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Can bright skin water make Facial mask? What should water of use bright skin notice?

Bright skin water is the product protecting skin that a lot of people can use, bright skin water is the product protecting skin of special foundation, rise to defend wet action to filling water, still have a little other effect, bright skin water has some of person to be able to use Shi Fu, have the better effect that protect skin, so can bright skin water make Facial mask? What should water of use bright skin notice? Everybody introduction is below.

Can bright skin water make Facial mask? What should water of use bright skin notice? (1)

1, can bright skin water make Facial mask

Does water of the skin that use bright make Facial mask? Possible, the film that make a range adds the effect that filling water reachs since bright skin water.

Bright skin water also calls close skin water, make up water, some of bright skin water contains the alcohol of minim, some are pure plant recipes. Its action depends on bright skin water again cleanness is worth with restoring the soda acid of skin surface, recuperate corneous layer, make skin is absorbed better, maintain to use article prepare. After washing a face so, water of use bright skin, OK and rapid compensatory moisture. The expert suggests oily skin uses close skin water, healthy skin uses bright skin water, drying skin uses soft skin water, area of mixture skin T uses close skin water, sensitive skin chooses sensitive water, repair water.

1, ensure the skin clean

The cutin of ageing of smeary, Pi Zhihe that has a skin surface layer only is thoroughly cleared, skin just is true cleanness, the segmentation of base layer just can become active; lets pore be in such relaxation only condition, skin just can draw more nutrient part.

2, before using, do first prevent quick experiment

Before using new range film, squeeze a besmear of a bit juice to be in first artifice inside, watch a few hours even 9 days, look to whether appear allergic phenomenon.

2, what should water of the skin that use bright notice

A lot of people in the life look be like be in everyday water of ceaseless daub bright skin, but the thing that does not know sex of a few detail, the effect that causes skin filling water is not very good, what to need to notice with bright skin water so?

The use of bright skin water has become our skin to nurse in indispensable measure, the effect that the its effect skin to us is having basises of various bright skin water to differ. But at the same time, in the use process of bright skin water we also face a lot of problems. For instance different season should use different bright skin it is water, better to do not want oversight to use effect of water of skin of bright of bright skin water, tall function to be not, cannot use water of skin of bright accusing oil for a long time to wait a moment. Here, we make a few introductions with respect to a few problems that care quite with everybody, hope everybody can correct use bright skin water efficiently.

1, different season should use different bright skin water

This is a very serious problem, we cannot be used all the year round same kind of bright skin water, we should choose to use according to seasonal change, no matter be,be in actually when, when wanting cutaneous state to produce a change only, we are about to specific aim ground changes the bright skin water of corresponding effect. Can use when winter or environment are for instance dry protect; of water of wet bright skin and in summer or piece plant sex astringent can be used when oil is more exuberant; of bright skin water is mixed as to autumn spring, the expert suggests to might as well use beautiful white or low irritability to make up water. Of course, as to blain blain or corneous and coarse place, we are OK and local the bright skin water that uses corresponding effect, must not use for a long time nevertheless.

2, do not want oversight to use bright skin water

A lot of people feel, a woman is already enough tired, match to hairstyle design from dress, nurse from the skin make up dress up, we can oversight this link, do not use bright skin water? Here, we suggest you had better not, because clean, recuperation is mixed,protect wet the photograph of annulus of annulus of 3 big move that this skin nurses is buckled, be short of one cannot, also be you make the essential factor with beautiful the mainest skin. Important is, bright skin water is OK and antiseptic the soda acid value that recuperates skin, recuperate tap water (hard water) the harm that accumulates a gender to skin, and can keep clear of again the metal in leftover oily dirty, colour makeup and tap water and chloride. Accordingly, make up water is a bottle of simple water not only, the skin that it can give you does a healthy and downy recuperation afresh, help follow-up protects nurturance to be absorbed effectively of cent, this is cannot uncared-for link.

3, it is better that effect of water of skin of tall function bright is not

Likelihood it is better that you can think the effect of water of skin of tall function bright is met, actually water of skin of tall function bright does not suit everybody, it may have pretty good effect to the skin of extremely dry consenescence, right nevertheless for young skin, we should use water of general bright skin only enough, if use the bright skin water of tall function composition, not only it is a kind of waste, and the effect with whats won't have better.

3, it how bright skin water uses the effect is good how bright skin water uses the effect

Clean skin needs before bright skin water is used, will make up after that water is making up on cotton, make its are absorbed adequately. Wipe by the down skin grain outside introversion, such ability won't be beyond the mark the occurrence of drag skin microgroove.

1, protect quickly wet with the ministry that it is an eye and lip the ministry is protected wet

Take bright skin water gently on the face, enough is fed immediately full thirsty skin. The bright skin water that contains alcohol of sugar of pear of Lu Hui, GLYCOLICACID, amino acid, hill to wait for composition, protect effectively immediately wet, your skin is not sent stretch tight closely.

