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Why is skin met anile? Skin why wrinkle furrow?

Skin why Where is wrinkle furrow? Because the collagen albumen inside the grows us skin as the age can decrease, so the skin can appear furrow, there is furrow to be able to affect skin aesthetic perception on the skin, so, why is skin met anile? Skin why wrinkle furrow? Actor actors or actress below small write the account that introduce next skin consenescence for everybody.

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1, the reason of skin consenescence

The first kind: Live not regular person

Archaism says " spring Mian does not become aware dawn " , arrived whether do you have spring a good Morpheus? No matter be the job is brought into play, the change that still is an environment lets a person very easily produce pressure to bring about Morpheus quality then low, appear even insomnious symptom.

Want to know, reverse of day and night, life not the fade melanin of regular person, grow hormone cannot good secrete, in the vicious circle that is immersed in skin ageing easily. Grow hormone has main effect to the metabolism of skin, can make sure the skin lasts delicate. But these hormone are in the ability when deepness Morpheus to be able to be secreted in human body only, no matter be shallow Mian or the person that reached to just sleep in the morning cannot good secrete, accordingly, sleep bad to become aware the risk that the person has skin ageing very easily. Accordingly, "Hairdressing becomes aware " be very reasonable!

Want to obtain good Morpheus, small make up want bend affection to remind everybody when to notice here:

Above all, sensitive to coffeine person arrived nightly do not drink the beverage that contains coffeine, lest affect Morpheus; Next, comply with biological clock to get up in the morning, melanin letting fade is secreted normally; Finally, arrived to use electronic product not for a long time in the evening, by day as far as possible sufficient activity, there is good Morpheus quality in order to assure in the evening.

The 2nd kind: Skin is protected wet inadequate person

Spring is dry it is the prime cause with skin occurrence furrow, splash, fine bits and urticant Sao, as a result of spring sunshine medium ultraviolet ray is met unexpected increase, capture very easily the moisture in skin, appear very easily the skin that does not have a symptom is dry. If oversight skin is protected wet, not only makeup effect is goodish, and the skin is counteractive and outer erodent ability also can drop considerably, skin becomes easily because of pollen allergy Sao is urticant bear hard, ageing degree also can be deepened greatly!

Accordingly, spring answers skin dry can want to be hit did not lose hiemal strength, but should noticing when the choice protects skin to taste is not wipe the embellish skin with fat more content to cream toward the face blindly, the balance that considers skin profit integratedly however fills adequately water. Maintain anyhow commonly the person with dry skin, because the moisture in the skin is insufficient,be actually.

Can efficient the composition that chains the water in skin is divided, besides ossein (Kollagen) and transparent qualitative acid (Hyaluron) beyond, what compare fire in Japan recently is the material of a kind of natural presence, be called " candy amine gets together candy " (Glycosaminoglycan) natural material, allegedly it has transparent qualitative acid of 130% maintain wet ability, it is the precious composition that in recent years newest extraction comes out. Protect skin product according to saying to use those who contain this material, what maintain skin very easily is wet degree, and the flexibility that still can preserve skin and entire constitution feeling.

If protect skin to taste,spring protects skin in oily cent is too much, skin composition is broken very easily evenly, because this everybody is in,best choice locks up the hairdressing fluid with water strong capability to had been compared!

The 3rd kind: Often outer have the person of the simple meal

Alvine line of the person gets very easily the influence of Morpheus and pressure, to protecting skin for, want not only explicit nurse, should notice more " bowel is healthy " such in-house protection just is those who protect skin is essential. Want to adjust condition of good bowel core only, not only the body won't become fat, the skin also can maintain the condition in Shui Runmei flesh to fall, conversely, if ignored bowel environmental adjustment, no matter use much better cosmetic to eat how many health care to taste, also be trashy.

Want to design to conduce to the cookbook that adjusts alvine path balance for oneself, modern eats rarely mostly vegetable and ferment food, but these food have favorable effect to alvine path health, ought to specific aim ground is absorbed. But those who need an attention is, short of of this kind of food adjusts vegetable salad and vegetable juice the effect of alvine path environment, food is additionally best with delicate give priority to, because of salinity and other flavoring, include additive agent for food to be able to increase body burden, affect result of food beautiful flesh.

Everyday very busy office worker ought to as far as possible oneself are in the home cooking, do not choose to go out to eat the quick meal of nutrient disequilibrium, should not smoke more drink, these let your skin ageing very easily!

The 4th kind: Bring about hormone to secrete disorder person because of all sorts of reasons

To young woman, night of one whole all night plays outside often going out not a home to return to, this kind of lifestyle brings about biological clock very easily disorder, bring about hormone to secrete then disorder. Once hormone is secreted disorder, skin and hair can appear ageing, the lumbar line with beautiful waist also can be in imperceptible in disappear, mammary prolapse, look like do not know old how many years old.

Of course, hormone secretes disorder reason not to stop a kind, possible still because spring job is busy amiable difference in temperature brings about Morpheus inadequacy, dairy produce to absorb wait for all sorts of reasons to bring about hormone excretive likely also too much disorder. In this among them, the fall of air temperature and hormone are secreted between have affinity, because this wants to maintain cutaneous kilter, antagonism chill also is very important.

In spring need special attention is changed not prematurely thin short fashionable spring clothing, chill lets body blood very easily circulate not free, choose the garment with stronger warmth retention property as far as possible, make sure blood can let you look circularly complexion is ruddy, cutaneous feels better also of course character!

Spring is a good season, the poem says " set each other off of person face peach blossom is red " , spring notices to prevent bask in, the Morpheus that filling water maintains good and dietary habit, can make you true the face is like peach blossom.

2, filling water protects wet sparge

1, abstain a grape water protects wet sparge

Contain a standard: Take bottle of gush of one pyxis sparge, clean clean, air reserves. Take 10 grapes, flay leaves seed (leave grape seed, the effect that protect skin is much better) , put juicer inside, extract grape juice, rejoin a few rinses, mix make grape water, load gush use inside bottle.

Of the job, during noon break, afternoon tea time, at any time and place, gush is on the face, can let skin get enough nutrition like eating a grape, protect wet moist.

The grape is to make one of a variety of raw material that shield skin to taste, filling water ensures wet result very apparent.

2, chrysanthemum protects wet sparge

Contain a standard: In choosing two teaspoon to give birth to chrysanthemum to add a cup of boiled water, chrysanthemum filters after waiting for boiled water to become cool, rejoin puts divide evenly of the agitate in the cold boiled water that has spoonful salt one cup, can put into gush bottle.

Sparge of this kind of chrysanthemum has the effect of convergent skin, suit summer to use very much.

3, rose water sparge

Contain a standard: Common rose water with 1: In the scale interfuse distilled water of 1, want to notice to must not use mineral water. Exert oneself to do sth. 24 hours are placed after shake up, put into gush bottle, can become sparge and bright skin water were used.

Sparge of this kind of rose water can balance cutaneous PH value, still have extremely tall maintain wet function. But when buying rose liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or lotus leaves, must seek advice to whether be rose saturation pure dew, if be saturation pure dew, the scale that adds distilled water is even double.