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How should the man choose to protect skin to taste? What does the man want must protect skin to taste?

Autumn when weather is dry, the men and women should notice not to underestimate the value that protects skin, to dry autumn, the skin is the mainest is to want filling water to protect wet, implicative also can do a few works that maintain in autumn, if the man should protect skin, be about to had been chosen protect skin to taste. So how should the man choose to protect skin to taste? What does the man want must protect skin to taste?

How should the man choose to protect skin to taste? What does the man want must protect skin to taste? (1)

1, how should the man choose to protect skin to taste

1, drying skin

Face problem: The skin looks appear more exquisite, pore is not apparent, without fat feeling, but leather fat is secreted little, lack luster. Get more easily the influence such as outside physics, chemical element, ultraviolet ray and dust, produce allergic reaction.

Face countermeasure: Drying skin maintains the most important is to make sure the skin gets enough moisture.

When choosing cleanness to protect skin to taste above all, do not choose alkalescent strong toilet soap or cleanness are tasted, lest restrain leather fat and sweat fluid secrete.

After complete cleanness is facial, should use immediately protect wet sex water or latex to complement cutaneous moisture. Can do every week fume face and nutrient Facial mask, circulate in order to promote blood, quicken cellular metabolization, add leather fat and sweat juice secrete.

Skin of Wen Shuiqing clean can be used before sleeping, massage 3~5 next minute, circulate in order to improve facial blood, use late frost appropriately.

Applicable product: The clean scale that contains moist part breeds effective bate is organized, the contamination inside cleared pore, be not puissant decontamination function at the same time but moist skin with protection. Go knitting elite element, can promote cellular metabolism effectively, purify skin furrow. Nutrition is moist Facial mask, can recombine skin texture, offer active nutrient, include the fatty acid with indispensible skin.

2, neuter skin

Face problem: Neuter skin is the most perfect skin in all skins qualitative, the person that there is this kind of skin to pledge in the male can is rare, but perfect skin falls in harsh environment, maintain carelessly meet very quickly " degenerative " .

Face countermeasure: Neuter skin chooses protect skin to taste should mix according to season oneself located environment, if you live in the area with northward dry climate, you should choose a few suit oily cutaneous to wash grandma or film of clean skin face, because of climate dry area sand blown by wind is bigger, the skin is dirtier, must notice cleanness so, cause the oily skin with bulky pore very easily otherwise.

Live in climate the man of wet area can decrease a few protect skin to taste, the weather of these places always is damp, the skin breathes freely not easily, dirt loves to adhere to likewise go up in the face, wash grandma and film of clean skin face relaxedly so all the same indispensable, in the meantime, want to avoid to use the cream of heat preservation function in the summer.

Applicable product: Neuter skin is compared commonly flimsy, timely and compensatory water is divided or use filling water agent or filling surFacial mask the cream that defends wet action and contractive water can have protective effect to the skin.

3, oily with mixture sex the skin

Face problem: Facial often sleek bright, pore is bulky, skin is qualitative coarse, coriaceous thick and acne of easy unripe dark sore, produce furrow not easily. Mid, forehead, bridge of the nose, mandible has face of mixture sex skin glossy, grow acne easily, others is dry.

Face countermeasure: Oily secreting at balanced grease with key of mixture sex skin, cleanness and tighten up pore.

Daily cutaneous cleanness should choose a few grandmas washing a face that clean of pure and fresh bright feels after using, make clean Facial mask every week.

Use the cream that a few have function accusing oil to improve facial condition giving oil at ordinary times.

Controlling grease while, still apply filling water to breed frost complements in time moisture, mix sexual skin especially, after accusing oil, can become drier, so frostlike powder of filling water milk is attached most importance to especially should.

In addition, a bottle of convergent water also is necessary, it can be convergent bulky pore, let the skin become clean and meticulous.

Applicable product: The deep-seated cleanness that contains acid of vitaminic C, fruit, citrin is tasted, but effective bate is corneous, the contamination inside cleared pore. Ability in swimming does not have oily latex, filling water does not fill oily. Balance grease Facial mask, already but pore of deep-seated and clean skin, can suck redundant grease to secrete again, prevent glossy.

