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What does white method of beauty of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have? How to use Chinese traditional medicine does the United States protect skin in vain?

In the impression of a lot of people, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine's main effect is to treat a few diseases, actually the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine still has hairdressing to protect the action of skin, chinese traditional medicine the range of material is very wide, a lot of material can serve as Chinese traditional medicine, some medicinal materials have a lot of profit in vain to the United States, can use the beauty to protect skin in vain, so what does white method of beauty of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have? How to use Chinese traditional medicine does the United States protect skin in vain?

What does white method of beauty of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have? (1)

1, white method of beauty of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

1, film of green bean flour

Gram, steatitic, Bai Zhi, white monkshood grinds end apply face, use clear water every night or make up face of apply of delicate last stage of water agitate divide evenly, after working abluent. Period of treatment makes an appointment with 14 days. After period of treatment every other is used one day.

2, 5 white cream

The tuber of hyacinth bletilla 2 money, Bai Zhi is 2 money, white Lian one money half, white monkshood is 2 money, white lilac one money half, litharge one money. Medicine grinds in all on delicate last stage, with 1/4 albumen agitate tone is become rare cream, daily the face is washed with Wen Shui first before sleeping, reoccupy this creams thin sparsely apply is in on the face, wait for the scour off after working, the result is very right.

3, the United States is white cream

Nard 4 money, hawkthorn 5 money, the larva of silkworm with batrytis 9, smoked plum flesh horn of 5 money, black 9, violet back float is 5 money, sweet Bai Zhi 5 money, litharge 5 money. Grind extremely delicate last stage, move apply face to go up with albumen every night, lie between a day to obliterate with Wen Shui in the morning.

4, tremella Facial mask

Tremella (tremella) , yellow over sixty years of age, Bai Zhi, Yu Zhu each 50 grams, grind in all delicate last stage, take medical last stage every night 5 grams, the albumen on tone or move into with clear water cream shape apply face, wait for the scour off after working. Zhu Nengzi of silver-colored flower, Bai Zhi, jade raises skin, tuckahoe can eliminate face speck, the United States is white.

5, the film that make the same score sore

Each 2 money boil the root of large-flowere skullcap, Huang Bai, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread tea shape liquid, shortbread is moved into mushy apply face, or with face of the apply after albumen is smooth. Biweekly, every time 20 minutes. This just suits facial minister sore, whelk and complexion An is black person.

2, beautiful Bai Xiaomiao is enrolled

The first pace: Shi Fugao function makes up water

Everybody may feel what Shi Fu has to differ with Facial mask, this is different of course, Facial mask is to be composition of elite of complement of skin powerful effect, and with dip in to make up completely water especially tall function makes up the makeup of water cotton is on the face Shi Fu 5 minutes, it is to let corneous layer instant absorb more moisture, corneous layer moisture is enough, can let skin look more bright.

Attention: Skin is particularly dark heavy, the proposal undertakes small shine skin.

Skin slants oily dark heavy, proposal or main attack cutin metabolize, no matter be to add a beauty to make up in vain,water still uses product of United States Bai Xinghuan skin, can eradicate old useless cutin blandly, stimulative follow-up is absorbed, skin ability rises fully!

The 2nd pace: Choose pair of beautiful Bai Jinghua to point to celiac flick beauty Bai Jinghua

General beautiful Bai Jinghua pays attention to melanin of broom surface layer, but if did not cure essential, your Bai Ye cannot abiding. Love discovery of laboratory of jasmine Pacific Ocean, when melanin cell imbibe, melanin is secreted can show decrease, so they use bright science and technology of cellular inject water first degrees protect skin to taste, will upgrade the inject of albumen of core green tea of edition arrives in melanin cell, like putting Buddha to use dozen of beautiful white needle for melanin cell, make skin thoroughly white shine. Want to have water so tender bright skin, of beautiful Bai Jinghua protect effectiveness of wet filling water to must consider!

The daub means of beautiful Bai Jinghua: When beautiful Bai Jinghua daub is in facial later, need is used showing the abdomen resembles is to play the flick like piano to help beautiful white skin be permeated quickly absorb. Do not use brushed means.

The 3rd pace: Close nutrition, add a beautiful hoarfrost

When using alimentary frostlike powder, it is OK to maintain usually thin brush, collocation shows the abdomen massages promotion to draw strength. If encounter skin when dismal heavy, dry state is apparent, can thick apply sleeps, the retell that lie between a day is redundant the erase that did not absorb can.

Better moist frost has EsteeLauder brilliant to appear ooze Bai Danban moist frost. Contain exclusive water pervious to light build ability of the Bai Ke that protect the United States, melanin of can efficient metabolization, add avocado oil and fruit of wood of high concentration breast to wait additionally, smear immediateness forms protective film, stimulative cell locks up water.

The 4th pace: Hold together is about in vain fully prevent bask in had done do completely

Be born well besides mom, make you inherent Bai Xi is immaculate besides, we are not done without what reason really prevent bask in, how be before going out, disinclined to make up to also remember again brush prevent bask in segregation. Especially ultraviolet ray is such now all sorts of savage, pollution infestation, do not protect skin well, it is all sorts of inflammation erupt not just so, shading is rampant, bask in an injury more easily old ah!

3, the food of beautiful white skin

1, cucumber

Contain many vitamin and dissociate amino acid, still have rich fruit sick at heart, can clean beauty skins in vain, eliminate bask in injury and fleck, alleviate the skin is allergic, be a tradition raise Yan Sheng to taste.

2, Bailuo is predicted

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bo Ke of white trailing plants " benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear muscle " . Bai Luobo has this kind of function, because its contain rich vitamin C,be. Vitamin C is antioxidant, can restrain melanin synthesis, prevent adipose combustion, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit. Accordingly, often feed Bai Luobo to be able to make the skin fair and clear and exquisite.

3, sweet potato

Sweet potato contains a large number of sticking albumen, vitamin C is very rich also, vitamin A former content receives the content that is bordering on carrot.

4, towel gourd

Melon can be lubricant the skin, prevent the skin to produce furrow.

5, carrot

Carrot is known as " skin food " , can moist skin, make skin looks more exquisite and ruddy.

6, bean sprouts

Bean sprouts can prevent fleck, shading, make the skin whiten.