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Nightly how had done the work that protect skin? Night hairdressing protects book of skin little secret

The problem that the need that protect skin notes has many, in nightly when a lot of females can be paid attention to quite protect skin, the measure that protects skin also has a lot of, want the skin is better, the need that protect skin masters appropriate method, avoid to cause a harm to skin, avoid a few errors, so nightly how had done the work that protect skin? What is night hairdressing protects book of skin little secret? Look together below!

Nightly how had done the work that protect skin? Night hairdressing protects book of skin little secret (1)

1, nightly protect book of skin little secret

1, had done height to protect wet nurse

Sleep late, stay up late to make skin lock hydraulic become poor with excessive exhaustion, dry. The hairdressing fluid that wet effect protects to be absorbed well, easily on besmear as soon as possible wants after clean face so. Had better use first make up cotton is stained with hairdressing fluid, until make up cotton assumes transparent position, OK and clairvoyant see finger, begin from facial ministry center next, with make the skin a little the strength of cave in is pressed gently press skin.

Heavy to easy dry, easy An eye reachs the cheek that needs to undertake dry of Yi Gan of meticulous daub; all round mouth to want sufficient daub all round the ministry, use whole paw finally, the makeup that presses the remain on skin gently water, make its sufficient infiltration skin.

2, replace sexual Facial mask

Rapid improvement is dry if you are afraid everyday apply Facial mask can be brought about excessive maintain, can use after clean face so protect wet hairdressing fluid to soak paper Facial mask, apply is in facial. 10 minutes from the back the water branch in film is skinned blot, then again gush makes up one layer water, uncover after 5 minutes, skin can become water embellish is tender, and although be done everyday,also need not fear skin burden is overweight. If connect paper Facial mask to be done not have, can get on a piece of face tissues apply in the face, go up to the gush on paper protect wet make up water, till face tissues is drenched, wait for 1~3 minute.

3, the late frost discharging poison that makes do to sleep late

Although you fail to discharge poisonous time in optimal liver 23: 00 before fall asleep, a poison can be had completely also to repair the elite late frost that protects a function in the daub before 23 o'clock, simple 30 seconds cooperate to massage when daub, can promote haemal circulation, enhance cellular metabolization vigor and eliminate skin toxin rubbish, reduce the harm that stay up late greatly. Need to strengthen now and then maintain, can Tu Hou regarded as film of good night face, one content is multi-purpose.

4, elite is used before 0 o'clock fluid

Complete step of elite fluid daub before midnight comes as far as possible, the nutrient part that this can allow elite fluid is medium develops acme. A few those who contain accept to rice permeates a technology or grow content flower more is nightly long it is easier to protect elite fluid infiltration arrives skin depth, enhance cellular vigor, promote metabolization loop. Resemble embedded in skin invisible cellular engine is general, do not massage painfully with take time, nutrient composition also can by not be born is absorbed entirely, the light frost after doing it makes next perfect a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story.

2, skin small doohickey is protected before sleeping

Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey to have a lot of, the MM of tea of the tipple when some people can use tea bag to come hairdressing. Hairdressing protects skin small doohickey to have a lot of, we can need according to our, choose the method of best hairdressing, the help loves beautiful woman to model perfect skin, the hope protects skin small doohickey to be able to help the woman that loves the United States model perfect skin through hairdressing.

The hairdressing before sleeping protects skin small doohickey 1: Acetic hairdressing

Vinegar is a home some commodity, still have certain hairdressing effect at the same time. If conditional, MM had better take a tepid vinegar bath before sleep, need to add little vinegar in bathing water only, after can letting you wash bath comfortable all the more, body and mind is relaxed. Additional, in bubble bath when, OK still vinegar and glycerine with 5: 1 mix wipe facial ministry, often brush with, can make coarse skin becomes delicate.

The hairdressing before sleeping protects skin small doohickey 2: Not forget cervical

The regular meeting when us has such feeling, the person often is cervical actually first old, accordingly to conceal the age, nursing cervically is indispensable. Cervical skin is very fine thin and flimsy, the distributinging amount of its sebaceous glands and sweat gland has 1/3 facial only, leather fat is secreted less, nature of the ability that run water is compared facial should differ a lot of, bring about easily thereby dry, cause furrow easily.

So everyday in the evening clean face while, do not forget cleanness cervical, even daub neck frost or moist model neck frost, late frost. Anyhow, our cervical must get and the pay like facial ministry.

The hairdressing before sleeping protects skin small doohickey 3: Milk hairdressing law

Milk has hypnotic magical effect, besides, milk apply faces the skin also have profit very much. Everyday in the evening, when we drink milk, can wipe a bit milk that remain go up in the face, use when Morpheus Facial mask. If return the United States' white in having market demand, we still can enter pearl powder in the mix into in milk, after such use period of time, we can discover the skin can become exquisite, slip in vain a lot of.

The hairdressing before sleeping protects skin small doohickey 4: Wash grandma + toilet soap + massage

Evening protects skin the first want justice it is clean necessarily. Before falling asleep, must clean the skin clean, when cleaning, besmear the grandma that wash a face on the face first, wash clean with toilet soap next. Such double cleanness is OK guarantee against takes dirt and prize makeup, let what skin does not have a burden sleep a hairdressing become aware. The black washing a face with little spice is as far as possible on the choice of toilet soap, use the net that hit bubble to do a bubble, the facial department that the bubble with rich have the aid of can give him does a hairdressing small massage. But what should remember is, after massaging, must wash clean with clear water.

3, the error that autumn protects skin

1, prevent with beautiful white product only bask in can save

If you think ultraviolet illuminate can let cutaneous melanin increase protective skin wrongly, the skin that can let you only so is blacker and blacker, think the United States is not paid attention to again in vain prevent bask in protect wet, did not brush prevent the habit that basks in frost, even if using again much beautiful white product also is otiose.

2, beautiful white product is particular with complete set

Beautiful Bai Bushui is in the measure that protect skin is the measure of an a connecting link between the preceding and the following only actually, water water, prevent bask in, fought oxidation to affect the United States' white result on certain level, because this does not want photograph messenger,use white product of beauty of one a complete set of to be able to let you turn Bai Xue into the princess.

3, beautiful flour film is OK use every day

Nurturance protects the habit of skin to often have profit to beautiful white dispute regularly, if your facial ministry skin does not have allergic phenomenon to beautiful flour film, so you can be in important time successive film of face of 7 days of apply, already achieved consolidate the United States' white effect, after 7 days, every week is used can.

4, take pearl powder to be able to bleach

Pearl powder can be used contain scale of Facial mask, clean, calm makeup etc, white to the United States, go the effect of black head also is very pretty good, still can carry bright color of skin. But the effect of pearl powder of to be taken orally is because of the person different, pollute and the pearl of a few feral maritime space is deteriorated, took bad to the body instead.

5, summer blackens easily, summer is beautiful white had better

Summer is beautiful white effect is best, want to know such idea is wrong, exorbitant temperature can abate cutaneous fights oxidation enzymatic activity, the stockpile of dated material can make facial ministry produces yellow gas, if want to achieve beautiful white result truly, it is all the year round protecting skin to taste ability in vain with the United States is the most important.