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Go out how does travel protect skin? The journey protects skin manual necessarily

As the promotion of people economy condition, more and more people begin to be able to go out travel, and a lot of people in the process that travelling also are not to forget to protect skin, it is a lot of people are not clear about how to be done only can protect skin effectively, so go out how does travel protect skin? Is the manual protecting skin with necessary journey what kind of? When travelling how should protect skin?

Go out how does travel protect skin? The manual protecting skin with necessary journey (1)

1, how is skin protected in road

Strategy one, prevent basking in is Chongzhongzhi weigh

Go on a journey plays outside, prevent basking in a product is absolutely cannot quite little, beautiful eyebrow people should prevent on the belt not only bask in frost, sunshade cap, sunglass, long sleeve cannot little, even if is the cloudy day does not have the sun, prevent basking in frost also want daub, the descent of counteractive ultraviolet ray, did not prevent bask in frost how to go! Beautiful eyebrow people prevent in the choice when basking in a product, should choose to protect as far as possible wet with prevent those who bask in functional photograph union bask in a product, can protect the skin more effectively.

Strategy 2, clean cannot save

Clean skin is daily life Sino-US eyebrow people the necessary step that protect skin, beautiful eyebrow people plan go on a tour, cannot ignore cleanness more. Above all, inside a few days before set out, the clean job of skin is about to be done so that mix deep complete, go on a journey plays outside, quality of much air of scene area person is poor, dirt is much also, plus perspire, jam very easily pore, at that time, beautiful eyebrow people can look for a place to wash a face, after returning abode in the evening again tired also want complete clean range, and apply Facial mask, good skin is to be caressed so come out.

Strategy 3, vegetable of much draft fruit

Beautiful eyebrow people nurse skin, besides should do in skin surface a few nurse besides measure, still should want to pay attention to by inside and the skin outside nurses, come from food namely moist skin. Before no matter be,setting out, still had been in go on a journey, need to eat a few fruits and vegetable more, have especially prevent bask in and moist cutaneous food, contain a lot ofthe fruit of vitamin C and vegetable for example, these protect the fruit vegetables with skin stronger capability, absorb by body place, use the radiate of counteractive ultraviolet ray, sometimes far bask in frost to want a canal to be used more than preventing!

2, go out to protect skin to need all right machine parts or tools kept in reserve

(1) is prevented bask in frost

Where be no matter give a destination,, prevent basking in is the mainest problem. Just go to going out of destination different, what need prevent bask in an index to also can be adjusted subsequently. Be in commonly a few slant northern city, SPF20PA+ is controlled can; and in the south with beautiful sunshine urban criterion at least wants SPF25PA++ ability to deal with. Prevent bask in frost to want to be in expose daub of ongoing below the sun travel, and every other is controlled 2 hours need new paint. When going out, avoid to be when insolation is the most intense afternoon as far as possible insolate falls in sunshine, ultraviolet intensity is very right now high, again good prevent bask in frost to be kept out completely hard also.

(2) did not forget filling surFacial mask

Outer amuse oneself, ultraviolet ray is sharp, skin is short of water easily to give oil, skin is particularly easy and dry exhaustion, might as well do film of a filling surface to complement for skin moisture. Nightly it is the gold period of time that protects skin, it is the exuberant period of skin metabolism, skin filling water gives in this moment, the effect will be better.

(3) carries embellish lipstick

Summertime weather is dry, the skin of labial ministry is compared again flimsy, appear very easily be short of the state with dry water. Can produce desquamate phenomenon, so MM people had better want to carry an embellish lipstick, can solve the problem lacking water of labial ministry not only, the double lip that still can let you looks water embellish is moving.

(4) takes fluid of a bottle of elite

Elite fluid is the product after condensing, go out seasonable baggage is numerous when the journey, but elite kind the product is scarcely can little. Travel to northwest or relatively dry area especially, the air temperature over there is relatively inferior, the water content in air is very low, so skin needs to protect wet agent puissantly to assure moisture more.

It is happy in the journey that travelling, the female can undertake simply protective, not only can make sure him cutaneous is healthy, also can admire on the way scenery cheerfully.

3, the daily method that protect skin

1, go black head, acne, corneous use towel

After bathing, corneous layer is wet below weak condition, taking the advantage of the steam inside the bathroom to did not come loose, still contain trifling heat, can use medical gauze, but the density of weaving has been jumped over more closely, be in the place that blackhead and need chamfer pledge slowly, gently picture circle is massaged, can have go blackhead and corneous effect. Wash a face to use towel to replace a hand daily, also can have chamfer qualitative effect, but drying and sensitive skin careful with.

2, massage, cutin, maintain lean completely saccharic

Shift to an earlier date facial bedabble, in control the milk that wash a face gather gives hubble-bubble, put saccharic (grain does not want too big, meet otherwise cut skin) , so abrade perhaps that very fine gram pink besmear is in blackhead and corneous place, hit a circle to massage slowly. The profit that such doing is the result that can achieve chamfer to pledge already, saccharic melt slowly, also can have to the skin maintain action.

3, an aspic towel can accomplish contractive pore

Do towel, do not have moisture completely, put into the sealed bag that place catenary, put freezer again. Go up in the morning makeup before, take out apply to be on the face, can achieve the effect of contractive pore, towel ten million cannot have moisture content, if have water,cent can form ice. Scratch skin.

4, send skin closely to go oedema is done with the hand surely

Catchment massages a method: With forefinger and middle finger abdomen, from nose ala two side, cheek stays to be pressed gently stage by stage to ear border, each make an appointment with two tactics of 5-10 second; to put or so cheek respectively again outspread to ear border two side keep 5-10 second. The audition that place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says also is here acupuncture point of acupuncture point, can buccal car and the great place that receive acupuncture point, can help eliminate flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married. In the lymph position that ear border lower part is administer metabolization, temperature of palm of by means of, help lymphatic metabolization moisture and waste material. Slide palmar make a fist in buccal ministry, by means of massages those who let be roused to bite flesh to become relatively smooth-going, also can carry the skin that because age growth is slack,pulls.

5, bask in hind repair watermelon is treasure

With watermelon Pi Bing presses down skin, the action of watermelon skin is similar Lu Hui, can help the skin after be being basked in undisturbedly.

These hairdressing methods, already cheap effective, be in at ordinary times in the life, might as well hamper tries, perhaps meet you bring the result that expect is less than.