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Bosom of the grand that smoke fat can is grand how old? Effect of bosom of the grand that smoke fat how?

Bosom of the grand that smoke fat is the phenomenon is compared one kind advanced from operation of body grand bosom, this kind of operation is different from bosom of false body grand, because smoke fat grand bosom,be oneself adipose and draw-out hind inject arrives bosom position, such meetings compare easy confluence, and still can reduce weight, and bosom won't resemble false body after grand bosom euqally inflexible, so, bosom of the grand that smoke fat after all can is grand how old? The effect of grand bosom how? We look together.

Bosom of the grand that smoke fat can is grand how old? Effect of bosom of the grand that smoke fat how? (1)

1, does bosom of the grand that smoke fat have the effect

Effective. Bosom of the grand that smoke fat is called again from body art of adipose grand bosom, can reduce weight already after the operation can grand bosom. Operation not cut of make sb the first aim of attack is small, the nature after art does not have mark, feel true, and won't affect lactation and mammary gland growth. Defect is adipose surviving rate has 50% to control only, and do not suit the female with too compressed bosom.

2, bosom of the grand that smoke fat can grand is how old

Provide physical ability grand to should see the rate that the person that beg the United States asks abundant is held out greatly more, second transplanting measures general sheet not to exceed 150 milliliter, bit singler shot is not more than 0.5cc. If be,overspread to C from B cover cup cup, need 200 milliliter probably the left and right sides is adipose, cent 2-3 second operation injects.

Attention! Bosom of the grand that smoke fat suits cup of small B cover only or the female of B cover cup, too compressed person, because itself bust is tiny hemal loop is undesirable, cannot offer enough nutrient to give the cell of transplanting, accordingly, grand bosom effect is not apparent, appear easily still the organization is necrotic, the harmful response of adipose calcify.

3, the effect can be maintained how long

The adipose meeting that transplants partly is absorbed by the body, survive the adipose meeting that come down blends in former adipose organization, can permanent reservation comes down. But because the age is anile, or bosom maintains undeserved, after bosom of the grand that smoke fat, bosom can not hold Feng Ting's position all the time, answer possibly still shrink decrescent. According to clinical data statistic, from body adipose grand bosom groove is 3-5 commonly year, it is proper and OK to maintain maintain 8-10 year.

4, have what potential risk

From body adipose breast enhancement is not without a risk, it may cause a share adipose calcify, or form the sequela such as cyst, nugget. If doctor experience is scant, adipose inject not all, can cause bust uneven, size of two side bosom is differ, or bosom metabolic circumstance. In addition, two side are adipose when absorptivity is different, appear possibly also the circumstance of bosom asymmetry, can carry an operation 2 times commonly nevertheless correctional.

5, sequela of bosom of the grand that smoke fat

(1) catchs a bug possibly

Bacterial infection may appear in operation process, because art hind nurses undeserved, cut also may affect a bacterium, and endanger mammary health.

(2) adipose calcify

As a result of sheet the adipose quantity of second transplanting is overmuch, adipose cell mortality will be very tall, if gone and adipose cell was not absorbed in time by the body, stay in calcify of the meeting in the breast, form adipose nugget. Time grows can cause infection, bring about a breast red ache.

(3) asymmetry of two side breast

Because doctor experience is scant, the adipose quantity that both sides injects differs, or adipose cell surviving rate has two side difference, may appear the phenomenon with differ size of breast of the two side after art. This kind of circumstance can pass operation rehabilitate 2 times.

(4) haemorrhage

From body process of operation of adipose breast enhancement, because the injury when inject and breast are petty hemal or obstacle of mechanism of cruor of the person that accept method, from body the pressurization after art of adipose breast enhancement wraps up undeserved etc, the likelihood causes operation massive haemorrhage.