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What reason is man skin ageing? How is the man right protect skin?

Life pressure is great now, the skin has needed to maintain well more, prep let alone now this Yan Zhi is all society. A lot of years small man changed voice to spend begin to maintain oneself skin. If do not maintain the skin can be mixed as the age the harm of the outside slowly ageing. So what reason is man skin ageing? How is the man right protect skin?

What reason is man skin ageing? How is the man right protect skin? (1)

1, the killer of man skin ageing

1, often forget wash a face

More and more skin experts think, because wash facial method,problem of skin of a lot of men is incorrect, wash sordid cause. Although we are waited for,do not go out not to make up in air conditioning room, but the skin still can have fat of bilge, skin, sweat everyday,fluid is mixed of remain protect skin to taste, washing a face so is very necessary.

2, skin too dry

Skin lacking water is to cause ageing advocate so one, and be in the moisture inside air conditioning environment, body for a long time insecurity of compensatory inadequacy, mood creates skin pressure, can let skin become dry lack water. Our protect wet job to offer skin proper water and oil namely, cent letting water stays on our face to be not evaporated, take the latex that ensures wet result or it is product of relaxed lacteal frostlike powder it is right choice!

3, without prevent in time bask in

Almost all skin problems are concerned with ultraviolet ray! Exceeding illuminate still may bring about the happening of skin cancer. The worst is, it still can cause vicious circle: Ultraviolet ray harms skin, skin resists ability is abate, the ultraviolet harm to skin rate is later, of skin resist ability is farther abate.

4, often stay up late

Irregular Morpheus can create great pressure to skin, make it suffers blain blain, black rim of the eye, dim color of skin often to wait for worry of problem of 7 big skin. Because segmentation activity is vigorous in the evening, can the impurity that purify enters skin interior by day and toxin, the product that makes before Morpheus appliance has the effect that discharge poison so is best choice.

5, excessive smoke wine

Suffer male hormonal effect, male skin compares female thick 16%-20% , the cell needs newlier to waste a large number of energy, add excessive smoke alcoholic drink, male skin is experienced more easily " skin pressure " , countenance becomes more easily also listless without light. Accordingly, male skin should get energy supply in time more, undertake fighting pressing repairing protecting.

2, the man protects skin accurate method

1, thoroughly clean and oily skin maintains in measure, complete cleanness is the first pace, also be the most important one step. In the light of the man the skin of everybody pledges, choose to suit oneself, the clean face product with clean more powerful force, the bilge with complete redundant scour off and grease. Go out especially come home, after motion, should remember washing a face immediately more, if the condition does not allow, might as well plan a few portable products, for instance paper of oil absorption face.

2, key cleanness is oily skin man is necessary place of word of T of ministry of key cleanness face. T word place is generation is smeary " heavy disaster area " . The key should be tasted with clean face when washing a face everyday in bazoo of forehead, two side ala and chin place are done some gently massage, with gyral means, by fall and go up, by inside make screw outside, be in the place with bulky pore especially, add do a little a bit more deep-seated massage, elicitation grease, reoccupy clear water is washed clean.

3, after convergent pore washs a face, the skin will be in water to divide Yi Zheng to send and the position that did not protect, water of use bright skin, pore of contractive face ministry, let grease be secreted no longer superfluous. Bright skin water can permeate interior to make skin full outside, avoid moisture to evaporate, in instantaneous astringent leather fat is secreted, make skin gives out glossy not easily, still can achieve the result that prevents face blister. If you belong to the skin that often grows blain to pledge, still must use contain antiseptic the bright skin water that reachs convergent part. The PH cost that bright skin water can help cleared and cuticular leftover grease, convergent pore maintain skin shows weak acidity.

4, filling water of Bu Shuizi embellish often oily skin public figure is light the measure of oversight, skin is short of water to also can bring about grease to be secreted overly, create vicious circle. Oily cutaneous man can choose " without oil " model filling aquatic product, additionally frostlike powder of OK and evasive milk is mixed on quality of a material latex, can select the product with more frivolous quality of a material, for example: Of the relaxed recipe that do not have oil protect Shi Lou, protect wet gel to wait.

5, cleared cutin everyday the clean face program of routine can one part float is in purify the dead cell on skin, want to give the skin general cleaning regularly so, corneous frostlike powder can be used on the weekend or grind arenaceous cream do serious cleanness. Exert oneself to do sth. lighter middle finger and ring finger are massaged gently, the oil with cleared excess skin reachs the corneous cell of ageing, the skin can become clean apparently and luster. Absorb effectively what also be helpful for elite protecting skin part at the same time.

6, man of use Facial mask is right the film that stick a face, feeling very at odds, feeling Facial mask is feminine patent. Use actually in the light of purify the Facial mask of bilge of redundant skin fat, can let man skin feel more relaxed and comfortable. Especially oily skin, Facial mask not only the brows acne inside conduce purify pore, more effective to the precaution of face blister.

3, the measure that the man protects skin

1, clean: Advocate " tall relaxed "

The life rhythm of modern man is busy and be full of move feeling, long-term overworked rushs about, need retains exuberant vigor at any time and place. But sweat and fat be like a man " the bug after end " , as if to also be swung forever do not drop, so, cleanness is a man to protect skin the first want justice, "High-definition bright " the feeling can reply cheesy instinctive quality of the man! With man appropriative clean face product, like wanting to resemble brushing one's teeth only, daily 2, every time 3 minutes, the skin that can let oneself is in those silky bubble, permeating thoroughly, after purify bilge, sweat and redundant grease, search " relaxed " experience. The skin after shave is needed nurses is the important step that the man protects skin.

2, clear: I should " the most comfortable "

The 2nd pace after cleanness passes, clear namely cerebral cortex. The man uses close skin water rarely commonly, the water after actually it resembles needing is same very necessary. The Ph that close skin water can help farther cleared and cuticular leftover grease, convergent pore maintain skin weak acidity is worth, some contain the close skin water that defends wet factor more can farther soft change the skin, use after clean face, shave is needed, the feeling is more cozy, because shave is needed,still can prevent effectively to cause " inside unripe beard " or allergic phenomenon.

3, moist: Go after " 0 burdens "

The man is in protecting always is on skin very be afraid of to there is a responsibility on the face, they are fed up with facial the skin that be protected is tasted " burnt " the feeling of the move, so, pursuit " 0 burdens " one of standards that are man good product. Relaxed model embellish skin dew, not fat, can let a face the ministry feels relaxed and be permeated quickly, form a diaphragm, chain the water inside skin is divided effectively, give skin abiding moist.