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What does common beauty abstain Facial mask to have in vain? What Facial mask can have the beauty's white effect?

Face film is the product protecting skin that we use via regular meeting, to female friend, the United States is very important in vain, do you know what to beauty there is to contain Facial mask in vain in the life then? Reckon a lot of people are exceedingly curious, below, provide body introduction how to contain the United States' white Facial mask to everybody, the hope is helpful to everybody's skin, we look together.

What does common beauty abstain Facial mask to have in vain? What Facial mask can have the beauty's white effect? (1)

1, the United States contains Facial mask in vain

1, yoke honey apply

The moistest method after insolating adds yoke to do Facial mask to come with honey namely apply face, can in time let skin complement is divided to enough water, at the same time repair basks in the cell after the injury.

2, pearl powder + yoghurt

If suntan if area ratio is older, can add pearl powder to undertake be massaged all over with yoghurt, beautiful white effect of the whole body is very good, OK also ministry of beautiful white face.

3, aloe

The most natural health protection is tasted, come with Lu Hui daub is very helpful to the skin oh! The United States can fill again in vain water, after basking in, suit most with Lu Hui, super and cool and refreshing.

4, watermelon leather juice

Do watermelon skin into juice with fruit juice machine, add bit of honey to make Facial mask next, 20 minutes or so can clean, the beauty can come so after basking in white.

5, banana + milk

The simplest beautiful white method, get banana into mushy, add full-time milk next, add bit of water again, besmear next face, the effect is really super good!

6, vinegar + brine

Water: White vinegar: Saline =9: 3: 1, get on the solution that has mediated in the face with towel apply, beautiful white effect is very good, simple very practical, oneself also can be done in the home!

2, the food that the United States should eat in vain

1, fresh cherry contains cherry candy, protein, β the rich nutrition such as carotene, iron. Iron can make person color ruddy character, and β carotene and vitamin C can be beautiful white skin must much more additional, eat cherry to be able to make skin truly exquisite, bouncy more!

2, litchi litchi contains C of candy, protein, pectic, vitamin, phosphor, iron to wait. Vitamin C and iron are the nutrition that lets a person have Bai Li to show red color, eat litchi nevertheless easy get angry, anger is so great, the beautiful the top margin of a page that grows blain blain easily wants stop where it should stop, do not want excessive.

3, guava guava also is the fruit that eats Duomeibai more, it contains the nutrition such as vitamin C, fructose, dextrose, light is vitamin C it is other fruity several times, the beautiful eyebrow that loves the United States can eat more.

4, the beautiful white effect of tomato tomato and thin body result are euqally strong, it has very rich vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, organic acid and protein, tomato still has the effect that protects vitamin C, can absorb many vitamin C and fight oxidation, want to become a white fair-skinneding beautiful woman, have tomato more everyday surefooted.

5, summertime fruit is other the season fruit that teems with like the summer such as watermelon, grape, pineapple, pear, peach, also contain rich vitamin C, absorb more can make water of skin qualitative water tender, bai Xi is immaculate.

6, vegetable; Green vegetable contains the nutrition such as vitamin A, C, E and protein, can beautiful white skin cannot be lacked. Vegetable contains microelement zinc, magnesium to wait. Zinc can make person mind coruscate; Magnesium can make person complexion ruddy. Vegetable also is emperor reducing weight tastes yo! Washy have satiated feeling easily, fiber helps aid digestion, much edible also need not worry about get fat.

7, pea: " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account, pea is had " go burnish of black An, your face " effect. Modern research is discovery more, pea contains rich vitamin A former, vitamin A can be formerly inside body A of translate into vitamin, have moist cutaneous effect.

8, Bai Luobo: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bo Ke of white trailing plants " benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear muscle " . Bai Luobo has this kind of function, because its contain rich vitamin C,be. Vitamin C is antioxidant, can restrain melanin synthesis, prevent adipose combustion, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit. Accordingly, often feed Bai Luobo to be able to make the skin fair and clear and exquisite.