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What does the man accuse oily need to notice? The male controls oily note

Various skin problems also can appear like the male and female, among them the skin problem with a lot of most pained males goes oil on the face namely too much, always can have the feeling that glossy is full of, so a lot of males are to pay attention to those who accuse oil to protect skin very much at ordinary times, so does the man accuse oily need what to thing notice? What does the male accuse oily note to have?

What does the man accuse oily need to notice? The male controls oily note (1)

1, the male controls oily note

(1)TIP1 cleanness works

Want to wash a face twice thoroughly at least everyday, after getting up in the morning, face before sleeping one times in the evening. Before washing a face, want first will double hand is abluent, if the hand is dirty or when be stained with oil, the grandma that wash a face is not easy epispastic. Wait for the grandma that wash a face to send bubble hind adequately to besmear gently again in facial ministry, cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, can hurt cutaneous cutin layer otherwise. If you have makeup habit, must use discharge of discharge makeup fluid to divide colour makeup first, next when reoccupy washs grandma, should circle the rub that encircle a circle gently to knead with finger tip already but. If the condition allows, after washing a face, can add facial immerge the ice that has a few ice cube in water. Can make pore contracts instantly, add skin flexibility, and return can sober brains, bright and limpid and binocular.

(2)TIP2 moist job

For skin moist, after washing a face immediately water of skin of the astringent on put on the skin bright is very necessary.

(3)TIP3 daily attention works

Daytime maintains by day emphasize particularly on to nurse at what " protects wet " on. Can choose the latex of hydrophily.

Oily in the evening skin can choose more relaxed evening to nurse article, if contain the hydrophily product of plant part.

The age the man of 30 years old of above, even if oily skin, also want to notice nutrient complement, because oily skin is mere the exudation of \\\" grease \\\" is more, but do not express not to need besides grease other battalion nurturance are divided. So, should choose contain the nightly nutrition that keeps part of wet filling water to protect manage product.

(4)TIP4 is special maintain the job

1, contain high nutrition but the elite element that does not contain oil, it is oily skin evening maintains best choice, because of the nutrient composition inside elite element, under the circumstance that can not increasing skin grease burden, give the skin good rehabilitate and alimentary.

2, the oil that use energy nurses oily skin, besides can make skin calm, loosen besides, return the effect that can have balance oil: Fish pelargonium: Can balance grease to secrete, to nursing grease of T word place is very helpful.

Tea tree, rose is careless: Can adjust lopsided grease is secreted, can protect wet diminish inflammation, can use on the oily skin that often grows whelk.

3, use clean skin to dominate fat Facial mask. The film of face of shape of lacteal frostlike powder that has deep-seated cleanness and control grease to secrete effect, a week uses 1~2 second, the skin that can let you is clean, relaxed, lubricant.

Above is a few daily lives are medium accuse oily small subtle move, the hope can help great master. In the life, the male also needs to master knowledge of a few basic Xiaochang accusing oil, so that can let oneself facial ministry,leave the feeling of greasily.

2, the error that accuses oil

1, regard oil absorption paper as help straw

The beautiful eyebrow that the skin loves to give oil people like to come with oil absorption paper likely the grease of purify skin surface, although use oil absorption paper to be brushed, the skin looks be like immediately not fat, desiccate became clean, but it just rises temporarily the ground, brief sex ground goes oily effect, can not clear cutaneous grease clean truly, still can have certain dependence instead. Accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people must not regard oil absorption paper as help straw, can make skin qualitative only so form smoke into smother, skin is oilier and oilier.

2, excessive cleanness skin

Make appliance has exceed the clean face grandma that accuses oily effect by force to come clean face, skin of frequent overly cleanness accuses oil to protect in the summer can be no-no among skin. After although be in,cleaning the skin, you can feel relaxed, still can feel the skin is a little dry even, but this is not true accuse oil, give the covering layer with natural skin instead be destroyed. Accurate clean face method should be, the alternative is moderate, relaxed clean face product, will keep clear of redundant grease. Accordingly, excessive and clean skin does not want, make sure face of clean of morning and evening is OK everyday, excessive cleanness mixes avoid by all means exert oneself to do sth. rub washs the skin.

3, T classify without any consideration

The combination of our forehead and nose formed T division, dispute of this one place often loves to give oil, because grease is secreted more exuberant, so, it is easier to also follow occurrence pore is bulky wait for a problem, if beautiful eyebrow people to T area place without any consideration, so, the skin lives with respect to very difficult control fat. Might as well do those who accuse oil to nurse to T area place more, control an oil of this one place, the skin can look relaxed many. Beautiful eyebrow people in clean face when should massage a few times more in T area place, choice astringent water flaps in T area place promote absorb, if have,see T area place give oil at ordinary times more, can wipe with wadding towel, do not let overmuch grease and bilge jam pore.

4, the summer is special cold water washs a face

Because skin grease is secreted,have a lot of beautiful eyebrow more, because this is in of clean face nurse went up to be immersed in very big error, for example, the summer washs a face technically with cold water, can be no good so. Face of clean of use cold water, although can bring you for a short while cool experience, but, the skin can wash oilier more, still can cause the skin problem with bulky pore. Proposal beautiful eyebrow people the water that uses fire hose in advance will wash a face, because water is of constant flow, so, it can clean the bilge of skin surface and grease very neatly, contrarily, the water in washbasin is stagnant, relapse cleanness also is sordid, make the skin more easily fat mix long blain. So, beautiful eyebrow people not only the summer cannot wash a face technically with cold water, and still should avoid to wash a face with washbasin, especially the beautiful eyebrow that the skin loves to give oil people should notice more.