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How does long spot do on man face? What reason causes long spot on man face?

Oneself see the spot on him face, affirmation is very afflictive inside the heart. Although now the product protecting skin of dispel spot is rife, but see real effect very hard also. The reason that spot grows on the face is rife, spot grows on female friend face special the appearance that affects oneself, but long spot also is likewise afflictive on man face, so what reason causes long spot on man face?

How does long spot do on man face? What reason causes long spot on man face? (1)

1, long spot reason

Go up to man face actually long spot is what reason, do not love motion to be caused namely above all. Want to know, the skin is an organ with the largest body, the cell of leather face is had breathe very well and excrete wait for a function, can in time eduction body endotoxin. Mix e.g. relieve oneself sweat is process of poison of platoon of body of a kind of first-rate actually. If movement became little, meet those who cause body poison accumulate, go down for a long time to wait for a symptom with respect to place of spot of meeting occurrence spot. Excessive insolation also can bring about man face to go up long spot, want to ask a man long spot is what reason on the face, this also is a kind of commonner cause. Generally speaking, skin occurrence furrow and stain are very much moment is caused as a result of smooth ageing. Accept ultraviolet illuminate for a long time to meet the melanin parent of activation airframe cell, can form sick at heart of ammonia of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy so enzymatic, go down for a long time to be able to bring about the precipitation of pigment, appear finally full of stains or spots dot.

2, take what dispel spot

1. is in everyday after getting up in the morning, can eat bit of carrot, perhaps extract juice to drink with carrot. Because rich vitamin A is contained inside carrot, inside the body, these vitamin A can have the effect that lubricates to the skin. And, if everybody insists for a long time to drink, still can prevent the skin coarse and the growth of fleck.

2. cucumber congee. Can take the rice of 100 grams, the cucumber of 300 grams, the salt of 2 grams, 10 grams ginger. Can wash cucumber clean, flay, slice form, put into boiler to join water to make an appointment with 1000 milliliter. Use gentle heat next slowly it is OK to boil 20 minutes or so edible. Cucumber congee is OK spot of embellish skin, dispel still can reduce weight.

3. tipple lemon juice. Lemon juice believes everybody has had been drunk, lemon juice has beauty of spot of white tender skin, dispel's white effect. Can prepare 3 fresh lemon, join rock candy right amount, entered Wen Shui to be able to be drunk next. Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, hold to drunk word for a long time, still can make skin blood-vessel prevents ageing, still can eliminate facial pigment, and appearance of OK still and effective precautionary artery congee is sclerotic, the effect is pretty good.

3, dispel spot method

Striped existence caused very big effect to individual figure, the method of spot of effective in the life dispel has a lot of, and the dispel spot method that the female operates the most easily is to use the material such as cucumber, Lu Hui direct apply at facial, in order to achieve the goal of dispel spot. Consider to make clear, a few material are contained to be able to reach the action that delays skin consenescence really in cucumber and Lu Hui. The word of long-term face apply, can have certain dispel spot effect, but the effect is not apparent.

In the method of dispel spot, the commonnest method still uses facial ointment to have dispel spot. Current, the ointment that has a lot of kinds of kinds can have first-rate dispel spot effect, and breast of 1000 Bai Qing Kun cream belong to a kind among them, this breast creams dispel spot effect is first-rate, but the harmful response that facial allergy can appear after partial patient apply, because this should be in next the doctor is directive taking. Of course, the methodological nature that wants the dispel spot with best respecting should belong to laser dispel spot. This therapeutics not only dispel spot effect is good, more important is not to hurt human body, without side-effect.