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What does the composition of manual black have? The distinction of manual black and common toilet soap

There is the product of a lot of manual blacks on market now, conduct propaganda has a lot of very good effect, manual black is he starts work the toilet soap that make, manual black can use clean face, let skin become more smooth, general toilet soap basically is used brush a body, manual black action sounds quite much, what does the composition of so manual black have? What does the distinction of manual black and common toilet soap have?

What does the composition of manual black have? The distinction of manual black and common toilet soap (1)

1, the composition of manual black

In can making a process, the big firm of general production toilet soap adds salt, make glycerine, overmuch lye, water is divided with black radical is detached, and the black that forms 100% dinkum toilet soap base. Again with old machine after black radical controls Cheng Meimei's appearance, will sell piece. Although such toilet soap can be used immediately, but the elite that lacks manual toilet soap - - glycerine. This also is why the reason that more and more people favore manual toilet soap, because manual toilet soap contains natural glycerine, and be as high as 25% , ensure wet result transcendental, and very gentle to skin.

Manual black also calls manual essence oily black, only then at 9 centuries, it by law king handiwork of ancient magic art of 14 regius tradition makes Louie, all sorts of natural nutrition part extremely tall vegetable oil reachs oil of extravagant essence of life to be added inside, have a series of rigorous approximately slashing craft that make soap and character government.

Manual black produces natural glycerine naturally in the process of saponification, it is cutaneous optimal and natural keep wet agent, a natural diaphragm is formed on the skin; There is the nutrient material that does not participate in saponification in great quantities in vegetable oil (not saponification content) , in the skin is being permeated through pore when these precious composition can be being used, go, achieve cleanness thereby, maintain the effect that has at the same time. Oily black of essence of Yu Qiantang handiwork, acceded handiwork of traditional and rigorous ancient magic art makes black technology, microtherm makes soap the reservation essence oil of utmost is costly component, perfect those who present oily black of essence of life is pure and idiosyncratic, make its element amount tiny, be absorbed more easily by the skin, the optimal skin that presents water oil to balance is reached character have protect wet moist effect.

2, the distinction of manual black and common black

Look above all make the response with necessary black, saponification reaction: Grease + oxyhydrogen changes sodium + water → fatty acid accept (the bases of black) + glycerine (third 3 alcohol) .

Actually, industrial toilet soap and manual black, basically be distinguished even if, in raw material, manual black must maintain grease to have certain excess, that is to say, theoretic oxyhydrogen changes sodium to be able to react completely basically; And industrial toilet soap, in reaction process, must take high temperature (90-105 is spent) , and excessive of hydrogenous oxidation natrium, make grease complete reaction, so that the black of large quantities of quantities is produced inside again short time. So, won't industrial toilet soap be alkalescent and special strong? That also is not, because industrial toilet soap is final, can feed brine with saturation, come out the hydrogenous oxidation natrium of excessive and extraction, incidentally also glycerine at the same time extraction comes out, manual nevertheless black does not have this process, so glycerine is able to withhold, and glycerine, be a kind very outstanding keep wet agent, the use quantity of cosmetic is great.

Another element is, manual black reacts temperature won't exceed 50 degrees commonly, and industrial toilet soap, it is to be in 100 degrees or so, it is below this temperature, a few valuable nurture inside grease, can decompose, at the back so industrial toilet soap can add all sorts of chemical substance, for example essence, pigment, blowing agent, antiseptic. So, the expiration period of general and manual black, control basically in a year, if add oil of essence of life (not be essence oh) , can extend the expiration period that much half an year controls, and industrial toilet soap, put 3-5 commonly year be problem of it doesn't matter, if you discover the expiration period of a manual black more than 2 years in the market.

General cold make manual black recipe, can join the grease raw material such as olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil undertake saponification, join oxyhydrogen to turn sodium and water next, it is lengthy agitate process next, because reaction temperature is low, so, want agitate 1 hour commonly above, if be pure olive black, agitate process at least is 1 day of above, next, normal temperature places above of a month, make saponification reaction complete, ability is used later.

