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How is dispel blain beauty white? What does dispel spot beauty's white small doohickey have?

Stain appears on the face, it is the skin problem that a lot of people encounter, facial ministry stain is more apparent, can affect facial hairdressing, dispel spot beauty is the problem that a lot of females pay close attention to quite in vain, adopt a few methods to be able to help spot of facial ministry dispel, have the effect of beautiful white skin, so how is dispel blain beauty white? What does dispel spot beauty's white small doohickey have? Everybody introduction is below.

How is dispel blain beauty white? What does dispel spot beauty's white small doohickey have? (1)

1, dispel blain beauty is white small doohickey

1, egg law of blain of pearl powder dispel

egg yolk and albumen depart, take the part of albumen only, join right amount pearl powder to mix divide evenly is become mushy. Daub go up at the face, 15~20 minute scour off can. Weekly 2-3 second, white effect of dispel blain beauty is pretty good, and simple economy substantial.

2, cucumber yoghurt is beautiful flour film

Extract cucumber juice to mix apply of film of face of yoghurt make it to be in facial ministry, after 20 minutes abluent can. Cucumber has the effect of beautiful Bai Bushui, the acidity composition in yoghurt can layer of bate skin cutin, make damage cell falls off, the new student is delicate the skin, thereby blain of fade of quick pass the time in a leisurely way imprints.

3, white vinegar dispel blain law

Will white vinegar and water press 1: The scale mix up of 3, after morning and evening washs facial program normally, pat gently go up in the face, do not need too much. Hold to a chapel, you can discover blain blain is little, blain imprints weak, the skin also is done not have so give oil, more exquisite and smooth.

4, brine washs a face

Heat a water, join the salt that skill the centre of the palm measures, static to put cool hind with will wash a face. Brine has very good antiphlogistic effect, can affect in order to prevent blain blain, wash a face for a long time with brine can dispel blain beauty is white, make the skin presents a kind of fresh and tender, transparent feeling, still can prevent the happening of facial dermatosis.

5, lavender essence oil

Every night after clean good skin, lavender essence oil the autograph that use cotton is touched take right amount daub to imprint in blain place, hold to a month, blain imprints eliminated entirely. Lavender essence oil is become to eliminate scar only, no matter be,eliminate blain to imprint or be cut scar, gravid grain having magical effect.

6, corn flour milk Facial mask

Will right amount corn flour and milk mix play the part of slimy shape, the daub after clean face at facial ministry, wash with clear water after 15 minutes clean can, weekly 1-2 second, but effective desalt blain imprints. Corn flour not only can clean skin, still can balance skin grease at the same time.

7, ginger apply face ginger section, the apply after clean face is in the place that need desalt blain imprints, pick after 20 minutes, do not wash a face, massage with the hand after absorbing juice completely, besmear again go up to protect skin usually to taste, chain water is divided. Not only can desalt blain imprints, still have antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect, restrain the growth of blain blain.

8, yoghurt dispel blain

the yoghurt that drinks remnant direct daub is on the facial ministry with good cleanness, after 10 minutes abluent can.

9, cucumber dispel blain

Cucumber gives a person a kind of very pure and fresh sense, same it also can let skin keep pure and fresh, control grease is secreted, compensatory skin moisture, prevent thereby and control the growth of blain blain. cucumber abluent extract juice, take in compressing juice of cucumber of Facial mask immerge, next apply is in facial ministry 10 minutes, best and abluent can. Pearl powder of blain of pearl powder dispel dispel blain 3. Pearl powder of blain of blain of pearl powder dispel has admirable sorption, can suck except the rubbish inside pore and grease, those who maintain skin is relaxed. Ministry of cleanness fine face, take right amount pearl powder to join clear water to be moved into cream shape. Next even daub is in facial ministry, wait for velar doing to come most probably when abluent.

10, Lu Hui dispel blain

Aloe has the effect of clear hot diminish inflammation. Will new aloe part of a historical period washs clean flay, put juice of the extort in juicer. Reassume compresses juice of aloe of Facial mask immerge in. On apply of ministry of cleanness fine face, get off after 20 minutes abluent. Can fast heal blain blain and prevent blain blain to grow.

11, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread dispel blain

pink of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, add clear water harmonic and even, on the daub after washing a face, after 20 minutes abluent. Morrow, you can discover the red blain blain on the face is apparent subsidise is not little 6. Dispel of towel gourd water contains rich vitamin B and vitamin C in blain towel gourd, the grease that can control skin is secreted, return the moisture content of can compensatory skin. Will fresh towel gourd flay extracts juice, in will compressing juice of Facial mask immerge next, apply is abluent after on the face 15 minutes. Facial ministry will be exceedingly relaxed.

