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How does the man eliminate pouch? Does the man have black rim of the eye how purify?

The male is in at ordinary times not very pays attention to the respect that protect skin, common man in the morning at most shave beard and clean face, won't notice what detail commonly, but a lot of males like to stay up late now dozen of game, accentuated so black rim of the eye and pouch, so, how does the man eliminate pouch? Does the man have black rim of the eye how purify? Understand together!

How does the man eliminate pouch? Does the man have black rim of the eye how purify? (1)

1, bring about element of problem of eye ministry skin

The man's glamour comes from above all at the eye, the moving and abstruse eye eye, expression that fly upwards all places that are man self-confidence glamour. However career pressure, stay up late work overtime, smoking, drink, be not healthy food, make the die of skin ageing phenomenon and time same plus the stimulation of external environment, inevitable.

Before after indication male of investigation and study is 40 years old, skin ageing problem just can behave very apparently: Eyestrain, can bring about an eye then haemal circulation is current all round the ministry not free, eye ministry occurrence dropsy, pouch, black rim of the eye, furrow... however a lot of people are far now be less than 40 years old, ageing had come ahead of schedule.

2, how to cope with pouch

Lower part of 1. preexistence eyelid has the eye white that improves pouch effect most on even besmear.

2. presses the middle finger of both hands press in double eye two side, pull toward temporal direction forcibly, till the eye feels take up till.

Lock of 3. double eye is opened again, next let go, repeat do 6 times.

3, how to eliminate black rim of the eye

1. meets the way with black the most efficient rim of the eye temporarily is to use clean towel to wrapping ice cube, in 10-15 of eye ministry cold compress minute, eye ministry can feel more relaxed, dropsy also is met abreaction, compare spirit it seems that.

2. twists the towel that has immersed with hot water dry, in eye ministry apply 10 minutes are controlled, can make skin loosens; to catch all round eye ministry, by inside and outside the skin all round massage eye ministry, let blood be accelerated circularly, black rim of the eye can have alleviative effect.

3. wraps the tea of of the previous night (green tea is optimal) apply is controlled 20 minutes in eye ministry, wash clean eye ministry to skin with clear water, next smear eye frost, massage.

4. cuts potato what control into 2 centimeters piece, every time apply is in 5 minutes or so above double eye can.

4, the method that eye ministry massages

If when gave a problem to just remember go maintaining effect nature sells at a discount greatly, do next massage because of department of a few minutes of cross-eye is being taken when this noes hurry at ordinary times, can defer eye ministry consenescence. All round eyeball of edge have sth in mind, press gently with ring finger press massage eye week to skin can.

1. secures the skin in eye following side to go up with a hand, and the finger of another hand is in upper part to do extend to mention the action that press in microgroove, the left and right sides is done 10 times each.

2. arrives from nose ala the furrow of two side resembles the lip piscine remaining part is same, in furrow right angle opposite way upgrade is carried pull 10 times, but if the horizontal stroke is yearning next pushing knead, can make furrow is deepened instead.

The furrow on 3. forehead, also spend in as opposite as furrow perpendicular horn, hold gently unlock on one discontinue, not too exert oneself to do sth. too, repeatedly metrical ground does the left and right sides 10 times.

4. stimulates the loop of eye ministry, press the part of bridge of the nose in be being pressed twice forcibly with middle finger, stimulative blood circulates, more the absorption that is helpful for eye frost composition, make double eye more perfect.

5, how to prevent black rim of the eye

1. Morpheus: Want to assure enough sleep, sleep especially good hairdressing becomes aware. The gold time that hairdressing becomes aware is in the evening arrived at 11 o'clock at 3 o'clock, sleep in this paragraph of time as far as possible or do maintain, can get very clear result so.

2. discharge makeup seasonable, complete: To the professional female that often stays up late, sleeping late is often thing. But sleep late cannot wash a face late, in the evening after 10 o'clock, the skin begins ego rehabilitate, absorb nutrition. So, if not seasonable or a colour makeup cleanness is not complete, the pigment in colour makeup is met gradually precipitation, so that form or deepen black rim of the eye. Discharge makeup when must gentle, frequent attrition and rub are kneaded can let had borne the one disaster after another of eye ministry skin of enormous pressure.

The habits and customs with good 3. : Want to avoid to stay up late, read a book for long, after writing, should rest appropriately, do eye health care to hold or a large number of watering do not want before by point of the week that approach a key point; sleeps, absorb the vegetable that contains a lot ofa vitamin and fruit more, ; of excessive of wine of smoke of avoid by all means prevents sun direct illuminate, go out had better wear sunglass, not nurturance narrow one's eyes, blink, the habit of crowded eye. Little smoking, do not sit frowzily in air conditioning room all the day, let eye and you go out to breathe freely fully together etc. When watch TV or sleeping, in crural transfer to work at the grass-roots level or to do manual labor in the countryside or in a factory ministry of foot of drive up of a sufficient pillow. When sufficient ministry heart of summary prep above, head blood is quickened circularly, the dropsy of cross-eye eyeball is very effective also.

Blind fold of constant some blue also is to alleviate in 4. supermarket the good thing of black rim of the eye, cool eye week skins, go to the lavatory again repeat use, not only can use in the home, be in the office to also can prepare, when feeling eyestrain, wear quarter.