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What does the man take to you can fight consenescence? What food does the man take to fight consenescence?

The mankind is studying fight consenescence all the time, and want the issue of the breakthrough. In the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of years, the person is met slowly age, on the face, the meeting on the body slowly appear all sorts of furrow, this is anile evidence, and in daily life, food can defer consenescence, so, what does the man take to you can fight consenescence? What food does the man take to fight consenescence?

What does the man take to you can fight consenescence? What food does the man take to fight consenescence? (1)

1, the nurture that fights consenescence is qualitative

Above all, the 3 big nurture that let us understand youthful to the male energy to removing crucial factor first are qualitative:

1. zinc

Zinc is human body grows the indispensable material in the important physiology process such as heredity of development, reproduction, immunity, endocrine, when human body contains zincic gross to decrease, can cause immunity to organize blemish of function of damage, immunity. The male needs zinc especially! There is zinc to condense fluid inside prostate body of the male. Average for, 70% what the female's zinc absorbs a quantity to occupy daily proposal to measure only, and the male is 90% . When zinc is insufficient, pituitary is affected, meet even in advance occurrence old age is gawkish disease. Accordingly, should keep male energy, retain mental physical power, function of system of hold together immunity, reproduction is normal, to the male, element of much more compensatory zinc is quite important.

Feed fill -- the flesh kind, seafood, unripe oyster is the food that contains rich zinc element, absorb more can complement not only zinc returns can compensatory protein.

Shortcut -- egg, rich zincic element is contained in yoke especially, busy office gens can buy machine of an electron coddle, assure to absorb a yoke everyday. The lecithin in white coddle and zinc and milk are taken at the same time, absorb optimal. In addition, take feeding deep-sea fish oil also is right choice.

2. vitamin B group

B12 of vitamin B6, vitamin, vitamin B group the metabolism that participates in human body not only, provide energy, protective nerve organizes a cell, classics, slow to stable mind angst is helpful also. Especially onerous, nerve tightens modern man actuating pressure stretch tight, b group can help refection, alleviate fatigue. Many males can discover, once some phase is tiredder, perhaps eat food of bitter heavy taste more, with respect to ulcer of easy oral cavity, this also is one of symptoms that vitamin B lacks inside body. Additional, b group still have precaution pressure lose one's hair and white hair, reduce leather fat excessive excretive effect.

Feed fill -- dish of bottle green leaf kind reach pulses Dou Hanfeng salt of rich folic acid, there are vitamin B6 or nicotine sick at heart in conducing to a cell repairing food of; liver, fish, complete corn, soja, vegetables and fruits, can maintain; of ageing of skin health, slow down and general consist in is red the vitamin B12 in the flesh, milk, cheese, can promote memory and attention.

Shortcut -- food is absorbed besides, compensatory vitamin B group tablet is feasible also, but vitamin B group the effect that the member has each each, those must cooperate in coordination each other here, if eat onefold vitamin B only, the effect actually not big, had better take compound vitamin B group. Additional, be sure to choose natural extraction model vitamin complement tablet, type of complex of chemistry of and rather than.

3. collagen

Albumen of measurable and compensatory collagen, besides can keep close fact of skin water embellish, still can of the organ inside hold together body run normally, the collision attack with splanchnic protection. When collagen albumen these 4 words are more and more thorough popular feeling, also many males ask ask to me: "Does collagen albumen maintain taste me to you also can be used? Can you help really fight knit? " collagen albumen belongs to macromolecule more, wipe the word on skin directly, absorb finite, cannot have the effect of collagen of compensatory true cortex truly. Nevertheless, use dietary means, intestines and stomach of can direct by absorbs collagen, carry the body everywhere, skin of help whole body increases stretch, moist full.

Feed fill -- the food that contains a lot ofcollagen, include ear of skin of palm of claw of foot of muscle of holothurian, ox, oxtail, pig, chicken, goose, tendons of beef, fish, Hei Mu, tremella to wait. But most of this kind of food is adipose content is higher, absorb at ordinary times also should notice dosage and cook pattern, lest cause fat consequence. When albumen of additional and compensatory collagen, absorb vitamin C at the same time without fail, VC is one of indispensable important condition in process of collagen albumen synthesis, at the same time complement can help collagen complete absorb synthesis.

Shortcut -- the favour that drink of collagen albumen hairdressing went to the lavatory to also get many women because of edible. If blood fat or body are adipose content is higher, dare not eat the food with rich collagen more, also might as well try choice collagen drink. The first month is OK morning and evening each one; the 2nd with 3 months, everyday, morning or take in the evening. The capability that the human body when getting up in the morning absorbs nutrition is the strongest, can make collagen albumen absorptivity achieves highest; and take in before sleeping 1 hour please in the evening, because nightly arrived at 10 o'clock before dawn 2 o'clock is skin rehabilitate and updated optimal period of time.

Besides above health of 3 old men and young the most important nutrition element, you return the other side in OK and advertent life. For example, often outdoors ambulates, the male with more insolation asks C of much more compensatory vitamin and natural antioxidant (wait for food like grape seed, fig) ; and radiate of the contact in working environment is more ask red element of much more compensatory eggplant (the content in tomato of parched of stir-fry before stewing is highest) . The word says, measurable dark and light microgroove, the origin that also is male glamour sometimes is in; compared with tender skin, feed fill bring a man the biggest profit, be afraid or by inside and outside the youthful energy that send out.