12, gram pink dispel blain

Everybody knows gram is clear hot detoxify is admirable feed capable person, can use not only eat, we also can mix gram pink film of face of clear water make it! Should move into mushy apply face 20 minutes only can. Dispel blain effect is first-rate.

13, tomato dispel blain

Tomato contains rich vitamin C and good to the skin nutrition part, can purify blain, prevent and improve acne sex skin. Get on fresh tomato juice daub in the face, lie between 2 minutes of daub, after 20 minutes abluent can.

14, cordate houttuynia dispel blain

Cordate houttuynia 30 grams, clear water 600 milliliter. Earthenware pot is put after will bright cordate houttuynia is abluent, enter 600 milliliter clear water, after boil, small fire boils 20 minutes, fluid extraction Lv is drunk when tea.

2, the beautiful white note that protect skin

When the skin old old corneous accumulation is jumped over much, can make skin thickening, rough, pore becomes bulky, skin also because cannot successful imbibe and protect nurturance to divide, become dark heavy, dry, stimulate grease to secrete an amount quickly, pore can greaten once more. Use fluid of cellular nutrition elite to cooperate inside tone elite element, can balance grease, contractive pore, color of bursa of repair damage wool, desalt imprints, the second birth of albumen of stimulative skin collagen, still you are meticulous pore, let its restore the metabolization function of oneself, make skin abiding Bai Xi is too busy.

More than 1: The food that contains zincic calcium should eat more, zinc can increase airframe strength, stimulative rejuvenesce, calcium can pacify nerve. The food that contains these elements is very much, for example hyacinth bean, soya bean, dawdle, hepatic, nut, scallop, turnip, corn is waited a moment.

More than 2: The food with vitamin much content thes more the better. Should notice compensatory vitamin particularly. Vitamin A promotes skin but second birth. Vitamin C can have effectively repair to dark sore injury. Vitamin B2 and B6 can participate in stimulative metabolism, quicken be pacified dark sore.

More than 3: Crude fibre food should eat more. Accelerate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, raise metabolization rate, can make redundant grease as early as possible eduction. Include whole wheat bread, coarse food grain, legume, bamboo shoot to wait.

One avoid: Fat food diet. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to should eat fat less to panbroil as far as possible wait for fat food and high spirit food, cause indigestion easily, bring about metabolism abnormal, and cause whelk.

2 avoid: Diet of acrimony and tepid food. Hot food causes dark sore recrudesce, exciting skin easily to metabolize normally. Meat of coffee, dog also should avoid edible.

3, dispel spot beauty's white cookbook

Dispel spot secret recipe 1: Dispel spot raises orange hawkthorn colour congee

Raw material: Rice 100 grams, orange two, hawkthorn 30 grams, white sugar 10 grams, cold water 1500 milliliter.

Dispel spot secret recipe 2: Dispel spot raises assorted fruit colour a thick soup

Raw material: Pear, apple, banana, pineapple together, yangtao, strawberry 4, water is amylaceous 20 grams, white sugar 15 grams, honey 10 grams, cold water is right amount.

Dispel spot secret recipe 3: Dispel spot raises Yi benevolence lotus seed colour congee

Raw material: Yi benevolence 150 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, red jujube 5, rock candy 15 grams, cold water 1000 milliliter.

Dispel spot secret recipe 4: Spot of red jujube dispel raises loquat colour congee

Raw material: Rice 100 grams, loquat 6, white sugar 10 grams, cold water 1000 milliliter.

Dispel spot secret recipe 5: Qin beef dispel spot raises colour congee on the west

Raw material: Xi Qin 50 grams, beef end 150 grams, the egg is clear one, cooking wine 5 grams, salt 5 grams, gallinaceous essence 8 grams, water is amylaceous 30 grams, soup-stock 800 grams, lardy 10 grams, green ginger silk each are right amount.

Dispel spot secret recipe 6: Dispel spot raises yam medlar colour congee

Raw material: Rice 100 grams, bright yam 50 grams, medlar 15 grams, white sugar 15 grams, honey 10 grams, cold water 1500 milliliter.

Secret recipe 7: A thick soup of Xi Qin beef

Xi Qin adds beef modulation to become Li , it is OK to often eat spot of beautiful white dispel, and very delicate! Hairdressing cate neither by accident.

Secret recipe 8: Yi benevolence lotus seed congee

It is good that Yi Ren Meibai protects wet effect, can treat all sorts of splash such as spot of fleck, senile plaque, butterfly very well, it is OK to use it to undertake boiling congee better dispel spot beauty is white.

Secret recipe 9: Assorted fruit a thick soup

We are OK the Li with a pear and the fruit very delicate make it such as apple, banana, pineapple, strawberry, can match a few kinds of fruits undertake trying, may have a surprise!