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How to wash a face with manual black? Does manual black wash a face to massage how long?

Washing a face is the business that people does surely everyday, and the product that washs a face can be being used on market also is rife, include commonly to have papula of the grandma that wash a face, clean for example foam and and manual black is waited a moment, among them manual black is suffer people gay fully in last few years, so how to wash a face with manual black? Does manual black wash a face to massage how long? What does manual black wash a face to want to notice?

How to wash a face with manual black? Does manual black wash a face to massage how long? (1)

1, manual black washs a face note

(1) is spent frothily

Bubbly degree is not equal to abluent effect absolutely... hubble-bubble has the other action in clean process, but differ to have effect of interfacial activator composition with hubble-bubble. So, when different recipe is used, as a result of its foaming characteristic different, cannot conclude with foaming characteristic its are clean force, proposal or in order to wash hind skin has a bit stretch tight closely feeling be is.

(2) massages time

Massage push kneading is to let interfacial activator have sufficient time emulsification smeary and remove catabolism, achieve clean goal thereby. So, different recipe has effect of different level emulsification, the proposal spends a recipe high to give bubble to massage time adequately about one minute in facial ministry with hand rub frothily enough already, and low bubble spends a recipe to be able to be massaged make an appointment with 1~2 minute, effective rate still needs to cooperate dosage to be is.

(3) rinses degree

Because manual black is not had,add the agent that add bubble, bubbly degree also differs relatively when the recipe is so different. Most person expresses clean to decide for criterion namely with having hubble-bubble, can have so when rinsing, still become aware slippery slippery, but wipe a face to feel extremely dry to stretch tight immediately uncomfortable last this sense a long time. The proposal rinses the water observation that falls with flowing to show completely transparent again much 10 seconds are criterion, but low bubble recipe concerns because of chroma more the issue that needs to notice to be rinsed clean but assist is brushed gently moderately with clean towel knead leave in order to help interfacial activator not to remain, and rinse clean can, must not because of what rinse very comfortable and rinse continuously, can take away the moisture inside the skin together after wiping, feel dry and unwell instead.

(4) water is warm

It is advisable that with human body temperature 37 degrees of C are controlled, microtherm makes pore contractive cause an interface to cannot keep clear of effectively bilge, high temperature lets skin moisture evaporates pose dry problem, so the summer washs facial water lukewarm touch with the hand touch not cool it is advisable to be not heated up, winter with lukewarm can must not too high temperature especially dry area.

2, manual black washs a face

The bubble of manual toilet soap is exquisite and rich, what hole depth of thoroughly can cleared wool is in is smeary. Make skin moist burnish, be full of flexibility, and do not contain preservative, the chemical composition such as exterior activator, it is a kind of special safety and effective skin cleanness and hairdressing product.

Manual black contains a lot ofthe glycerine that the skin needs, besides abluent force, moist skin, won't create cutaneous burden more. And, won't cause pollution to the environment. Once shed the earth, be decomposed inside 24 hours. Use manual yamen runner, not only good to oneself skin, also be to doing environmental protection, kill two birds with one stone.

Manual black contains natural glycerine, ensure wet result transcendental, and very gentle to skin, without stimulation. Bubble is exquisite and rich, what hole depth of thoroughly can cleared wool is in is smeary. Make skin moist burnish, be full of flexibility. Besides have striking clean power besides, a bit won't destroy the corneous layer of skin, this is because of what what contain among them glycerine can be in clean bilge while, form a diaphragm, achieve the result that protects skin.

3, the method that manual black washs a face

The skin that 1. knows him is qualitative applicable soap, change according to season and change.

The Xian Yiqing before 2. washs a face clean frost or discharge makeup water discharge makeup (use maintain when tasting) .

3. washs a face to be actor with soft water, if contain in the home,go against permeate pure water machine, permeating bath face in order to go against is best.

Shui Weijia of 4. water Wen Yiwen, because cold water is right the abluent force of grease is poor, and hot water easy cause hemal hyperbole and make the skin dry, tepid water is so optimum.

5. kneads soap in the rub in the palm after bubbling, reoccupy double palm is massaged clean facial ministry. Oily skin makes an appointment with a minute, drying skin criterion 30 seconds can, one minute is rinsed with clear water again later, affirmatory soap is strong clean hind, work with doing towel to press again.

The use of 6. towel, the option that removes quality of a material wants meticulous outside, answer to work way in order to pat, and not with towel direct rub kneads facial ministry, little exciting skin is beautiful.

After 7. washs a face, can wipe according to individual be fond of make up water is done once more cleanness and foundation are protected wet.

The frequency that 8. washs a face depends on each one skin qualitative, environment, climate, have clinking makeup because always decides,wait. Be like the climate of drying skin, winter, room that opens air conditioning, the frequency that wash a face wants little. Conversely, the place with the season of moisture of oily skin, high temperature, foul air, need to wash a face a few times more. The kind that should wash a face only is right, the amount of the frequency that wash a face does not affect skin health.