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What does corneous layer cross poor performance to have? How the corneous layer with too thin rehabilitate?

Shy person is the person with the corneous thin layer that we say actually, namely sensitive model paper of skin younger sister, they nurse in the life when skinning, appear more easily a few difficult problem, paid time and energy should be gotten more much, so, what does corneous layer cross poor performance to have? How the corneous layer with too thin rehabilitate? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

What does corneous layer cross poor performance to have? How the corneous layer with too thin rehabilitate? (1)

1, the performance with corneous too poor layer

Corneous layer is the part with the outerest skin, basically comprise by the 15 dead cells that do not have nucleolus to 20. When these cells fall off, the cell that base layer is located in next can be introduced to to come, form new corneous layer. Horny protein is contained inside the cell of corneous layer, it conduces to reduce water portion to evaporate, can draw water share even, make the skin keeps wet.

When 1. looks in the mirror everyday, see the cheek can appear the red blood silk of continuously, still can feel oneself were like highland red. The cheek always is red two Tuo. Those who feel special is not beautiful, the skin seems to have some like giving the red silk inside fully.

When 2. goes out, weather is pretty good, gentle sunshine is basked in like feeling suddenly to seemed what to stick on the face, give out heat in what keep, do not have apparent glowing feeling a little while. You may think all the time is to be basked in, just knowing later is corneous layer too thin. Entered easy of air conditioning room to take much, but look in the mirror a great flush with anger! Passed a little while to be not heated up, still be very red on the face a bit painful even, a skin that is like a cheek to go up is in painful.

The feeling on 3. face is sick, when washing a face, want to be stimulated not quite, can choose tepid water, want to breathe out skin, but the face just was come up against,heat up the water of the dot to feel apparently a little plunge into plunge into, still have have close thorn keenly feel.

2, the corneous layer with too thin rehabilitate


The refreshment of 1. corneous layer is endless and get effective slow process, because 9 months do not have effect,do not feel the method is incorrect or the product is trashy, change often maintain the rehabilitate that tastes pair of corneous layers does not have advantage more.

The hospital had better go if 2. is serious, do not want again oneself are blind do sth over and over again, deft go visitting a dermatologist! The medicine that leave still may be inferior to protecting skin to taste expensive.

3. is far from 3 recommend all getting effective without product, small mill product, a favourite by sb in power fast product, can shop try out is bought do not go some treasure.

Repair period of treatment:

1. does not go cutin

Corneous layer is thin be being injured with cutin is to cause sensitive the main reason that reachs red blood silk, the first principle that maintains consequently safeguards corneous layer not to suffer harm namely.

Be far from grind arenaceous product to avoid chamfer qualitative, brush acid, no matter be discharge makeup, still be clean face; Be far from hot compress. As far as possible little make up, what because the process of discharge makeup can let,change with respect to thin skin originally is thinner. When water of use bright skin handle gently is patted and do not use as far as possible make up cotton is wiped.

2. is strengthened defend

Layer of sensitivity cutaneous cutin is thin, lack the defence capacity to ultraviolet ray, easy ageing. Accordingly, prevent daily bask in should do sufficient but choice and daub are prevented when basking in frost, want to notice. Choice physics is prevented bask in kind prevent bask in frost, had better not besmear directly go up in the skin, on the foundation maintains after tasting, besmear one is prevented again it is better to bask in. Additional, sun umbrella, prevent drying the clothes also is first-rate combination.

3. is sufficient protect wet

The corneous layer of sensitive skin is compared normally thin, cannot hold enough water share steadily so. No matter be the air conditioning room of summer or the climate that are wintry months dry, the person with this kind of qualitative skin can compare average person more of acumen feel the skin is short of water, dry, strengthen in daily attention so protect wet very important.

Nerve acyl amine is contained below research, may with layer of repair skin fat keep wet product for instance Cerave, cetaphil (filar tower Fu) , physiogel (Fei silk beautiful) , eucerin (actor color forest) ; Abandon Lancom, el, the brand of Fresh and so on. Elegant overflow, according to spring, osmund Nuo graceful, actor or actress color forest, handsome greens jade to have the Xiu Gong series that in the light of extensive red skin pledges, entrance product wraps mount to be able to have such label: Anti-redness, rednesssolution, rednessrelief. A few pairs slow flesh superficial is red favorable class status still has: Tree of plum of detailed of yellow ketone of alcohol of white black false bellebore, licorice, oaten polysaccharide, gold, foreign Gan Ju, 7 leaves.

4. alimentary halve


The makeup that most and healthy skin uses maintains article, emphasize efficient sex, its active composition passes through the skin, action produces clear result to skin depth. But to sensitivity skin character, high risk, Gao Min feels the cosmetic of high concentration, efficient fruit. The girls with corneous so thin layer choose as far as possible excitant the product with small, gentle nature, not blind pursuit gets effective quickly, magical effect, do not increase additional responsibility to the skin.

5. decreases exciting

Once appear dry, take off bits or aglow state, condition of demonstrative skin health is bright already have red light. Let the skin recover from an illness as soon as possible, best method is to reduce stimulation, do not make up, not excessive wind blows rain to bask in, do not eat excitant food, stop all current maintaining to taste, the use that cleanness tastes, let skin contact clear water to wait only.

