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What should black notice with handiwork? What place can manual black wash?

Wait for common clean face product besides foam of papula of the grandma that wash a face, clean besides, a lot of people still can use manual black to wash a face, but be to need to notice a lot of things in the process that manual black is using, a lot of people are not clear about these notes however, what should notice with manual black so? What place can manual black wash? How is manual black used best?

What should black notice with handiwork? What place can manual black wash? (1)

1, how is manual black used

(1) autumn

Maturity is a process of saponification, cold make black be controlled from the time that makes mature need pass a month, the mature date of black black can indicate go up in the packing bag of black black, alkalescent without mature black black stronger, can have certain stimulation to the skin, had better not use.

(2) is used

The person with sensitive qualitative skin, before the proposal is used do skin test first after arm or ear, when using, avoid to let black fluid enter an eye please, be like inadvertent pleasant to see, can cause eye ache, but beardless and alarmed, need to be rinsed clean with water instantly only can. When using, can make soap soap wet, with handle gently small rub with the hands is kneaded, the daub after bubbling. After using black black, should put in dank soap box or container, maintain the Gan Shuang of black black as far as possible, never bubble is in water, can shorten in that way of use number oh.

(3) suits period

Individual person is used cold occurrence skin of the meeting after making soap is dry and coarse, have the appearance of the similar cosmetic allergy such as small blain blain. We say suit for " cutaneous period " . After the alkalescent contact skin of black black, the leather fat film that loses normal function cannot restore soda acid balance inside short time, just feel dry so, stretch tight closely, sensitive skin can excrete toxin even and remove small blain. Accordingly, the proposal is done when just beginning to use the cold cleanness that make soap, as far as possible multi-purpose water is rinsed, mop skin imbibe is pressed gently with clean towel after washing, use next gentle (had better be vegetal) make up water and latex are protected wet protect skin. Improving phenomenon is commonly inside a month swoon (cutaneous physiology cycle is 28 days of) .

(4) is saved

Crudely black, ask you to open the bag that pack, put in shady and cool, dry, ventilated place, black letting black contacts air in the round, the time that drier black black can save is longer (but never let black black bask! ) . Optimal save temperature to be 15 ° ~ 25 ° , storage life is 6-8 month (begin consideration from mature day, similarly hereinafter) , save under 15 ° for 1 year, if put freezer, please sealed save, avoid black black to become the suction in freezer flavour agent oh. Section of the rainy season because environmental humidity, air temperature is higher, bring about black black moisture directly overmuch, cannot commentate piece. Its are behaved is black black gives water, of little be in apparently. Had better be black puts a yamen runner in freezer at this moment. Those who do not have freezer is OK let black black be saved in ventilated and shady and cool environment as far as possible.

(5) acid is defeated

Cold make a plant a lot of natural ingredient and the embellish skin oil that did not participate in saponification are contained in black, the environment in high temperature moisture and sunshine are point-blank next easy lasting oil mark, this is called acid to defeat a phenomenon (yellow gives oily spot, feel can have oily floodwater on low-lying land, it is a bit big sometimes, it is a lot of bit sometimes) . If discover black black occurrence oil mark, can use part of small hilt oil mark to dig up immediately, give out black black inside short time. But if the area of oil mark has diffused, when acid of black black whole is defeated (grease flavour is very thick) do not want reuse to be on the face with respect to the proposal, using Yu Xidong of course still is possible on the west.

2, the use of manual black

(1) clean face

Clean face method is very much, as long as can go out black black rub rich bubble, it is very good use method, common use method is as follows:

1, bubbly net: Wen Shui is wet after ministry of facial, hand, make wet bubbly net each, manual black, black black the bag is inside bubbly net or hold yamen runner, gently rub is moved (during can add several water, water portion is enough, can aid bubble to abound, it is very important that this is nodded) , can form rich bubble. Make foam the circle massage on the face gently, retention period shoulds not be too long, inside a minute advisable. Rinse later clean can.

2, bubble of both hands rub: This is my commonly used method, the simplest, the gentlest also, but qualitative without chamfer effect (my skin is thin, do not suit to be with bubbly net on the face rub) . Wen Shui is wet after black of facial ministry, hand ministry, black, both hands makes a round trip black of labour of light wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water, till both hands is touched,take right amount black, several water are added on the both hands that is stained with black fluid, the centre of the palm a bit arch (namely the centre of the palm submits the form that hold content in both hands) make a juice of black of small rub with the hands, can produce rich foam;

3, sponge rub bubble: Use method consults " bubbly net " , the bubble that goes out with rub of Mediterranean natural foam rubber or plastic is more exquisite be continuous (Dan Taigui) , it is divided nurse with Yu Xiyu outside SPA, still be used at advanced leather to nurse, artistic decorate, brushwork. Its texture is meticulous and soft, suit skin of facial ministry allergy and infantile whole body to use more, the commendation of a lot of dermatological department experts is obtained in Europe.

(2) bath

1, bath ball: After lukewarm embellish body, clear water makes wet bath ball and soap, gently rub is kneaded after bubbling, use body of bath ball cleanness directly can;

2, use directly: Press normal soap usage namely, if need bubble to abound, remember water portion wanting certainly enough, bubble does not have water cannot rise;

Additional, if conditional, can use bath of Mediterranean natural foam rubber or plastic, foamy continous is then fine degree, can letting you imagine is the continous like butter slips.

3, the method that manual black washs a face

The skin that 1. knows him is qualitative applicable soap, change according to season and change.

The Xian Yiqing before 2. washs a face clean frost or discharge makeup water discharge makeup (use maintain when tasting) .

3. washs a face to be actor with soft water, if contain in the home,go against permeate pure water machine, permeating bath face in order to go against is best.

Shui Weijia of 4. water Wen Yiwen, because cold water is right the abluent force of grease is poor, and hot water easy cause hemal hyperbole and make the skin dry, tepid water is so optimum.

5. kneads soap in the rub in the palm after bubbling, reoccupy double palm is massaged clean facial ministry. Oily skin makes an appointment with a minute, drying skin criterion 30 seconds can, one minute is rinsed with clear water again later, affirmatory soap is strong clean hind, work with doing towel to press again.

The use of 6. towel, the option that removes quality of a material wants meticulous outside, answer to work way in order to pat, and not with towel direct rub kneads facial ministry, little exciting skin is beautiful.

After 7. washs a face, can wipe according to individual be fond of make up water is done once more cleanness and foundation are protected wet.

The frequency that 8. washs a face depends on each one skin qualitative, environment, climate, have clinking makeup because always decides,wait. Be like the climate of drying skin, winter, room that opens air conditioning, the frequency that wash a face wants little. Conversely, the place with the season of moisture of oily skin, high temperature, foul air, need to wash a face a few times more. The kind that should wash a face only is right, the amount of the frequency that wash a face does not affect skin health.