2, fight anile and best method

1. bilks a bed: Get up what is the first thing? Either brushing one's teeth also is not to open an eye, go back on his word on 5 minutes more on the bed however. A lot of people think, bilking a bed is bad mistake, but actually, rising suddenly is approach must not be met make hematic upgrade strong, cause blood pressure to change suddenly, cause the symptom such as dizziness. So, get up in the morning, had better be to open eye hind not to rise first, taking the advantage of this neutral, lie in the activity on the bed limb and head, the recrudesce after 5 minutes comes. Introduce the motion that everybody can bilk to be done on the bed. After getting up, wait for consciousness to regain consciousness come over, part or so knee slowly Qu Qi exerts all his strength break to the body another side; uses both hands to hold a knee in the arms in wind to maintain 10 seconds; to face upward to lying, both hands as far as possible backward unbend, with bazoo inspiratory, with the mouth expiratory, the body maintains 5 seconds to be not moved.

2. lifts a quilt: The person that the meeting after getting up folds the quilt shipshapely is the life certainly rigorous systimatic person, but this kind of person is not much, more people can spread quilt bring to the same level on the bed, go to the lavatory already in that way beautiful. But actually, getting up to do these is incorrect. Because human body itself also is source of a pollution. In the Morpheus of one night, the skin of human body is met the vapor with many eduction, make a quilt different level land be affected with damp be affected with damp, if do not let its send out,go out, get up to be folded instantly by, the environment of the sort of damp warmth can cause many mite bug and bacterium. So, after getting up, should lift the quilt first after letting it show leak, be folded again or level.

3. depth is clean: Rise in the morning, what can discover the oil on the face is oily is very afflictive, actually this is the skin the metabolization when Morpheus is exuberant, the waste material that exclude. Should wash a face well actually in the morning so. After brushing one's teeth, with the grandma that wash a face, massage facial ministry gently, thoroughly clean, next water of reoccupy bright skin presses down skin. On final ability makeup. Clean process can let you feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright, also let skin be waked up inside the shortest time come over, vigor 4 shoot, bear daylong cosmetic is invaded!

4. eats good breakfast: Finally, still having a thing also is very important. That has breakfast namely. Breakfast of ignored of a lot of people, that is incorrect. Do not have breakfast, both neither is known enjoy the life, it is a kind of foolish behavior that damages the body. Somebody auxes would rather sleep half hours to also do not agree to let oneself eat goluptious breakfast more. A day of 3 meals breakfast is the actually most important, breakfast is the origin of a day of vigor, omit to sleep a little while more breakfast is least of all of be to one's profit, come health sells at a discount greatly, 2 will lose the wonderful sense that enjoys halcyon breakfast. Do not have breakfast for a long time can cause hidebound, anaemic, resistance to reduce, can produce pancreas, gall-stone. So breakfast must eat, best, be had breakfast to 8 o'clock at 7 o'clock. Because at this moment the person's appetite is the most exuberant.

5. discharges morning: Rise early excrete, this good convention once nurturance, you can be benefited personally eventually. Food is in the process of our Morpheus, stay inside the body all the time, pass one night digest, if be discharged not in time,go out, accumulation will be right inside body function of intestines and stomach creates a burden. A lot of more insufficient the person does not do, do not think the platoon can be discharged after all, the word that still does not have this habit is not anxious also, this can be fostered hard. For instance at ordinary times can eat tall fiber food more, wait for coarse food grain like Chinese cabbage, sweet potato, underside place goes without giving thought to after and be in rising in the morning, as time passes, the habit can become nature.

6. drinks a cup of water: Get up in the morning, should serious ground drinks a cup of water. Because pass the Morpheus of one night, do not have a water absorb, the person is very easy dehydration, this moment drinks on one cup of water, it is beneficial airframe what divide to water is additional. In the meantime, also also rose to clear to intestines and stomach action. Awaken the sense of airframe of etc of intestines and stomach, can digest the food that breakfast place eats better. And, drink clear opening of Qing Dynasty of on one cup of water, can let you regain consciousness from inside Morpheus condition come over. So, might as well face late afore before sleeping, put a cup of cold water in the head of a bed.

7. bathes: Relative to the habit that bathes in the evening at the Chinese, foreigner great majority likes to bathe in the morning. Actually, bathing in the morning is a right choice really, because bathe in the morning,conduce to make blood the loop is more exuberant, and clean feeling is mixed the aromatic itself of bath fluid can adjust the mood, make spirit more full. The time that should see you as to shower or bubble bath is abundant. If time chooses bubble bath, that water is warm should not be too tall, time also does not procrastinate too long, choose a few bath that contain orange ingredient to taste, to carrying brace up spirit is best. If be shower, tell you a small secret recipe that eliminates shoulder muscle ache, towel is draped on the shoulder, with sufferable heat, develop dozen of double shoulder with shower nozzle water column, every time ten minutes, every week 3 above, effect beautiful.

Epilogue: Is the method that sees the counteractive consenescence that you ask the introduction above us very helpful to you? Anile problem we should from young when notice counteractive consenescence, from young when begin to prevent furrow. Such our ability nip in the buds, of refus of ministry furrow consenescence at its over there besides. The hope is little the article that write can help great master!