Be far from those who contain essence, alcohol, antiseptic, lanolin to protect skin to taste; Yi Fangong or skin of red blood silk should prevent ingredient of smoke acyl amine, this is commonly used beauty blain of white, dispel, refuse anile class status. Use film of face of the type that stick apply less, can affect the protective screen function of flimsy skin.

6. to be taken orally fights the product of oxidation, raise the skin to be able to bear or endure suffer quality

The skin is sensitive, fragile it is the main reason that fights outside ability to drop, touch the stimulation that does not accept the external world, be able to bear or endure difference sufferring a gender. Can every other takes grape seed health care to taste appropriately for some time, effective cleared freedom base, raise cutaneous to be able to bear or endure in the round suffer a gender, return at the same time but the red blood silk that repair has formed on the face.

Younger sister paper people inside and outside holds concurrently long, defend and alimentary synchronism, just can let skin from now on no longer " vitreous heart " !

3, the commendation that protects wet cream

No.1: Riddle frost of Hai La

Be born a particular year: 1965

Referenced price: ¥ 1300/30ml

Product effect: Protect wet fight knit tighten skin

Recommend reason: The precious and magical active of LAMER is quintessential (thoroughly reservation is in MiracleBrothTM) its are distinctive in the recipe. In releasing its to wake up elite natural component, please at discharge makeup skin Gan Shuang's circumstance falls after cleanness, take a few at the centre of the palm or finger tip tepid number second, press gently equably next at face, neck, even eye week, cream can be experienced after moment alimentary ensure wet result with depth. Can use at facial ministry, cervical, even the eye ministry with soft charming. After using, skin can become tender apparently immediately close fact, microgroove decreases. Deeper furrow and bulky pore also can win improvement easily. The driest even reach irritability skin to also can reply the condition of healthy nature.

Netizen heat judges: Very expensive cream product, can make the skin of bulky pore becomes silky and exquisite, more can desalt furrow, make skin more healthy shine lustre, the reply is young vigor. Use after defending Shi Xingfu water, the sense is good. This suits oily skin very much. The hope uses the skin to be met really less and sensitive secrete with grease. Use in the evening, element of a few elite can be put before use, I was to put sick at heart of Bo make water. Use depth to protect wet, because open air conditioning all the time in the evening. Hai La's mystery, be worth to have.

No.2: ESTEELAUDER of elegant Shi Landai is mutiple level twinkling is appeared protect Shi Ningshuang

Be born a particular year: 1946

Referenced price: ¥ 550/50ml

Product effect: Moist protect wet / filling water

Recommend reason: Multiple and distinctive elite is extractive the coral of the Muru-muru of the Kokum from Lu Hui, India, Brazil, Madagascar, gift the skin of evaporate is magical energy, the help skins lining cell restores to update condition to ideal rehabilitate, rebuild moisture memory balance, at the same time consolidate skins skin locks up water ability.

Netizen heat judges: The effect that I had used keeps wet product best with respect to it, my forehead is oilier, the cheek works, solved with this problem, the cheek does not have desquamate again, can use all the time.

No.3: Bobby wave bright BOBBIBROWN accuses oil to protect wet skin to show SPF15

Be born a particular year: 1991

Referenced price: ¥ 550/50ml

Product effect: Prevent bask in accuse oil is moist protect wet / filling water

Recommend reason: This is one reach what the crowd of oily skin type designs technically to accuse oil to keep wet product to mix a gender, the particularly relaxed quality of a material that do not have oil, be absorbed extremely easily, offer for skin lightsome protect wet prevent bask in protection.

Netizen heat judges: When beginning to use, feel it doesn't matter, be like it doesn't matter to use, effect accusing oil is OK still, relying on this to accuse oil nevertheless still is slippery, but in what I changed Home Lancomemac after the breast before segregation makeup, my view was changed, this is very good a when use makeup before breast, because the reason of fluid of domestic pink bottom or what be the same as,knowing is, anyhow is makeup become very joint, very natural, do not have this feeling with what fasten the home. . . The thing that can buy all the time. Like ~~ very much

No.4: ESTEELAUDER elegant Shi Landai is double and alimentary platinic class full effect tightens skin frost

Be born a particular year: 1958

Referenced price: ¥ 1900/50ml

Product effect: Fight consenescence knit the step-down that tighten skin

Recommend reason: Frost of this close skin and her title is same " full effect " , " platinic class " , pass activation collagen albumen and stretch fiber, reply skin is stretch, still can the furrow that desalt brings about by ultraviolet ray, help skin resists and prevent ageing evidence. With hour hand mild to sexual Alpha-hydroxyacid improvement pays equal attention to model skin texture, the skin that lets you resists effectively gravity, prevent anile prolapse. Massaging while the pressure that releases skin. Defect is the price a bit expensive, rich can buy try, those who do not have money is OK also store money buys a bottle to try.

Netizen heat judges: True protect wet, after going up without besmear, you besmear after going up, be mixed is the distinction of two faces absolutely, and very apparent, very long period of time can hold after feeling good is your Tu Hao of profit of your skin water profit, because have,lock up water factor, flow not easily so break you to skin the water portion of immanent cell and complement go in.