2, the man protects skin requisite

The man protects skin to want to have 4 kinds of articles for use that protect skin at least: The grandma that wash a face, water that protect skin, cream frost kind protect skin to taste, shave must cream. These things that protect skin besides can clean facial, still can offer appropriate nutrient to the skin, to the man protect skin daily for, cost already not much, go to the lavatory quite again.

1, wash grandma

The man protects the segment with the most important skin to keep clean namely, because male skin is general grain is thicker, pore is bigger, and much oil, easy above stop bilge. Besides with Wen Shui (30-40 is spent) wash a face, the grandma that wash a face is clean cutaneous optimal things.

At present the grandma washing a face on the market is raw material with natural material mostly, can moderate land is cleared skin bacteria, facial dead skin cell, subtle bilge reachs purify foreign matter, maintain the skin clean of pure and fresh bright.

Usage: Take right amount wash a face to suckle face of even Tu Yu to go up, delimit with what finger makes gentleness the circle is massaged, t word place but a bit more multi-purpose time, rush with clear water after a few seconds clean.

Proposal: ① is current special hairdressing protects the man on the market skin is tasted less, if the area of your place still does not have such product, can choose commonly women's product, what won't impare. The present grandma that wash a face added ② to fit part of all sorts of type cutaneous nutrition mostly, like the United States spot of white, anti-creasing, dispel, protect wet etc, in cleanness while long protect the skin, you can try to choose according to your need, but those who want an attention is to wash grandma to be different from cream, these its action can rise only a few auxiliary use.

2, protect skin water

The water that protect skin is what be solvent with water is transparent protect skin to taste, it is had cream frost kind the similar action of cosmetic, can make the skin keeps softness, moist, adjust with improvement cutaneous physiology function.

The breed of the water that protect skin on the market is at present more, water of skin of its mesotrophic water, bright and contractive water suit a man quite, common man needs to choose a kind of among them water that protect skin at least.

① nutrition water: Can balance cutaneous acid-base value, contractive pore, compensatory cutaneous nutrition and water are divided, increase cutaneous strength, pigment of slow down cutaneous is ad cool-headed.

Water of ② bright skin: Ke Shuangjie skin, in unobstructed pore oleaginous secrete easily.

③ receives shrink: Have contractive pore, reduce grease excretive effect, apply to oily, pore bulky reach the skin that has dark wound.

Usage: After using skin of clean of the grandma that wash a face, pat go up in the skin can.

3, cream frost kind protect skin is tasted

Cream frost kind protect skin to taste include honey of skin of frost of latex, nutrition, embellish to wait protect skin to taste, place oiliness cent is different, differ from 10%-50% above. Its main effect is protective skin, made softness, lubricant, can resist the stimulation of chill burning sun, strengthen skin cell activity, obtain the process that postpones skin consenescence. But according to season and everybody cutaneous differs the characteristic tries to choose.

Drying skin: Drying cutaneous defect is via rising the outside is stimulated, easy ageing shrivel, the Yi Fagong after summer is basked in, case scurfy, easy in the winter weather-shack, desquamate. Appropriate chooses the frost of oily embellish skin with moist strong sex.

Oily skin: Oily skin can endure outside stimulation relatively, not easy ageing, furrow appears relatively drying skin is late, but pore of Pi Zhirong easy block, cause acne. Had better choose suit oil to secrete exuberant water quality to protect skin to taste.

Neuter skin: Moderate of neuter skin grease, not quite sensitive to outside stimulation, suit to choose a latex kind protect skin to taste.

Usage: After washing a face, besmear is on the face can.

Proposal: ① winter to prevent cold prevent frostbite, enhance skin the resistance to atrocious weather, drying or neuter cutaneous man can choose clam oil, olive oil to reach all sorts of nutrient elite element to wait. ② summer enrages Hou Yan to heat up, cutaneous sweat gland and sebaceous glands secrete a function exuberant, average person, especially the person had better not use oily cutaneous any protecting skin is tasted.

