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How does the man go black head? Does the man go what method does black head have?

Excretive of facial ministry grease is very exuberant, it is very easy above nose accumulation dirty stuff, time grew to be able to form the black head that sees then. Black head black macula nods distributing to go up in nose, some moment still contain the phenomenon with bulky pore on nose. What so the man has been close friends is cleared oneself black head. How does the man go black head? Does the man go what method does black head have?

How does the man go black head? Does the man go what method does black head have? (1)

Black head basically is a kind when comprise by bits of leather fat, cell and bacterium " bolt " type thing, block is in in wool bursa mouth and form, in the sky add the dust in gas, bilge and oxidation, make its contact airy to blacken gradually directly, got so so a not quite refined title -- black head.

Black head is content of sclerotic grease block, appear in the place such as the forehead of face, nose normally, be stimulated overly when grease gland, when pore is full of redundant grease and creating block, its are reached in the nose all round part, classics regular meeting has fat feeling. These grease are met finally sclerotic, it is black bit via oxidation epigenesis, these bit are called the grease block thing of black head namely.

1, the man goes black head small doohickey

1, salt goes black first

After clean face ministry, take the advantage of the skin to had not worked completely when appearing, the salt on right amount on nose besmear (the salt that cooks food is OK) , hit a circle to massage, you can feel salt melts slowly, continue to massage, probably ten minutes or so, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean can!

Need escape to have blain blain or the skin of cut and so on, the person that do not advocate sensitive skin to pledge uses this method.

2, rice group goes black first

Every time evaporate is over rice, hold one small group to knead facial ministry gently, hear the dirty stuff that can get on the face is taken. Allegedly an old lady never does hairdressing, but the skin is first-rate, what use is this method! Roll rice group gently on the face, wash a face next can.

3, the film inside gallinaceous chorion goes black head

Tear down that film of egg carapace lining carefully will be stuck on nose, etc after working, tear down come, this also is the method of come to an agreement or understanding of a lot of people.

4, gallinaceous egg white goes black head

Egg white has the very good effect that protect skin, use egg white goes black head, still can let skin become smooth, the way is very simple also, want to knock an egg only, albumen and egg white departure, use next make up cotton dip enters egg white in, reoccupy comes apply is on black head, want to await 15 minutes only, can wash clean with clear water, but often should use ability to have the effect!

5, film of deep-seated and clean face goes black first

The schoolboy can use film of deep-seated and clean face to go black head, apply is over after Facial mask, reoccupy sponge is cleaned or hang black head with acne club, clear thoroughly with the grandma that wash a face finally, won't stimulate skin not only so, still can drive away at the same time " strawberry is nose " .

6, go with pearl powder black first

In the pearl powder of to be taken orally with excellent quality of drugstore choose and buy, take right amount pearl powder to be put into the saucer, add right amount clear water, pearl powder tone is become cream shape, pink besmears equably go up in the face. With facial massage gimmick is massaged on the face, till the pearl powder desiccate on the face, reoccupy rinses the face abluent can, can use twice every week, can well the cutin of purify ageing and black head.

7, sodium bicarbonate goes black first

Sodium bicarbonate pink and clean water press 1: The scale of 10 is deliquescent. Wash clean face, soak sodium bicarbonate water with cotton, apply is in 15 minutes on nose, the towel that use paper by go up to be kneaded gently downward brush, with respect to erase partial black head comes down.

8, infantile oil goes black first

infantile oil daub is on the nose, fine fine massage is massaged, half hour can be pressed give, very successful feeling. But too fat, very difficult abluent, it is very easy still to be used continuously jam a lot of red a knot in one's heart since pore, please careful with.

The man goes the mistake of black head method

1, with the hand squeeze

A lot of people can use a hand to squeeze, but hide a bacterium easily as a result of fingernail, bring easily so cause skin inflammation, and pore can become bigger more.

2, use brush brush

This kind of method is applied to only go dying skin, if go black head, effect is not big, if be brushed energetically,can brush caustic skin.

3, black head is OK eradicate

Already of ageing black be kept clear of in the firty few days, new black head is in again generate.

4, use bazoo to stick rip

When just beginning to be stuck with bazoo, seeing the bazoo that tear down affix a face is black head, there is inarticulate in the heart free from worry. But once nurturance uses the convention that sticks nasally, blackhead can resemble nightmare pestering you all the time in that way, and bring about you pore is bulky.

Above man goes the small doohickey of black head, understood. Want to keep clear of black head and do not think pore to greaten, no matter you are used why to plant method, beforehand is best first evaporate one evaporate face, your pore is stretched automatically, outside dividing conduce eduction toxin, also more conduce is clean. Keep clear of after black head, the apply of bright skin water that appropriate freezes with aspic evaporate smooth water or snow one apply is nose, outside having composed skin effect, pore of Yi Ke systole, think diminish inflammation, criterion but try out dipped in the pily light mop of alcohol.

2, discharge makeup oil goes the method of black head

1, if facial belt makeup, use whole face of discharge makeup oil to use discharge makeup first, appearing easily next makeup oil undertakes the nose of black head and acne and the discharge of two buccal reoccupy that stand by nose afresh massage, dozen of careful circle massage 3-5 minute time, the leather fat that jams in OK and effective deliquescent pore and acne, achieve the result of deep-seated cleanness.

This afore-mentioned methods are OK a week undertakes 1-2 second, this one method has very good effect to rising to the hoary head acne of skin surface layer easily, but the blackhead result that wants to cope with depth is poorer, nevertheless need not urgent, introduce a method again to everybody, use the blackhead of purify deep administrative levels.

2, if wanting the black head of purify deep administrative levels, the discharge on the place daub that there perhaps is black head in nose makeup oil, last in what take right amount volume next velar lid was besmearing on the facial skin of discharge makeup oil, use the let sb in on sth in advance with remote blower next, slowly heat. Uncover next lasting next film, the group is made on the face with Wen Shui, emulsification discharge makeup oil. Clean next can.

Blow with blower so can make discharge makeup oily warm up, let facial skin pore stretch, greatly rose to keep clear of black head ability. Blowy confidential adjusts downy archives, and remote slowly it is good to heat, time does not want too long, probably 30 seconds OK.

3, go the note of black head

1, a lot of so-called effective to black head product added exciting part, the exciting part such as extraction of alcohol of the mint that be like any of several hot spice plants, mint, citric, lime, ash can promote leather fat to secrete, make a circumstance exasperate!

2, stimulative nerve ending releases the exciting metropolis of any forms to secrete the hormone that concern with leather fat, make black head more serious!

3, black head is to brush what do not drop. Black head results from in pore, in skin surface attrition cannot eradicate black head, the stimulation that attrition causes can stimulate leather fat more to secrete instead.

4, stick nasally also cannot stick a black head, stick nasally can keep clear of only black head most black part of the surface, very fast black head is met emersion.

5, black kind clean face is gone against cleared black head, the composition itself that forms black body can jam pore. With black kind the skin after clean face can feel special Gan Shuang, but desiccate of this specification skin, be stimulated, without any advantage.