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Does the men and women protect skin what to distinction there is? Does winter man protect skin what to move there is?

The male is spent to him cutaneous attention far not as good as female, basic on caboodle of the metropolis on the dresser of every female full protect skin variously to taste cosmetic, still include beautiful shell product even, and some men wash grandma repeatedly need not, some use embellish skin to breed only, seeing a men and women protect the distinction of skin still is quite big, so does the men and women protect skin what to distinction there is? Does winter man protect skin what to move there is?

Does the men and women protect skin what to distinction there is? Does winter man protect skin what to move there is? (1)

1, the distinction that the men and women protects skin

1, the male accuses oil more important

Male skin is thicker than the female, pore is bulky, amount of its sebaceous glands is much and develop, have relatively crass corneous layer, so the skin should be gotten than female consenescence slow, and flexibility is better than woman skin also, not easy generation is fine compile and print, because this is divided,knitting is not the main purpose that the male protects skin, but the male skin of 80% above belongs to oily skin, grease is secreted overmuch, can bring about pore to jam, grow acne or dark sore easily, this makes the biggest job that controls oil to become the male to protect skin.

2, clean method different

As a result of sex hormone of male and female different, male sebaceous glands and sweat gland are secreted more exuberant, add male cutaneous PH value slants acidity, the skin is easy and fat, sweat is more also, so, cleanness is a man really protect skin the first want justice, just, this kind of cleanness cannot wash a face a few times to achieve with how absolutely, contrary, the time that wash a face is more, skin water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is met react in order to secrete more oily aim as protection, the result is instead " wash oilier more " , the result of grease unbalance is pore jam, be overflowing with of acne dark sore.

3, shave must nurse, man particular

Regard the male as the beard of the mark, also be the key that the male protects skin, and it is any females protect skin to taste the man that cannot replace's particular measure that protect skin.

2, winter man protects skin measure

The first pace: Deep-seated clean

Season of change garments according to the season, the man's skin gives oil more easily, and secrete exuberant. Protect skin in winter so in, every night deep-seated cleanness is cannot little. Recommend a man to use a few clean face milk-like liquid that contain salicylic part, in clean face while bilge of depth of OK still and deliquescent pore. In the meantime, the attention is when deep-seated clean face, must notice clean papula foam is cleaned entirely.

The 2nd pace: Skin is seasonable filling water

The moisture of the skin after clean face can be taken away commonly, the man's skin is same also, must use bright skin water to give skin filling water so, have clean effect. Recommend men to use the bright skin water that contains the part such as Lu Hui, mint and Gan Yangju, can filling water while drop temperature, return can contractive pore. Also can use the water after the beard to replace bright skin water, use after shave is needed, can give skin filling water contractive pore more, still can restrain the exudation of grease.

3, the man protects skin food

1, on the west orchid

On the west C of the rich vitamin A that need of human body skin contains in orchid, vitamin and carotene, , these vitamins can enhance cutaneous to resist loss ability, conduce to preserve skin flexibility.

2, tomato

Rich tomato red element is contained in tomato, conduce to extend smooth wrinkle, make the skin delicate and smooth. Often eat tomato to appear not easily still black rim of the eye, and be basked in not easily.

3, milk

Milk is the food that skin loves most, especially the skin in the late evening most the food that like, can improve skin cell active, have defer skin consenescence, heighten skin tension, remove the effect such as minor lines.

4, carrot

Rich carotene is contained in carrot, conduce to the normal function that maintains skin cell organization, reduce skin wrinkle, maintain skin moist delicate.

5, soja

Rich vitamin E is contained in soja, the chemical active that can destroy freedom radical not only, restrain skin consenescence, still can prevent pigment ad cool-headed.

6, yangtao

Yangtao contains rich vitamin C, the vitamin C that a yangtao has is equivalent to the vitamin C that contains in a jin of orange, and vitamin C can disturb melanin to generate, conduce to the fleck that eliminates the skin to go up.

7, honey

Honey has embellish bowel not only the effect with aperient poisonous platoon, still contain a large number of easy the amino acid that is absorbed by human body, vitamin and saccharide, often eat can make the skin ruddy delicate, luster.

8, 3 article fish

3 article fish is very advanced food, among them fatty acid can eliminate a kind to destroy skin collagen and the biology active material that keep wet factor, prevent furrow generation, avoid the skin to become coarse.

9, skin

Skin contains a lot ofcollagen albumen and stretch albumen, can make the cell becomes plump, reduce wrinkle, enhance skin flexibility.

10, kelp

Eat kelp to be able to have good skin not only more, and it returns iodic element of can compensatory human body to prevent disease of thyroid big neck. In addition it is contained those who abound is mineral, often eat can adjust the acid-base value in blood, prevent the skin to secrete grease too much.