4, shave beard creams

Shave must cream cent is bubble model with without two kinds of bubble forms, can love to choose according to oneself.

Shave must cream have the action that fight bacterium and lubricant effect commonly, bit and cutaneous attrition decrease in shave beard process, protect the skin thereby, most person is in need not when shave needs fluid or shave must cream, after shave is needed, discover the skin may appear glowing feeling or thorn keenly feel, this is the skin and white steel razor blade the metallic allergy that beyond the mark attrition produces reacts, fluid of the beard that use shave or shave beard cream can avoid, perhaps convert with the method that abandons this platinic plating razor blade, won't allergic, but value ratio of every groups of razor blade is higher.

Usage: Warm water wet beard, must cream shave on besmear, shave begins to go after waiting for beard bate.

3, the measure of the man that protect skin

The first pace: Discharge makeup

Do not feel discharge makeup is the business that female talent should do, a lot of have a man to Tu Fang basks in frost this good convention, and most waterproof is prevented basking in frost need discharge makeup.

Discharge makeup product is direct mostly discharge makeup breast besmears directly go up in dry skin, make discharge makeup product deliquescent drop a face to go up next prevent bask in or bottom makeup, next it is OK that reoccupy warm water is rinsed clean.

The 2nd pace: Clean

No matter you have discharge makeup, clean face is the thing that must want to do. Choose gentle and the clean face product that does not lose clean power is the key that makes your skin health clean.

Use clear water first will facial dozen wet, take right amount clean face product next Tu Yu is facial, catch those who use ring finger and middle finger to point to an abdomen by fall to go up, by inside hit a circle to massage 30 seconds to a minute gently outside, final reoccupy clear water is abluent good.

The 3rd pace: Bright skin

Did not look down upon bright skin water, it can complement not only skin moisture, can adjust more value of skin soda acid, stimulative follow-up protects what skin tastes to absorb, with make up cotton is wiped still have the effect that takes skin to abandon old cutin.

Take leach of skin of right amount bright to make up fully cotton arranges bulk of a yuan of coin, use next make up cotton secretes exuberant place along skin grease, by inside wipe gently outside. Cotton will make up to had turned over one side after wiping, take dozen of skin gently from the place with easy and dry skin first, let skin complemental water is divided.

The 4th pace: Elite

Elite is all in protecting skin to taste the most expensive, also be a kind of product with best effect. Want to achieve some kind of effect, use elite can be the fastest one of the most effective alternatives. To make sure the absorption of elite is permeated, it is normally after bright skin water, use before the latex. Many closing is contained in protecting wet latex after all kind keep wet part, can affect the absorption of elite.

Take the daub with right amount even elite to be in facial, show with ring finger and middle finger the abdomen is massaged gently flap, the osmosis of stimulative elite fluid is absorbed. Leftover elite is OK daub is on the neck, nursing facial while the cervical skin that also nurses.

The 5th pace: Latex / cream

Latex and the effect that frost basically has the side are to protect wet, come to the schoolboy of lard skin so say, this is not must the measure that protect skin. If feel to go up from personal face already very oily, do not need a latex with respect to affirmation or of cream protect wet.

Pour right amount latex into the centre of the palm first, do the cheek of dry or eye easily by facial ministry all around begin daub. Along muscle the trend is wiped gently. Drying skin can besmear more character a few, "T " model the area should be wiped less a few, besmear gets the person that too much or oily skin pledges, usable face tissues is pressed gently pressure, suck redundant grease.

The 6th pace: Prevent bask in / segregation (use by day)

Everyday daub is prevented basking in frost is a first-rate habit that protect skin, can maintain the skin to fair-skinned in vain not only, can resist more skin smooth ageing, prevent the generation of skin furrow.

The product that takes weight of size of 1 yuan of coin at control, nod the two buccal, forehead on the face, nose, chin 5 place. From cheek and frontal first class broader section begins, the center from the face is outward side, identical weight is taken after making its draw every position of the ministry that present a face seriously slowly, besmear again on.