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Hairdressing protects skin to washed a face not to make a mistake, the face did not wash clean consequence very serious!

Hairdressing protects skin most fundamental measure is clean face, if oneself face did not wash just think clean, cutaneous condition also can suffer an effect, the dirty stuff in pore can gather more more, the face must want to be washed clean, but how do you know to you just can wash clean face? We should understand the knowledge that washs a face to protect skin clean area below, must wash clean!

Hairdressing protects skin to washed a face not to make a mistake, the face did not wash clean consequence very serious! (1)

1, not wrong in the first pace

Cleaner oppose at but,protecting skin important the first step, the choice of the grandma that wash a face is crucial.

The first do not count on the grandma that wash a face also can beautiful white!

The grandma that wash a face is clean one of kind of product, other basis of the form of a drug different, still have clean face black, wash face of colour pink, clean rub water of skin of silk, clean is waited a moment.

Because wash grandma not to grow in facial retention period, accordingly, although can be added,protect wet, nutrition, beauty to wait for composition in vain, but cannot keep the skin for a long time, develop its completely very hard to appeal to the function that beg. For example is protected strongly wet appeal to beg, cooperate to use in follow-up measure with respect to need protect wet the play with cream or kind of better cream protects wet effect.

In protecting the wet grandma that wash a face, often pass add acid of make water of acerbity Potassium of glycerine, Ding Erchun, licorice, lactic acid, Bo when the part such as sodium will achieve cleanness, do not stimulate blandly, protect after cleanness wet not dry purpose effect.

The 2nd bubble protects humidity to jump over difference more more!

Evaluate a cleanness kind the effect need of the product is spent completely from clean, spend blandly, spend frothily reach protect humidity to look. Come up from theory tell, protect humidity and clean degree be being spent frothily become inverse ratio. The grandma washing a face with rich bubble often washs a face than having foamy more interfacial activator are contained in the grandma, clean capability is very strong, make the fat between film of fat of water of skin surface layer, cell easily also qualitative wait to contain fat normally kind the structure of composition is differred the influence of degree. The skin protects wet function normally to be affected easily also.

The 3rd careful with the United States white, chamfer washs grandma character!

Beautiful white, chamfer is qualitative the grandma washing a face of these effect, certain pH indicator was added mostly in the product fruit acid or Bha, bate cutin, the help often abandons cutin to exfoliate. It is certain to have excitant, sensitivity skin needs to be used cautiously. Photograph comparing, more protecting was added in protecting the wet grandma that wash a face wet composition, wait like acid of make water of Ding Erchun, Bo, still can add qualitative part of certain amount fat, maintain the need of skin surface.

In crowd of cutaneous of drying skin, sensitivity can choose to protect wet kind clean product. And in because winter is dry secrete what fat moisture content measures to decrease with the skin, consumer is in when choosing the grandma that wash a face, whether can also add according to its keep wet part, do not stimulate blandly, have protect wet effect to undertake choosing.

The 4th grandma that wash a face does not want a week to change one raise

Consumer is OK the demand according to oneself, choose the grandma washing a face of different brand and effect, differ want long-term stationary use surely. After face product uses a clean to finish, change do not have a problem completely with a different. The grandma that wash a face is the produces dependence easily least of all product in all products that protect skin.

Of course, not weekly also and even change everyday the grandma washing a face of distinct effect, increase cutaneous susceptibility easily, acid-base value has differred big, still can cause skin cost off a skin likely.

The 5th wash a face the most comfortable operable Wen Shui

Daily cleanness notices to use Wen Shui, conduce to gentle cleanness. Do not cross much hard water with matter content. Purge time does not grow too, in order to reduce interfacial activator (wash a face kind product) stimulative to more sensitive cutaneous effect.

2, the small subtle move that washs a face

1, wash facial beauty with milk in vain

Beautiful white factor is contained a lot ofin milk, not only the United States is white, still can let coarse skin become smooth. After washing a face with milk nevertheless, remember to wash the face clean thoroughly, in case the odd-come-short of milk is sticky jam on the face pore.

2, with beauty of face of the bath that clean out rice in vain

Can the water that washs rice also use the beauty that wash a face white? Right, in recent years, wash meter of Shui Meibai wind to sweep across Japan. Because be contained in rice but dissolve at water " water-solubility vitamin " reach " mine is qualitative " , meeting remain is washing Mi Shuizhong, and contain rich vitamin B especially among them group. because it is natural ingredient, accordingly not only suit sensitivity skin to use, even if use every day it is OK also to wash a face.

3, hydrogen peroxide solution washs facial beauty in vain

Hydrogen peroxide solution contains high concentration oxygen, the capability of penetrable cell is very strong, have the favorable effect of purify bilge already, be helpful for enhancing cuticular cell active, have the effect of skin of delicate, beautiful Bai Pi with face of apply of hydrogen peroxide solution consequently. Will after the face is abluent, dip in with towel the apply of hydrogen peroxide solution of on 30% at facial, every time 3 ~ 5 minutes, daily 1 ~ 2, use consecutively 7 ~ 10 days, the effect will be first-rate.

4, honey washs facial beauty in vain

When washing a face, wash a face with Wen Shuiqing first, teem is right amount honey at palmar heart knead, , next both hands is in facial hit a circle to massage outwards up. Hold to 1 week of above to be able to feel facial whiteness is exquisite apparently, natural and ruddy, furrow decreases. Use for a long time aptly.

5, tea bath face is beautiful white

The material such as tea much phenol is contained to be able to defy skin oxidizes effectively in tea, fight oxidation effect particularly to be able to help skin retain vigor not only, still can slow skin. Bilge of effective and clean skin, beautiful white skin.