contained in tomato of this main profit from. After carotene is absorbed, classics human body is digested, but A of translate into vitamin, its can help skin beat back the enroach on of freedom radical and moist skin, improvement the state with dry skin, make the skin restores moist.

Practice: Pound of will bright ripe tomato takes juice to add a few white sugar, use its besmear face everyday, can make the skin exquisite and smooth, hairdressing prevents anile effect admirable.

5. treats skin disease

Consider to discover, tomato has truly fight fungus action, can restrain certain the fungus that has the power that cause disease to plant or person, this is probable because what contain the effect with alkaline tomato among them,be. As a result of its rich nutrition, external use tomato not only can treat a few fungus to contract kind of disease, still can have effect of hairdressing tender skin.

Practice: the tomato flay with ripe delicacy and seed pound apply at affected part, daily 2-3 second, can treat skin disease of sex of fungus, infection.

6. reduces weight thin personally

Above all, tomato quantity of heat is low, and make the person produces full abdomen move easily. Accordingly, eat to tomato won't increase overmuch quantity of heat namely and be caused more fat, controallable eat other alimental amount; Next, tomato still contains rich organic acid, can promote digest, disclose put oneself in another's position inside adipose, have the effect that reduces weight to disappear fat, it is the good food that the friend that wants to reduce weight nots allow to miss absolutely.

Practice: Choose 1 ~ in the morning everyday 2 bright ripe tomato are hollow dip in white sugar eats.

7. precaution cancer

Some eggplant red element is contained in tomato, besides can keep clear of the freedom inside human body base, defer airframe consenescence besides, still can restrain the growth of a variety of cancer cell such as such as lung, uterus, mammary gland. For this, often have tomato, or edible ketchup or the tomato products such as tomato juice, can prevent a variety of cancer such as cancer of the stomach, breast cancer and prostate cancer effectively.

Practice: Hold to every to feed 1 ~ inherently the tomato with 2 ripe delicacy, can rise to defend cancer and the action that assist remedial cancer.

Splash of 8. slow down is deferred anile

Tomato red element is the important natural food colorant on current industry not just, more important is it it is very strong antioxidant. Compensatory tomato red element, resistance is anile, enhance immune system, reduce the happening of the disease. Tomato red element returns what can reduce eye yellow spot to degrade, reduce splash ad cool-headed. Reason tomato is had " macrobian fruit " beautiful praise.

It is while the effect of hairdressing health care of exclaim tomato is so much, small make up introduce for everybody next how DIY tomato protects skin highest grade.

2, film of eye of tomato DIY Facial mask

Film of face of blain of 1. tomato dispel

Practice: Pound tomato into slimy shape, direct apply is on blain blain skin, use next make up cotton is touched take enough tomato juice apply to be on its, take off after 10 minutes abluent can.

Effect: Tomato provides diminish inflammation antiseptic reach balance grease action, the blain blain of effectively slow and composed agnail skins, reduce the occurrence of dark sore acne.

2. tomato skin is ground arenaceous cream

Practice: Small will be cut after tomato is abluent, come to tomato flesh gouge to put a bowl in stand-by. The movement remembers wanting when digging light, do not destroy tomato skin. The tomato skin after using the meat massages eye week skin, can keep clear of effectively cell of cutin of eye week ageing, protect Shi Meibai, reduce microgroove, go Huang Chu is dark dumb. And the tomato flesh that remain can serve as facial grind arenaceous cream, with show the abdomen is pushed brush massage, knead gently in order to draw the kind of the circle, can have the effect of deep-seated and clean pore likewise, skin becomes more exquisite and bright and clean.

Spot of 3. tomato dispel is beautiful flour film

Material: Tomato 2, saccharic 1 spoon

Practice: Put tomato flesh gouge in the bowl, become slimy state with spoon pound, join saccharic agitate next even, apply is on abluent face, an apply of wet paper Facial mask is in reoccupy on tomato Facial mask, avoid Facial mask stuff to drop, strengthen at the same time permeate pressure, the stimulative skin absorption to nutrient. Keep 15-20 Wen Shui is used after minute abluent.

Effect: Tomato is contained abound his life C, can desalt splash, reduce melanin, your skin is even bright white. And saccharic play is ground arenaceous the action that cream, help chamfer pledges and even color of skin.

4. tomato contracts pore Facial mask

Material: Tomato 2, albumen 1 only

Practice: Pound tomato eggplant mud with fruit juice machine, join new protein next, the apply after agitate divide evenly is on abluent facial ministry skin, the wipe up after staying 10 minutes Facial mask, soak with tomato juice next make up cotton, use grease of daub T division to secrete exuberant place, stay 5 minutes again, clean clean with water next can. The skin is amounted to balance to water oil, purify skin to hold concurrently receive fine fur aperture.

