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Smoke fat what to harm there is? What does the side effect that takes fat have?

Because a lot of people in the life try all sorts of methods reducing weight and when doing not have success reducing weight, resemble looking for a kind can fast the method reducing weight of thin body, and smoking fat is a kind can fast the means reducing weight of thin body, basically be to pass draw-out body inside release a kind of means that makes the body becomes thin, what does that smoke fat to have to endanger? Smoke fat to reduce weight what side effect is there?

Smoke fat what to harm there is? What does the side effect that takes fat have? (1)

1, phenomenon of human body occurrence coma

Body of the later generations that smoke fat can appear normally coma phenomenon, because the trunk nerve of human body is in muscle,this is, adipose and main it is end nerve and nerve. After smoking fat, because end nerve is destroyed, the person experiences occurrence coma phenomenon, get time of half an year to just can restore normally.

2, the skin after smoking fat is uneven

The appears the most easily problem after smoking fat is cutaneous uneven, and local and beyond the mark smoke fat to bring about one of main reasons with uneven skin namely. For instance abdomen smokes fat, although abdomen is even, but from the point of flank, the skin appeared however a lot of uneven places.

3, the skin after smoking fat is flabby

The skin after smoking fat is inevitable phenomenon flabbily, after the female of 40 years old of less than prepares, because skin itself has good flexibility, can slowly ego adjustment and rehabilitate. As the person with the too obese perhaps growth of the age, skin flexibility extent is lesser, after preparing best redo pulls leather operation, decrease redundant skin, make the skin becomes level off.

4, smoke fat undeserved cause shock

The constitution is frail splanchnic perhaps organ bears the person with poor ability, as a result of nonexistent at ordinary times apparent disease, if inadequacy is communicated with the doctor before smoke, or because of the doctor neglectful, cause other disease very easily to appear. For instance cardiac bears ability is not quite good, the operation may bring about labour to learn again not free, subsequently and those who come is likely cause shock, serious can cause death even.

5, how to avoid the harm that smoke fat

1, the amount that takes fat avoids to smoke fat harm

Generally speaking, smoke fat besides above beyond two danger, compare safety relatively. But because a lot of people ask of excessive draw-out and adipose achieve thin body result, cause above two problems, how to avoid a harm to appear? Smoke fat to must be in of the body bear in limits, smoke fat morer, dangerous sex is taller. General suction fat quantity is 2000~5000ml, the constitution is frail or the woman with older age must smoke quality control to be controlled in 3500ml.

2, the choice is normal the hospital undertakes smoking fat

When hospital of very much frame-up regulation is helping his smoke fat, operation method is incorrect and smoke fat too quickly, bring about the operation that smoke fat to cause great harm to the body. Generally speaking, negative pressure causes nerve loss greatly too, the size of negative pressure decides to take the rate of fat, negative pressure is greater, the rate that takes fat is rapidder, also jump over to the harm of human body thereby big. Select normal hospital so, in avoiding to take fat operation course, be opposite body nerve yuan cause loss.

6, the relevant matter that takes fat

1, smoke fat hind how long to ache

A week left and right sides disappears basically sorely.

Because take fat operation course in, inject drug limits is insufficient, not all, too small conference causes anaesthetic chroma the ache in art, normal case can become light sorely inside 24 hours, turn to bilge for acid slowly later painful, the ache when exerting oneself to do sth. will be aggravating, and taking the operation inside fat Party A one week later, aching meeting disappears basically.

2, smoke fat reduces weight how to long can restore

7 days OK take out stitches

Except the cheek, cervical, on hip does not need to limit an activity outside, after other position smokes fat to reduce weight lie in bed wants to rest inside 24 hours. It is OK that 7 days are controlled take out stitches, and swing. But right now operation place still can have purple, strut, if did not appear other and unusual, can decide the operation is successful basically.

3, 3-4 week is purple disappear

The silt green strut after the operation, should disappear completely the likelihood needs 3-4 week. Especially large area smokes fat, inchoate likelihood still is met insensitive, occurrence skin inflexible, surface is rough whole wait for a problem, these symptoms inside a month can disappear and return to normal commonly condition.

4, 3 optimal result is achieved when the month

After serving as the operation that smoke fat, want 1 week to wrap up with stretch bandage pressurization, reduce the haematoma after art. This succeed add takes model form 3-6 with bounce lunar ability achieves optimal operation result.