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What effect do rose and water of smoked plum bubble have? Does one bubbly water have rose and Wu Mei what action?

Smoked plum is a kind of plum that we eat via regular meeting, a lot of females like to eat Wu Mei, the flavour of smoked plum is acerbity acid is sweet, have appetizing effect, of course dot also is preferred eat, return somebody to be able to use water of smoked plum bubble to drink even, smoked plum is OK bubble water drinks, and still can join a few roses, what effect do that rose and water of smoked plum bubble have? Does one bubbly water have rose and Wu Mei what action?

What effect do rose and water of smoked plum bubble have? Does one bubbly water have rose and Wu Mei what action? (1)

1, defer consenescence

Tea service of smoked plum rose has delay anile action. The rose contains a variety of vitamins and rose essence oil, can prevent pigment the deposit inside body, desalt splash microgroove, the United States is white at the same time the skin, let a person have good color. And the plum acid in Wu Mei is OK bate is hemal, defer hemal sclerosis, rise to fight anile action thereby. Because tea of rose of this drinkable smoked plum can improve color, let a person have good psychosis, rise to delay anile action thereby.

2, fight bacterium

Rose and water of smoked plum bubble have the very good effect that fight bacterium. These two kinds feed material to contain a variety of vitamins, especially Wu Mei contains the material such as C of acid of citric acid, apple, vitamin, disease-resistant ability of the cell can enhance if bubble water is drunk together, achieve the result that defies bacterium to enhance physique thereby.

3, complementary capabilities

The person's body is an old circulatory system, and human body everyday metabolism and the process need that maintain this loop use up a large number of energy and body nutrition, and rose and Wu Mei are the food with nutrient very high value, one bubbly water is taken can complement body place needs nutrition. Besides, the citric acid in smoked plum also can help a vitamin absorb, can help alleviate the fatigue feeling of the body, make the body is full of energy thereby.

4, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid appetizing

One bubbly water also has smoked plum and rose promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid appetizing, eupeptic effect. Rose water can slow body and mind, quicken the eduction of the rubbish inside body; And Wu Mei's acidity can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, enhance appetite. The catechu acid that contains in Wu Mei at the same time can promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, thereby Da Jian is lienal effect of appetizing, eupeptic. Because this inappetence or the person that are indigestion can take this tea,will alleviate body unwell circumstance.

5, raise liver to protect liver

Tea of smoked plum rose also has the effect that raises liver to protect liver. Rose sex is lukewarm, have scanty liver be good at lienal action, and a variety of organic acid are contained in Wu Mei, can improve hepatic function, rise to raise liver to protect the effect of liver thereby. Because this liver is ill person can try tea of smoked plum rose, have to the illness alleviate action.

6, the practice of tea of smoked plum rose

Material: Rose 5g, smoked plum 3


Before 1. make tea, cross Wu Mei and rose with water, wash the dust of the surface that feed capable person.

2. puts stuff into the cup, enter 90 degrees of hot water stew of the left and right sides 5 minutes can drinkable.

If 3. feels mouthfeel crosses acid, can put honey to wait feed capable person.

Effect: Promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid appetizing, compensatory nutrition

7, note

1. generally speaking, nutrition of tea of smoked plum rose is rich, the person with healthy much is OK and drinkable, but the female is inside normal period when unfavorable however take this tea, create period prolate situation easily.

2. at the same time, tea of rose of drinkable smoked plum also does not want excessive. Drink too much meet those who bring about other nutrition be short of instead break, cause bad effect to the body.

8, Wu Mei's effect

1, acerbity bowel stops have diarrhoea

Smoked plum is acerb enter large intestine classics, very good acerbity bowel stops the action of have diarrhoea dysentery, can use treatment long have diarrhoea, long dysentery, can wait with papaverous carapace, Ke Zi commonly common.

2, relieve a cough stop yearningly

Smoked plum taste is sour, OK and exciting gastric juice is secreted, rise to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect. Summer is divided with soup of smoked plum decoct can besides dispel heat satisfy one's thirst, still often can use treatment pyretic and thirsty, doing of pharynx and larynx is dumb, long to lobar empty cough little phlegmy or dry cough has very good curative effect without phlegmy symptom, smoked plum often can match the tuber of pinellia, the edible such as almond, but want discreet to disease edible.

3, prevent anile

Want healthy long life, the precaution of the disease must notice in daily life, smoked plum can help exciting body parotid gland be secreted hormonally, this kind hormonal the effect that can have to prevent consenescence, accordingly, eat a Wu Mei to decline to often can have certain effect to precaution everyday.

4, complement energy

The blood in the body purifies the meeting in the process to accelerate metabolic rate in ego, accordingly our body needs complement more energy, rich citric acid is contained to be able to be helped in smoked plum absorb vitamin and acerbity element, alleviate effectively body exhaustion condition, prevent disease harm.

5, Qing Dynasty blood

Modern is more captious to dietary requirement, often choose a few careful food or the food edible that are animal sex, the result causes the poison in body blood, increase slowly, immune force is reduced, this moment mights as well eat bit of Wu Mei everyday, will help the trash toxin in fluid of clear regulating blood condition, make blood sheds momentum normalization, remove excessive acerbity element.

6, solution wine

Drink much hard to avoid can appear the phenomenon that dizziness has a headache, use in Wen Shui to put bubble of a smoked plum on 5 minutes at that time, plus time tea is drinkable, can alleviate effectively the phenomenon that drunken dizziness has a headache.