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How does the schoolboy use the grandma that wash a face? The accurate method of man clean face

Do good cleanness to nurse with the skin that gives his in the evening every morning, it is the thing that needs to accomplish everyday, also be the one part in daily life, to male friend, also need to use product of face of a few clean actually, so how does the schoolboy use the grandma that wash a face? Is the accurate method of man clean face how? Everybody introduction goes to the article promising below!

How does the schoolboy use the grandma that wash a face? The accurate method of man clean face (1)

1, method of male clean face

Washing a face is the first pace that the skin nurses, wrong clean face can cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of a skin, moisture instead, to avoid this kind of appearance, know clean face method with respect to need and select pair of clean face products.

01 make full use of bubble

One of mistakes that wash a face to make constantly knead the grandma that wash a face probably on the hand namely, did not wait hit a bubble to besmear toward the face. This is wrong method, after must making a foam adequately, besmear again at facial.

Because subtle bubble ability is thorough skin is rock-bottom, deep-seated and clean pore. Additional, use discharge makeup oil first or discharge makeup creams clear the BB frost of skin surface, prevent after basking in the cosmetic such as frost, reoccupy washs grandma to undertake clean ability is washed more thoroughly 2 times.

02T area is washed again one all over

T area is opposite at other position, grease is secreted more exuberant, cause problem of skin of blain blain, black first class more easily. Accordingly, the need when washing a face centers cleanness this place.

When discharge makeup, integral discharge one hind, give priority to with T area again daub is massaged a few times gently. Next reoccupy washs grandma, bilge of ministry of thoroughly cleared bazoo.

03 use clean face is brushed

Using a hand to wash a face still is finite, bilge of layer of hole depth of very difficult clean wool. Right now, can use clean face to brush the effect that will achieve thoroughly clean skin.

Clean face brushs brush hair very fine, mouth of bursa of the Pi Wen that can touch the hand cannot touch, wool.

2, product of male clean face

The man washs a face with what had better

If blain always grows on your face, so, the face had better be washed with salt when washing a face. So wash a face not only have antiseptic effect only, OK still dispel the grease on our face. Especially oily cutaneous friends, might as well try this method. Again a bit more compensatory, using salt to wash a face to be short of regret exclusively is to be able to make pore greatens.

If you are drying skin, so with what to wash a face best? If be drying skin, a bit honey can be added when washing a face. And, when washing a face, with point to an abdomen gently flap your facial ministry. If things go on like this, not only the skin did not work. And, still can make you younger and younger.

If your skin does not have flexibility, so you are about to know to wash facial advantage with white vinegar. A bit vinegar is put when washing a face, what can help you restore skin is stretch. And, still can let you be far from the trouble of blain blain.

If you often with computer contact with, so with what to wash a face best? My proposal is tea. The tannic acid action of tea can help you solve the skin problem that leaves because of radiation. And, use this method for a long time to return OK and contractive pore.

Actually, it use what cosmetic is not important to use what cosmetic, important is what to use to wash a face best. Because, if the face is washed sordid, with respect to the remain that can cause cosmetic. Cosmetic remains, can jam pore. Once pore is jammed, so, skin problem came completely. So, man, want to have good outer part, be about to wash clean face.