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Wash a face what to profit there is with manual black? How to wash a face to grow blain blain to do with manual black?

Manual black is a kind of toilet soap, this kind of toilet soap is bigger to healthy gain, and the effect of preserve one's health that still has a lot of, so wash a face what to profit there is with manual black? How to wash a face to grow blain blain to do with manual black? Manual black washs a face to be able to bring about the skin to lose one part moisture, the ability of the means that wash a face with need correct control brings profit to the skin, particular case knows in detail below.

Wash a face what to profit there is with manual black? How to wash a face to grow blain blain to do with manual black? (1)

1, does manual black wash facial wrinkle blain

A lot of people that just began to use manual yamen runner can appear the skin is dry the phenomenon that perhaps risks blain blain, dare not use then, but actually this is a kind " improving reaction " , because your skin uses those who contain chemical part for a long time to protect skin to taste, these activator can make the skin stretchs tight closely dry, should use manual black cleanness only 30 seconds left and right sides, reoccupy clear water is thoroughly abluent, the skin can suit gradually restore water benefit.

2, the advantage that washs a face with manual black

1. is natural and safe without add

Manual black uses oil of pure natural plant to enter black, without chemical additive, did not synthesize interfacial activator, be opposite not only skin is gentle, and advantageous environmental protection. Say simply, the liquid after calculating use handiwork black leaves river plain ocean to also won't cause environmental pollution and opposite content to cause menace. Some manual black can be eaten off by mice even, so manual black is pure natural safety, won't chemical remain harms the skin for a long time.

Attention: A lot of more current businessman to make of manual black sell the look is better, can add so called natural pigment and essence, make soap form beautiful, colourful, fragrance happy person. A lot of MM like so beautiful toilet soap very much, actually these are insalubrious to the skin, pigment and essence skin are decomposed very hard, remain for long can jam pore, short-term inside it is to look not to come out, but the impact is very big. Was thought oneself skin, do not choose to contain the manual black of essence pigment as far as possible.

2. nutrition is abounded

True manual black is mix by all sorts of precious grease feed material to make and become, nutrition is very rich. And use cold the manual soap that makes a way, can the nutrient composition of these raw material below the reservation of the oldest rate, and cold the meeting in making black make a process forms natural and moist glycerine naturally, it is skin first-rate natural keep wet agent, a natural diaphragm is formed on the skin, this is tasted to dispute often maintains commendably for skin, but the hot black that regretful is the great majority on market (black radical black / oily black of essence of life) the manufacturer is met depart this precious glycerine go out to sell; And much is cold make manual black save these this nutrition material.

3. cleanness is not had thoroughly remain

Manual black still has a luxuriant name to call " activator of natural clean face " ; Other it is make the cleaner that come out by grease and alkali, be called " activator of synthetic clean face " . Activator of synthetic clean face causes an environment to pollute in recent years namely, sensitize sex skin knits the culprit that knits Gong Gong!

3, how to prevent blain

1. learns clean skin, do not feel with the hand. Do not feel clean the skin is very simple, also have knowledge greatly actually. Above all, we can combine our skin character to choose to suit the grandma washing a face of blain blain flesh, morning and evening undertakes cleaning each. When we are using towel, the attention does not want too wipe energetically, avoid lane of extruding blain blain to be fond of his. The skin after if clean,passing is particularly dry, we should notice reuse defends wet articles for use, and protect wet things to want escape blain blain to use. Must remember do not touch blain with the hand certainly certainly, if think oneself squeeze broken blain, must pack blain blain tool with the major after been disinfect, there is carry out on market of this kind of tool.

2. balanced diet, wine of avoid smoke avoid. Smoking drinks harm human body is healthy, this is the common sense that everybody knows. Smoke and drink the illness that returns blain of can aggravating blain, delicacy tells everybody this. It is very important to still have balanced food and drink, notice nutrition absorb, do not eat too exciting food, for example the food with hot food and overmuch grease, these two kinds of food cause the toxin that stays inside human body easily to eliminate hard, cause pore to be jammed by excessive excretive grease then.

3. does exercise more, the attention is prevented bask in. Often move the blood that conduces to human body circulates, make the organ inside body can be quite seasonable ground excludes the waste material inside body, make the skin maintains the unobstructed of pore. At the same time we should notice to prevent bask in, especially of summer prevent bask in, we can carry a tag, those who avoid ultraviolet ray is point-blank cause accentuation of blain blain inflammation, eliminate harder. Divide this beyond, can use at ordinary times prevent bask in segregation things to prevent.

4. strikes a proper balance between work and rest, work and rest is good. A good work and rest, happy mood and enough sleep are helpful for preventing the growth of blain blain. Because tight insecurity, Morpheus is insufficient, often staying up late to wait with endocrinopathy is the element that brings about whelk happening.