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Summer with what does the man protect skin to taste? Summer with what does the schoolboy protect skin to taste?

Summer is affected burning hotly as a result of weather, meeting opposite causes a lot of inconvenience alive, and to cutaneous the influence also is very big, so summer with what does the man protect skin to taste? Summer with what does the schoolboy protect skin to taste? Suit what the schoolboy uses in summer to protect skin to taste have a lot of, and effect also has a few difference, skin is protected to taste below.

Summer with what does the man protect skin to taste? Summer with what does the schoolboy protect skin to taste? (1)

Black of face of clean of solid of handsome green jade

Main effect is blain of deep-seated clean face, dispel, beauty white. Contain rich vegetable olive oil, clean while measurable and moist, reject skin dry, the bilge that builds up everyday on strong and effective clean face and grease. After be being rinsed with clear water, skin feels relaxed instantly, comfortable, absolutely the feeling that dry of have nothing to do with stretchs tight closely.

Li of of Klehl's clean face breeds

Distinctive easy strong only recipe, make skin red-blooded after had been used mix soft moist, help the effect of pressure of skin resistance environment, offer the skin to blow Hu Qian's preparation, let blow moustache less stimulation, more complete, more comfortable. Abound shirt-sleeve mint and orange extraction, let skin be full of healthy vigor. The distinctive recipe of the product can be helped carry brace up, wake up skin, and give the preparation before the skin blows moustache, when letting blow moustache less stimulation, more complete, more comfortable.

Water of skin of bright of motivation of water of man of spring of green jade Europe

Defend the bright skin water of wet demand technically in the light of the man, distinctive " invisible water film " science and technology, immediateness general 5000 liter are mineral skin of infuse of hot spring elite, 2 cleanness at the same time, open skin ensures wet passage. Water of dewiness bright skin, state of water of melt into of the instant after treating skin is skinned absorb, powerful effect filling water is protected wet.

UNO protects wet latex

Tactility is relaxed not sticky be bored with, the makeup of moist of sample of quality of a material water, skin of the drying in be aimed at is recuperated character, the skin that also applies to the whole body maintains, the aroma of pure and fresh orange, leather fat reachs glossy, block breaks complete bilge, maintain skin to protect wet fluid relaxedly.

Endowment latex of relaxed man of unripe hall MG5

Quality of a material is relaxed and exquisite, pure and fresh tea component can be thorough skin form chains into natural covering layer water is divided, make the skin and outside form a natural protective protective screen, let the skin get proper moist with nutrient. Recuperate grease balance effectively, deep-seated and alimentary skin, can resist the descent of all sorts of bacteria, can make skin expedite breath, prevent the formation of dark sore!

Film of face of Morpheus of vigor of portion of water of orchid Zhi man

Quality of a material is relaxed, have certain effect accusing oil, after giving out, the skin becomes very clean very clear, of water water, very exquisite, moist skin, rise the lock is hydraulic

Lightsome the film of water portion face of shape, skin at the male be an official of pressure for exhaustion when Morpheus supply water portion and vigor.

Protect skin to need to know

, do not need to use elite by day

Maintain trivally in the program, base fluid and elite can omit completely, carry protect wet sparge, fill at any time for skin water, can maintain water oil of a day to balance, remember, just need not use elite by day.

2, use purify of discharge makeup product corneous

At ordinary times when discharge makeup, can pledge in T area and chin isogon the part of easy accumulation is added more massage, straight line feeling has dissolve of grain shape grease to go out can, this kind of method not only OK and deep-seated clean pore, return can gentle chamfer to pledge, and not exciting skin.

3, protect wet noodle film to replace makeup before breed

On makeup before apply keeps wet noodle film one piece, the moisture of skin is enough, go up next makeup meeting is lightsome docile, and hold makeup time will be longer.

4, sparge type make up water

Can spray directly at facial, leave out with make up the measure of cotton daub, and be after clean face be skin filling water quickly. Still can carry with each passing day, alleviate at any time skin is dry.

5, late frost replaces Morpheus Facial mask

Late frost will maintain skin moist, if still feel dry, can besmearing late frost besmears again after 10 minutes one, regard as Morpheus Facial mask is used, the help is repaired protect send closely, moist, improve microgroove.

6, Shi Fu face alleviates skin is sensitive

When skin is sensitive, do not use blindly fight sensitive protecting skin is tasted, can use protect wet makeup water, a large number of bedew are making up on cotton, enclothe next stay on the face 20 to 30 minutes, can alleviate effectively the sensitive state of skin.

7, use make up water and ice cube drop in temperature to skin

If be basked in carelessly red bask in, you do not want product of the rehabilitate after a large number of anxious daub are basked in, actually the skin floats red hair is ironed is kind of inflammation reaction, did not drop in temperature instantly composed, subsequently and those who come is to turn over black! Skin need is delicate at that time nurse, use a large number of makeup water and ice cube drop in temperature, nutrition of again additional point tastily water coagulates aspic, regain sweltering skin physical power slowly.

8, massage correctly promotion draws strength

Want to make skin relaxed do not have a burden, using when protecting skin to taste, move start work massage a few times, can make skin double absorb. The most appropriate by pressure, it is the weight that you make build department by chance. Morning cleanness is over facial hind, sit, maintain two elbow on knee, the head is loosened so that want to resemble can falling down, this movement very resemble be in wake doze, encase with the centre of the palm at this moment forehead, as it happens also stimulates the Yang Bai acupuncture point to your forehead, you are OK silent counts a heartbeat, 10 Ok(follow-up measure is this when long) ; is back-to-back encase again your cheek, can raise a head next, both hands is done ponder over shape to be put in chin two side, the tiger's mouth-jaws of death that uses a hand finally aims ear root, thumb clips hard of hearing, altogether 40 seconds, platoon oedema project ends smoothly in the morning.