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Is beautiful white needle OK and permanent is the United States white? What to need to notice with beautiful white needle?

A lot of people can pass the way that makes beautiful white injection to make his whiten, but even if is such a lot of people are white to the United States the needle is not to understand very much actually, for example a lot of people do not know beautiful white needle whether can permanent beauty is white, and what does the note that makes beautiful white injection have. Is so beautiful white needle OK and permanent is the United States white? What does need notice with beautiful white needle?

Is beautiful white needle OK and permanent is the United States white? What to need to notice with beautiful white needle? (1)

1, beautiful white needle can be permanent the United States is white

1, can the whole body is beautiful white

Beautiful white needle is to will contain vitamin C, pass bright acid, the means infuse human body that the injection of the composition such as peptide of cereal Guang pleasant injects through vein, accordingly also can systemic beauty is white, the United States' white effect can see gradually after 3 days commonly. The DSW with beautiful white embedded needle can restrain cellular oxidation, decompose element of the melanin that human body skins, yellow quickly, repair damage cell, white factor of compensatory activation beauty makes the cell of beautiful white factor replaces the whole body, improve anoxic sex thereby a series of green die phenomena such as dark dumb, coarse skin, your whole body skins by inside the Bai Li outside coming is fully red, regain flexibility.

Big S mentions in the book: Beautiful white needle is not a needle it is good that the canal is hit, it is a bit of a kind of liquid actually, inject time needs 40 minutes to arrive a hour. Want special those who remind everybody is, like hitting beautiful white needle to resemble hitting dextrose, if the speed of the a bit is moved too quickly, can let poll dizzy keck. So you are to hit an a bit to meet dizzy person quite, speed is about to move a bit slower, would rather time spins a bit, also do not drip too quickly.

Have the greatest esteem for of big S of effect of beautiful white needle. She says in the book: "Beautiful white needle can use improvement skin An heavy, stain and blain scar. Beautiful white needle a dozen going down is the whole body OK the United States is white, the scar that goes up to the body repeatedly also can have the effect of desalt.

2, cannot permanent beauty white

Beautiful white needle is the form with inject a bit human body of infuse of will beautiful white liquid, achieve the United States' white result thereby, can see beautiful white effect gradually after injecting 3 days normally. Does expert of beautiful white needle introduce: ? Queen of heaven of? of ⑸ of ǔ T Mi can see beautiful white effect gradually. Wanting you to often do not insolate to the sun only won't blacken commonly. White needle is unalterable one the individual's constitution, the composition inside can restrain the formation of melanin only, after medical effect passed, melanin can be shown afresh again, because this is beautiful white needle cannot permanent beauty is white.

3, the United States is white the effectiveness for a given period of time of the needle

Beautiful white needle hits stitch two needles do not have effect, it is half period of treatment just gets effective commonly, and a period of treatment arrives in 10 needles commonly 12 needles. And, can maintain 1-2 the effect of white needle of big S beauty also cannot be aeon sex only commonly year, above is beautiful white needle duration. Beautiful white needle cannot permanent beauty is white, but at least can last the United States is white 2 to 3 years, of course this is inject effect is mixed maintain below the case with better effect. Besides the constitution outside because of the person different, it is very important also that sequel maintains.

2, the not applicable crowd of beautiful white needle

Above all, be pregnant, the person that have medical history of embolism of disease of heart disease, kidney, vein, thrombus does not suggest to use beautiful white needle. Next, menstruation also does not suggest to use beautiful white needle, one of main component of beautiful white needle pass bright acid the risk that menstruate blood dies. Again, the person that seldom count can allergic to inject vitamin special constitution, also do not use beautiful white needle. Finally, do not buy injection very high to go back because of profit of beautiful white needle him inject a bit, beautiful white needle belongs to category of medical treatment hairdressing after all, should seek hemal give or have an acupuncture treatment, be not professional personage to be able to have risk.