The making cycle of manual black is really, very endless! Nevertheless, make the process of manual black, also be absorbing, among them is, you look at grease to react ceaselessly, become soap, it is a very interesting process, and, the collocation of different grease, the effect that come out also is different, and, you can be like bake same, make soap into all sorts of appearance, join what natural facial expression makes all sorts of facial expression " cake "

3, 4 errors of manual black

1, feel manual to black follows soap by accident almost

Be being heard is " black " , a lot of people are inertial thinking feels manual to black follows soap about the same, it is alkalescent very big. Actually otherwise, the black that soap contains very tall part commonly base, alkalescent can harm skin so greatly too. And black radical composition reduces present manual black greatly, added the part that protect skin at the same time, agree with skin is used. Additionally manual black is to be made artificially, with cold make give priority to, assure the integrality of composition, avoid to destroy among them nutrition part, the cycle that make is 5-8 week, form naturally.

2, the face after thinking manual black washs a face by accident will be very dry

Mostly manual black contains abundant oil, with oil of fruit of wood of olive oil, breast, carry on one's shoulder carries on his shoulder or back cling to oily, the manual soap that the natural plant oil such as grape seed oil makes ensures wet result first-rate, icy tactility can stay on the face, help skin moist, won't have stretch tight closely, wash strike urticant sense.

3, it is good to think manual black washs grandma not as good as by accident

The manual black of officinal recipe compared with wash breast commonly, can defy the problem skins more. Resembling is to add oil of natural mud, natural choice the manual black of plant part, herbal recipe, it is the good helper that defies blain of oily, blain skins. And the protection with the can gentle composition such as oil of essence of life of the plant part in manual black, glycerine, plant skins flimsily.

4, skin slants losing acidity should not use yamen runner alkaline

Our skin is weak acidity, should achieve clean result must soda acid is counteracted, and black is contained in manual black alkaline, compared with the breast that wash a face, the bilge in skin, smudgy with redundant grease, manual black can be washed clean more. Additionally the Ph value of manual black also is 6-7 between, very gentle, do not harm skin.

4, the harm of soap clean face

1, easy appear allergic phenomenon

Though the skin condition of everybody is different, have a plenty of oily, have a plenty of drying, still have a plenty of mixture sex, show in place of things of use clean face the effect that come out also is different, but if face of optional use soap clean, make skin appears easily allergic phenomenon. At this moment facial meet scratchy, dry, remove red dot to wait, once appear such phenomenon, had better use face of clear water clean.

To the crowd that irritability skins, must notice exceedingly when choosing clean face articles for use. Because the skin of this kind of crowd is right,the resistance of the outside is weaker, the clean face articles for use that had better choose weak acidity, this ability makes skin appears not easily allergic phenomenon.

2, make sebaceous glands is secreted mussily

Although do not use the things that protect skin everyday, skin also has the capacity of ego rehabilitate. A lot of females think the oil of skin surface is the metabolization content of skin, actually it also is a kind of when protect skin natural material. Facial skin has many sebaceous glands and sweat gland, be in all the time synthesize a kind natural " advanced hairdressing frost " , defend in what one forms to lose sight of on the skin film. It shows acidity slightly, have the powerful antiseptic effect that protect skin.

Be informed from this, these facial grease have protective effect already to skin, also have the effect of hairdressing. If use soap to go to the lavatory to wash a face, right the harm of skin is very great. Because of alkalescent soap not only the protective effect that destroyed it, and can exciting sebaceous glands is much " petroliferous " . You use soap the more " except oil " , sebaceous glands is petroliferous more, clear away hard finally. Visible, if the skin is not too dirty, ought not to clean with soap.

3, skin is met rough

People not only the skin that hopes oneself has Bai Xi, and also hope skin attenuate, is not coarse. If choose articles for use of wrong clean face. Skin roughs also is to be in anticipation. Because general soap is alkalescent, if use such soap for a long time to wash a face, because be in basic position,facial skin is met, and rough gradually. So, had better not wash a face with soap, can use what wash a face technically to wash grandma.