Effect: The acidity juice of tomato can let the skin roughly water oil balances position, restrain grease to secrete; Purify skin, bilge of cutin of cleared and cuticular ageing. Coordinate the convergent pore action of albumen, make a relaxed tender white skin that causes closely glossily.

5. tomato keeps wet eye film

Practice: The knife is used after fresh tomato is abluent cut 6 on average, dig the eggplant flesh of 3/2 with spoon, get on eggplant skin apply in the eye next, take off after 10 minutes abluent.

Effect: The beautiful Bai Cheng of tomato is divided and keep wet part effectively desalt black rim of the eye, moist eye week does dry skin, abiding protect Shi Fuping to do grain, present clear and bright double eye.

2, of tomato delicate have a way

, garlic sweet tomato fries potato chips

Material: Tomato patch 1, tomato 1, garlic teaspoon of 1/2 of 4 valve, caraway, salt.


1, potato flay, slice is put into clear water to immerse.

2, the base of a fruit goes after tomato is abluent, cut agglomerate.

3, garlic flay, cut piece reserve.

4, after caraway is abluent, cut what grow into 1 centimeter paragraph.

5, oil is entered in boiler, the garlic that puts an in part is fried sweet, put potato chips to fry to potato chips become transparent look.

6, put tomato piece, after frying tomato molten to give soup, put salt to break up fry even.

7, caraway is put after involving fire paragraph, the garlic with other in part piece break up fry a pan a few times can.

2, the tomato sirlon that stew

Material: Jiang Pian of sirlon, tomato, white mushroom, very light blue, sweet leaf, cassia bark, salt, ketchup, caraway, pepper


1, it is sirlon adds water into boiler above all, put the condiment small fire such as Jiang Pian, very light blue to stew about 1 hour.

2, have one pot additionally, tomato flay, stripping and slicing, put stir-fry before stewing to fry a flavour.

3, in putting beef into tomato, add add beef boiling water, had done not have beef completely.

4, join dawdle, ketchup and salt one case cook over a slow fire stews 40 minutes.

5, when having pot, scatter on caraway and pepper can.

3, tomato ox broth

Material: Canister of 425g1 of soya bean of beef 1000g, tomato, tomato 4, onion 1, ketchup 300g, saline 10g.


1, beef flying water, reoccupy hot water rushs clean.

2, enter soya bean of one canister tomato, stripping and slicing of beef, onion, tomato, drench ketchup.

3, add enough hot water, 10 minutes maintain after conflagration is boiled, turn small fire boils 50 minutes.

4, add salt to flavor finally can.

4, tomato cauliflower

Material: Cauliflower, tomato, sweet green, ketchup, candy, salt, water, unripe pink, oily each are right amount.


1, 2 minutes are boiled in putting cauliflower bowl, fish out drop is dry reserve.

2, explode chopped green onion sweet, put ketchup to break up fry, the conflagration that add water burns boil, agitate divide evenly.

3, put tomato man, join salt and Bai Sha candy to break up fry even.

4, put cauliflower, add unripe pink water, shang Zhinong is stiff can install dish, scatter finally on sweet green bead.

5, tomato fries bean curd

Material: Tomato one, bean curd together, young soya bean one small, salt, ketchup.


1, in taking out right amount ketchup to put small bowl, add dilute of a few clear water.

2, bean curd stripping and slicing, tomato cuts hob piece.

3, defrost of young soya bean is abluent reserve, the scald in parting bean curd and young soya bean in boiling water is very hot.

3, fry boiler to pour right amount oil, burn heat, put ginger and garlic piece explode sweet, put tomato piece to break up again fry.

4, put bean curd to fry ripe hind, put pea and tomato sauce, salt, fry divide evenly to be able to give boiler.

6, tomato burns aubergine

Material: Tomato, aubergine, agaric, garlic, unripe smoke, white sugar, plant is bad news oil, oily.


1, agaric bubble hair; Aubergine stripping and slicing; Tomato stripping and slicing; Garlic cuts garlic bead.

2, a few oil pour in boiler, panbroil aubergine boiler first soft, fill piece reserve.

3, aubergine is filled after going out, pour garlic bead into boiler, the oil that use a base is fried sweet.

4, put tomato piece to break up fry, fry tomato soft, give soup, into sauce shape.

5, put agaric to break up fry a minute, pour aubergine, enter oyster sauce.

6, add candy and a few to be born according to taste smoke, make an appointment with 2 minutes of tasty with big baked wheaten cake can.