3, the note of beautiful white needle

1. is beautiful white needle

Need 40 ~ 60 minutes every time time, speed puts delay as far as possible, the dizziness that can avoid provisionality, disgusting, blood pressure drops. Volume of the menstruation after the small number of people hits beautiful white needle can become little, want intentional manage to prepare. The frequency of beautiful white needle does not want too tall, a week has been high density 2, the whole body is to be hit 12 times continuously like apparently beautiful Bai Yi. After coming back in vain, still should notice to prevent bask in wait for a foundation to maintain, otherwise very fast black. Pass bright acid to have hemostatic fight inflammation action, it is the cruor agent of approval, also allow 3 % add upper limit outer

2. maintains in vain with the United States article in

Nevertheless, some dermatological department pass bright acid to assist remedial stain with profess to convinced, had exceeded medicaments originally get used to disease limits, nature of beautiful white needle also is to violate compasses. because express the hemostatic intention of bright acid, menstruate of beautiful white needle the danger that blood dies, medical history of vein embolism, thrombus person also do not suit beautiful white needle.

3. reduces chamfer to pledge frequency

Because of chamfer qualitative meeting is on skin, increase attrition, cause pigment to precipitate, because this should avoid chamfer qualitative, make the move such as the face, otherwise the United States won'ts do in vain, cause melanin precipitation instead.

4. avoids to wash hot spring of 3 warmth, evaporate oven, bubble

Oven and the environmental temperature of 3 warmth are higher, and in high temperature, melanin is released easily, so if hit perfect white needle goes evaporate oven, wash 3 warmth, can make the effect big sell at a discount.

Hot spring of 5. little bubble, bubble is over sulfureous spring, remember rinse

Hot spring water is higher than average bathing nominal hot water temperature. In high temperature, bring about melanin easily to release, after suggesting to hit perfect Baizhen, go bubble hot spring. Additional, hot spring distributes spring of carbonic acid and sulfureous coin, and the composition in sulfureous spring causes skin surface pigment easily to change, after so the proposal is not completing period of treatment, with respect to bubble hot spring, if want bubble, remember to be rinsed in order to rinse male clean.

6. eats sensitization less food

The food such as Qin of 9 celery, towers, Xianggu mushroom, leek, caraway, ormosia, West, red turnip is photosensitive food, when accepting cure of beautiful white acupuncture, should decrease absorb an amount. Some people will be right beautiful white composition is allergic, may feeling of heart of unripe vomiting, , allergic, remove the symptom such as roseola, after so the proposal discusses with the doctor beforehand, escape allergy element, or replace with other part. The certain part in beautiful white needle also may bring about quantity of female classics blood to decrease, so the female is when physiology period, if want inject beauty white needle, suggest to warn a doctor beforehand. Should notice to prevent after art bask in, just won't get half the result with twice the effort.

4, inherent black give or take an injection useful

(1) inherent skin is black useful

Beautiful white needle calls the needle that protect liver again, basically be after injecting through vein, stimulative liver discharges poison, in order to achieve the United States' white result. But beautiful white needle is not bleaching powder, just skin of one seed coat maintains article, the person with inherent black skin, the skin after be being hit can become exquisite and smooth, as to can white how many, want to read individual constitution. If expectation of white to the United States needle is exorbitant, suggest or do not waste time and money.

(2) plays ability visibility effect a few times

Want 2 period of treatment at least. Beautiful white needle a period of treatment is 7-12 second differ, the doctor can choose to treat a number according to skin character. The person with economic finite capacity, also want to hold to 2 period of treatment at least.

The first period of treatment basically is the effect that has recuperation, can feel the skin is wet degree increase, no longer fat, dark sore decreases, the skin raises 3-5 on average bright whiteness.

The 2nd period of treatment can be helped improve and consolidate beautiful white effect. Shading, blain imprints, furrow becomes weak apparently, the skin locks up water ability to strengthen, the meeting is more white before skin photograph is compared fair-skinned.

(3) is OK maintain how long

Can maintain 1-2 commonly year. Skin color gets the influence of environment and gene, the peptide of pleasant of composition cereal Guang in beautiful white needle, pass bright acid and dimension C to wait can help the body discharge poison, restrain the formation of melanin, but not can from go up at all change cutaneous gene, as time elapse, add outside ambient element, the function that beautiful white needle controls melanin will be abate, before color of skin can be returned slowly again.