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How does man skin maintain? How does the man maintain the skin?

Say those who do to the woman is water, maintain in the woman the skin is the most important is filling water, actually a lot of people think feminine skin needs to maintain, but actually the man's skin also needs to maintain, maintain initial the first step is clean face, clean face is to maintain cutaneous foundation, must do good skin to maintain so the job, so after all how does man skin maintain? How does the man maintain is the skin good?

How does man skin maintain? How does the man maintain the skin? (1)

1, the man maintains skin method

One, clean face chamfer pledges

Want to chain skin water is divided, cleanness is the one pace that cannot need surely, when selecting clean face product, had better be with gentle model give priority to, should avoid to contain alkalescent too strong black kind product, when washing a face, the time that allows bubble to stay in facial ministry decreases as far as possible, and the water that washs a face is warm cannot overheat or super-cooling.

Chamfer can use grain to grind arenaceous product meticulously character, or it is to contain the chamfer of fruit acerbity composition to maintain character article, help the old useless cutin of cleared heavy panel, skin can restore luster immediately, want surely nevertheless measurable, because cutin goes,can be just the opposite to what one wished too too.

2, complement moisture

After washing a face, be about to choose to those who protect wet effect protect skin things to recuperate skin. Had better be a choice nonalcoholic, still added the product of the component such as albumen of acid of Bo make water, vitaminic B5, collagen, while cleanness and purify are redundant and corneous, also let skin become more relaxed water is tender.

Specific means is: Wash the face clean thoroughly, or it is film of face of cleanness of the depth on apply, match a convergent effect and restrain leather fat excessive excretive controls oily product, if the part of silicon is contained in the product, still can help achieve a vision to go up to flowing skin pledges and narrow the action of pore.

3, moist skin

Complement is over after moisture, use film of frostlike powder of elite fluid, milk, face to wait with respect to need moist your skin. In the choice sequel maintains when tasting, the dry degree that can pledge according to individual skin will choose the relaxed latex of low oil content, moist perhaps degree of taller milk frostlike powder, add proper moisture content for dry skin, reinforce a lock water, long protect equivalent fruit.

The man protects the has done moist skin namely work with the most serious skin. The man's beard grows quickly, some person beard are particularly shock, need often blows beard, shave. Tu Xie wants after must writing down shave to need sincerely moist fluid, frost, in order to pacify the skin, decrease smartly. Also give embellish of skin filling water skin at ordinary times, the cream that chooses to suit oneself resists fierce wind.

2, the man maintains skin habit

, little smoking drinks

Be in at ordinary times in the life, often smoke drinking friends want to notice, smoking drinks is bad to the body not just, still can make the skin dim, glossy is secreted exuberant, cause blain blain problem easily. If want to make oneself skin young change, so you are about little smoking drank, want the habits and customs with good nurturance.

2, it is very important that eye ministry maintains

Eye ministry is the place that discloses the age the most easily, especially man, a lot of people did not nurse the habit of eye ministry, eye week is very so fishy end grain, show easily it seems that old. Do not think the woman just uses eye frostlike powder, the man also needs euqally. Choice man appropriative eye frost product, before sleeping everyday, daub is in eye week, hold to all the time, you are met it seems that a lot of younger than wanting with age person, recipe has told you, if do not do that small make up also do not have method.

3, maintain enough sleep

The men that often stay up late should notice, stay up late very big to the harm of skin, long-term Morpheus inadequacy can appear not only black rim of the eye, and the skin still is met easy and dry, and anile speed also can be accelerated. Mean the skin young, maintaining enough sleep is cannot little.

4, hold to take exercise

Very much now man friend everyday busy by day job, come home to hit game to perhaps watch TV with respect to busy move in the evening, basically be from sit early to evening. Occasionally in succession a few months do not move, such not only can become fat, and age quickly very easily also. Proper motion not only can alleviate pressure, still can quicken body blood circulation, let a person look color is first-rate.

5, serious wash a face

When friends of a lot of men wash a face very informal, or is simple using water rushs, or takes towel namely energetically wipe twice came to an end, so essential cannot cleanness drops the dirty stuff in skin, time one long pore can jam, create blain blain problem thereby. The man follows a lady same, the need that wash a face uses the grandma that wash a face, appropriative of man choice man is OK, have specific aim more. If disrelish a trouble, can choose to press pressure bubble, can wash directly so, leave out bubbly process, more convenient.

6, commonly used bright skin water

Do not feel troublesome, bright skin water must be used after washing a face, it can have the effect to filling water not only, still can accuse oil, receive pore and stimulative blood circulation, little this one pace, the effect that protect skin can sell at a discount greatly! Everybody can use bright skin water on flapped means, will right amount bright skin water enters the centre of the palm, next two hands flap gently facial, let facial better absorption. After taking bright skin water, such more be helpful for from the back latex or the absorption of cream.

7, choose good latex perhaps cream

What do latex and cream have to distinguish after all, how should choose? The quality of a material of the latex is more frivolous, suit the skin to give oily person more easily. Cream quality of a material is thicker moister, suit Qiu Dong's dry season to use, season of general Chun Xia uses a latex enough. A lot of people are mixed in daub latex cream when very careless, such short of effects. Accurate method should be edge daub changes massage, the absorption that can make skin better so, and still can rise to carry taut the effect that cause, everybody did not look down upon massaged action!