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What does the man protect skin to suggest to have? What does male friend protect skin error to want?

The man is nursing when skinning, also can be immersed in a few errors that protect skin in, want those who promote skin to nurse the word of effect, when protecting skin, this understanding issues male friend how to protect skin correctly gift is nice, the man protects skin to also pay attention to means method, although with female friend is different, so, what does the man protect skin to suggest to have? What does male friend protect skin error to want? Will look.

What does the man protect skin to suggest to have? What does male friend protect skin error to want? (1)

1, the error that the man protects skin

In the shower in the water that be not heated up and feels warm

In a cool morning, bathe without what comparing more make a person comfortable. But, ask you to go to water lukewarm roll to drop a little a bit, can help so maintain skin won't drier and drier and scratchy. Very hot water (grow too with your shower time) , can take away the crude oil on your body. If you cannot be borne, maintain shower time to be less than 5 minutes please.

Moist protect wet

What the man's face often compares a woman is fat, but the generation that also should avoid furrow, it is remained keep wet key daily. The man perhaps can maintain the improvement in wet gel from the latex neuter is divided to the water of oily skin. If your skin is dry, can try to be spent again protect Shi Shuang.

Face a fact: Cannot wash a face with soap, want to breed with clean face

If your face is easy and sensitive dry perhaps, use do not have 12 alkyl the skin cleaner of vitriolic natrium composition, this composition makes bubble very rich, but the skin that lets you however is drier and drier. Want to look for composition to have: Be like nerve acyl amine, glycerine, helianthus or soybean oil, or vaseline, these are OK and moist your skin. If your skin is oily, use natural part as far as possible, if essence of orange, tea tree is oily, the cleaner of ash. Typical deodorization toilet soap can let the skin attenuate to just make skin desiccate dry.

Before shaving bate your skin

Through simple shave is needed, the skin that you want to let you keeps wet. When your shower when the coarse beard of clear dehumidify, such meetings are easier. If you still think easier shave is dropped, use shave to need gel as far as possible, is not to make a few foam. Newest gel is OK the skin that bate hair can let you even is not aglow after shave is needed. Gel of the beard that use shave can be the place that razor shave crosses, beard hair won't grow desultorily.

Avoid the water after the beard and alcohol

Shave must blow the top layer of flay skin cell, this is very good clear acne and dry, but the face that it can stimulate you. Embellish skin frost will be slow smartly. Avoid the water after the beard of alcohol, it can make your skin condition becomes more flooey. Traditional shave needs water, basically depend on killing a bacterium, prevent the happening of infection. But today's razor, him scratch is not quite common, and relatively lesserer than razor burn risk.

Do not want knead

After was being washed, take dry face department, especially thinner place, can get more exquisite skin. Wipe with too hard towel OK and exciting skin and your skin is dry.

After reading label, buy protect skin to taste

The label of the product that protect skin can make a person interrogative, want an its simplification so, want to search a few useful keywords only: "Noncomedogenic " it is to show lacteal frostlike powder or latex won't cause blain, "Alcohol-free " mean it probable it is the downy skin that won't make you dry; Cleaner or lotion with " Antioxidants " show vitamin A, C or E can help skin from daily harm ego rehabilitate.

Avoid perfume

Protecting skin to taste perfume is man-made chemistry material normally, it can be stimulated the skin and your skin is dry. So, if you have the skin sensitive, had better make up with dull water and cleaner. Some men are used come from natural ingredient, be like the fragrance of orange or lavender.

Eliminate piscine end grain

If there is small line all round your eye or mouth, try those who contain acid of Bo make water to protect skin to taste, it can stroke smooth skin and protect wet. To deeper like piscine end grain furrow, search the eye that fights consenescence frost and inspect Huang Chun or second alcoholic acid protect skin to taste. These natural ingredient can the drying cutaneous with dead take out is outer, the help is soft turn line.

The attention is prevented bask in

The main reason of senile plaque and furrow is the harm of sunshine. Although you have sun illuminate of 5 minutes only everyday, it or meeting ageing your skin. Use add prevent bask in frost, or the embellish skin frost that contains SPF30 at least. Prevent bask in article can resist " wide chart " ray, this means it to prevent skin ageing from two respects.

Repair your foot

Age when you, the skin thickening of your foot. Want repair it, can go drugstore buys cheap holystone, and swab your plantar bottom in shower everyday, next the frost with generous smear or ointment. A lot of it is to be a foot technically to do, but without any intense embellish skin frost. If crural ministry break is very bad, before sleeping sweep a thick lacteal frostlike powder gently, put on sock general again moisture chains between one night.

2, the item that the schoolboy washs a face

1, after washing a face, should go to with towel the moisture that wipes him face to go up, because be coarser above towel,can be, do not want the rub that exerts all his strength on him skin, lest cause skin loss. You are OK gently massage, toward imbibe.

2, how to maintain to the autumn the skin is very important, to perceptual skin, had better be not to use beauty of a few intelligence's white product. Honest this is both be without what inevitable impact, the skin that is drying only wants to will be protected wet be being put in the first place is better, have enough moisture content only, the dazzling that the skin that just can let you changes.

3, must not use clean bath face directly in the morning, because passed the one metabolism in the evening in the late evening, facial ministry is very sordid really, just go to with clean water wash a face how can complete be clear about? But how the autumn maintains Where is the skin? The choice that suckles to washing a face at that time nots allow to ignore, the besmirch on OK and effective dispel face.

4, when some people are having facial ministry massage, a long time of meeting massage, think the time of massage grows to be able to have been jumped over more, honest otherwise, want a foundation to the skin the age, skin decides character, the proposal does not want time too long, also do not want time too short.

5, clean face as the skin is coarser for the man, pore hides more easily bilge. Accordingly, breed with clean face clean face ministry is very important everyday. To clean face breast does not choose single brand, such ability are OK better toward maintain oneself skin.