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Is man latex dry use? What does man latex have to use?

The latex is we often are used to a kind to protect skin product, a lot of people can be used everyday, the main effect of the latex is filling water is protected wet, but likely at ordinary times the female is used morer, also a lot of males pay attention to the skin to maintain quite now, so a lot of men protect skin things to appear, is that man latex dry use? What does man latex have to use?

Is man latex dry use? What does man latex have to use? (1)

1, filling water

Man latex has very good filling water effect. Be aimed at oily skin of the man, man latex introduces the product of element of small capsule of fine long hair more, filling water can be thorough corneous, can rapid be absorbed, it is skin complement moisture quickly.

2, protect wet skin

Man latex can efficient protect for skin wet. Man latex is very much the nerve acyl amine that contains package of small carrier of fine long hair, can increase the cohesive affinity between cellular layer, can abiding protect wet make the skin smooth bouncy.

3, control oily cent

Man latex can help control oily cent, and its quality of a material is relatively relaxed, not oily not sticky be bored with, suit to give the male skin with fiercer oil to use very much. Still can help clean dredge pore.

4, slow after shave is needed unwell

The part such as some vitreous acerbity natrium is contained in man latex, can be skin filling water not only, its soft texture is returned can slow after man shave is needed, what local skin gets is exciting, the skin after improving shave to need is dry circumstance.

5, increase skin strength

Man latex is a lot of mediumer add have plant flower, can adjust effectively not only the water oil of skin is balanced, still can increase the strength with exciting to the outside skin, the harm that reduces skin to get is exciting.

6, the latex is OK discharge makeup

Theoretic for, the latex can use discharge makeup. More grease part is contained in the latex, can rise to dissolve certainly the action of colour makeup and the result that achieves discharge makeup. But because the latex has very strong close skin sex, we do not suggest everybody uses colour makeup strip makeup.