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How does the man shave best? Does the man shave what should notice?

A lot of males can shave at ordinary times, the rate that beard grows is very rapid, although different man is in everyday,shave, but different time and means are different to the influence of mustache, some people are blown in the morning, grow with respect to the feeling for some time too, did not master accurate method, so how does the man shave best? Does the man shave what should notice?

How does the man shave best? Does the man shave what should notice? (1)

1, how does the man shave best

1, after getting up in the morning 20 minutes suit most

Rise to be needed with respect to shave in the morning greatly, likelihood the effect is not quite good. The possibility does not arise new mustache stubble with respect to wrinkle to afternoon.

The shave after had better getting up 20 minutes is needed, ability maintains facial cleanness of a day. Because just got up,this basically is when, pass one night rest, reproductive function is exuberant, beard grows fast also.

Arrive through 20 minutes of half hour use up, the male sex hormone inside male body already was done not have so exuberant, the growth of mustache rate falls, blow again at this moment, won't grow very quickly.

2, neuter soap first abluent

First abluent blowing ability again is good sense. Before shaving, should use neuter soap first abluent face ministry.

If on the face, stay on beard have contamination and dirt, once razor is right skin generation is exciting, or touch the skin slightly, contamination can cause skin infection.

After abluent face, get on hot towel apply in beard, or daub soft beard creams, make beard bate. Pass a little while, again the shave on besmear must cream or black fluid, be opposite at blade with benefit the cut of beard, reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation.

When shave is needed, should take up skin, in order to reduce the resistance that razor runs on the skin, can prevent to touch broken skin.

3, along grain more very blow

Some men feel to shave special ache. Actually, shave the grain that should understand beard is moved toward, grow according to facial beard of direction different, along from left to right, from the top down.

Arrange pore first, the shave that goes against pore again needs order, beard letting shave creams have more time softness the part with short the hardest beard.

Down grain shave beard can reduce the skin to produce red, ache. Especially the person with big or emaciated age, the skin removes a ruffle easily, more should take up skin, make its keep stretch with the certain power that prop up.

Shave is blown end, the towel that use heat bubble rub-up or with after Wen Shui is abluent, should check still have mustache crop.

When having, after the man shaves, can discover mustache can shrink instead go back, go against inside the skin grow, accordingly, the skin can appear pustule.

such circumstance appears, the method that shaves because of male friend namely is incorrect. What when suggesting everybody will shave henceforth, do not blow is too clean, such ability can go against the problem that grow with preventing occurrence mustache.

2, shave needs a note

Note one: Abstain from never shave beard with direction

Beard grows every day, do not blow. But, you also do not need to launch storm to mustache from each direction, such result, can be a beard shave only too short, form finally beard.

Note 2: The choice is in early morning shave is needed

Early morning is the optimal time that shave needs, accelerate as a result of metabolism in Morpheus, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant, make wool happening long rapid.

Through one night overgrowth, be best fell trees opportunity in the morning. And at this moment the skin is loosened quite, shave beard also can decrease by the odds of scratch.

Note 3: Do not need in the shave before bathing

Just what the skin after shave is needed has a lot of flesh to be less than soon is small achieve, more sensitive, bathe immediately at this moment, those who wash hair fluid to still hot water waits is bath fluid, exciting, what cause shave easily to need place is unwell, aglow even.

Note 4: Do not need in the shave before motion

When motion, the blood of the body is accelerated circularly, much sweat juice can stimulate the skin that you just had blown, cause unwell affect even.

Note 5: Law of beard of 26 degrees of shave

Take up skin answers when shave is needed, the obstruction when moves in order to reduce razor on the skin.

Next shave of right amount daub must cream, first from edge of hair on the temples, two buccal with cervical sweep, it is chin next, good point of view is 26 degrees are controlled, decrease as far as possible time blow.

3, the reason that beard grows quickly

1, metabolic exuberant

Generally speaking the growth of mustache the metabolism of speed and individual has immediate concern. Young man metabolism is the more more exuberant, that is to say hair grows more quickly, automatical beard also grows more quickly.

2, youth development period

Mustache is the man's secondary sex characteristic, basically stimulate what produce male hormone and promote beard to grow by hypophysis, this kind of circumstance happens in male adolescence commonly, attribute normal physiology phenomenon.

3, wool bursa accepts put oneself in another's position more

The growth of beard is sufferred the effect of body by wool bursa, wool bursa accepts put oneself in another's position more, beard grows the month is flourishly, suffer the existence of body because of wool bursa just about, so male and speed secrete exuberant man, the figure of beard is endless and same, accept put oneself in another's position more beard is shocker, suffer body to be amounted to even more, beard grows more quickly.

4, often shave with the knife

Beard of friend of a lot of men grows to like to shave with the knife later, such meetings make beard grows more quickly, thicker.

Because: Shave with the knife the root ministry of easy exciting beard, make beard long thereby thicker, faster.

5, androgen too exuberant

Because the androgen inside body is secreted,overgrowth of the beard after the man is grown may be too exuberant (have adrenal tumor for example) , beard meets what issue insanity in the stimulation of the androgen of excessive grow.

6, take food of overmuch male sex hormone

Grown man beard grows quickly besides because androgen is secreted too exuberant beyond, because took hormone,returning a likelihood is kind medicaments or food, cause excess of the androgen inside body, bring about beard to grow quickly thereby.

7, excessive stay up late

Below normal life rhythm, the male sex hormone inside the body is secreted by day opposite more, nightly secrete opposite less, so beard grows more quickly by day.

But, if often stay up late, the body the work with each endless organs, metabolism increases, male hormone secretes grow in quantity subsequently, beard also grows more quickly.