Eye ministry and labial ministry the skin all around is otherer position is weak, if daub concentration is too high protect skin to taste, give grease bead easily. Right now, bright skin water can send use greatly, offer for the skin protect wet effect immediately. Because quality of a material is lighter, permeate easily, do not be afraid of block eye ministry and labial ministry all around the pore of skin.

2, the sticks water of skin of apply He Shuang action that film of emergency treatment face defends wet noodle film

Pour bright skin water on Facial mask paper, apply 10 to 15 minutes, bright skin water turns into immediately keep wet noodle film. And because texture is soft, let the skin more easily absorb, effect of film of wetter than protecting noodle is quicker, and but the program that dispense with drops with clear bath, water of skin letting bright is complete infiltrate through skin, quite convenient and quick.

Point out according to the dermatologist, if use the pore that the purpose of bright skin water is the dilate when contractive clean face, so this measure can avoid bright skin water actually, replace with cold water, pore also can narrow.

But function of bright skin water is great nowadays, protect wet, beautiful white, close skin, accuse oil anti-creasing even, already not pore of systole of be confined to. The quality of a material of water state, can make the skin rapid absorb, skin gets be protectinged immediately wet, must besmear, want to see oneself need. Be patted with both hands or use make up on cotton besmear.

Both hands: ? The temperature of bright skin water that? of Xi of  of fine of accept of wisdom Kong Xiao makes Chun Huang  frozen and skin are more adjacent, make the skin is absorbed more easily, bright skin water also can develop bigger effectiveness.

Make up cotton: ? Say  pump Liao can show Jie of し of flatter of Lin of laborious of ゲ of ㄈ of ignoranting provide for is belch of ┙ of suddenly of ostrich of extensive of admire belch Mo ugly to be blown to enter channel because both hands is insufficient,? of Ling of buttock of contest of page of the violet act that blow Lu also can prevent clean and touch bilge above, use so make up cotton will be more wholesome.

3, the systole that is helpful for pair of pore removes drawing

Get up in the morning when each stretchs pore of disclosure nose side to say good morning to you for nothing, because grease has been secreted,this is fill and maintain big pore. So everyday after morning clean face, the makeup that is stained with water of skin of bright accusing oil cotton apply is in two side and T area make an appointment with nose ala 10 minutes, can have absorbed flourishing oil to secrete, contractive pore, on pink also more docile.

4, how to improve skin coarse

1, inside it is important to be raised outside tone comparing

If think the skin is good, had noticed oneself food above all. The skin is the one side mirror of healthy state, the skin is bleak, much whelk of spot, adult a lot of moment are explicit problem not just, cause by internal cause however. For example, while the skin stretchs tight closely, while the likelihood also feels the mouth does glossal dry; to grow whelk, the likelihood also has costive symptom, this specification not only the skin is fatigue, cutaneous host is being crossed the worry of big, metabolic unbalance probably by pressure.

Talk from manage of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for, undertaking ego adjustment from body interior just is to solve the method with skin long-term, active issue. The skin is dry, long the expression that spot, occurrence microgroove is ageing, mix lack vitamin E to concern. So, e of seasonable compensatory vitamin is the key that tarry youth skins. Generally speaking, vitamin E is mixed in vegetable, fruit the flesh kind in content is more, in nut blame the content with almond is highest.

2, much drink water

You are not to had heard of this word for the first time for certain, but this is a when maintain skin groove the simplest and practical method really. Because water has the effect that the trash inside stimulative body excludes, although be in cold winter, we also should insist to apply everyday 8 to 9 cups of water, your body mixes cleanness the skin, special the OL that often works below air conditioning environment people.

3, many fruit dish

C of vitamin A, vitamin and vitamin E have the effect with healthy protection, answer at least everyday edible 400 grams fruit and vegetable (do not include potato) , make your skin more exquisite mix fair and clear.

4, maintain facial ministry skin clean

This also is an old view likewise, but we should know old view is the most effective normally. If you are oily skin, after using cold bath face please, pat with the hand dry, can prevent grease to secrete so exuberant the generation with black head.

Hairdressing and deep-seated cleanness need a month 1 times only. Not be frequent ground goes to beauty parlour doing nurse ability has good skin, undertake hairdressing and deep-seated and clean meeting destroy the equilibrium of skin itself too much instead. Because this our proposal hairdressing and depth are clean,need a month 1 times only enough.

5, notice filling water

After skin cleanness is clean, the water portion that is about to fill to be measured amply to her and nutrition, this measure is very important, be short of the water oily unbalance that water causes, drying skin removes a skin easily, appear minor lines, oily skin can risk small blain, pore is bulky, want to take enough water so, it is OK that till the feeling the skin did not recruit talent, do not want miserly water, after all feminine face should weigh good than bank note much.