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Had shaved or unplug is mustache good? What is the measure of shave mustache?

Come commonly the appearance that the male after water adolescence can have long beard. Long mustache is one of male features. But this feature is the figure that affects a person quite. If the bad word of mustache processing gives a person the sense of very dirty chaos. And some people like to unplug mustache. So had shaved or unplug is mustache good? What is the measure of shave mustache?

Had shaved or unplug is mustache good? What is the measure of shave mustache? (1)

1, had shaved or unplug mustache is good

Beard place is located in the dangerous triangle region of human body just about, because the person is honorable the blood-vessel all round ministry lip is particularly rich, have across with whole and facial vein each other, the reticulate structure with the blood capillary inside skull -- sponge antrum also is interlinked. Additional, the vein blood-vessel of facial vein blood-vessel and body other place is compared, the device that still lacks a kind to prevent blood to flow backwards -- vein valve. So, once this place produces infection, bring about inflammation very easily to be in whole and facial happening to diffuse, serious when can cause the infection inside skull even, endanger life.

And the happening that often unplugs beard causes this kind of hazardous condition possibly. Because unplug,beard injures the sebaceous glands of bursa of facial skin, wool and photograph adjacent extremely easily. Can bring about the bacterium that is added in skin surface to get a change to step in so, light person cause wool bursa and sebaceous glands agnail to form furuncle swollen; The person that weigh can make inflammation spreads to whole and facial, skull inside, endanger human body health badly.

Unplug with the hand mustache, not only ill health, harmful also honour look, because if the area is large, can let mustache become only more and more be fed up with. Also of wrinkle uneven, and the place that unplugs also won't grow again, such, when the beard that waits for you grows in great quantities, you can discover, of Dong Yigen Xi Yigen, not the rule, very ugly very ugly, when be inferior to just growing beard.

2, the true measure that shave needs

Can saying in the morning in the day is shaved optimal time, because of this moment our facial ministry still has skin to be in loosen condition, it is good to should choose character, excitant small shave must cream, need water with gentle shave, first clean your facial ministry, await pore to stretch when loosening, beard molten, resumptive shave is needed.

1, cleanness skin

Before shave is needed, should use neuter soap first abluent face ministry. Go up like the face, stay on beard have contamination and dirt, when shave is needed, because razor can produce stimulation to the skin, or touch the skin slightly, contamination can cause skin infection.

2, bate beard

After abluent face, reoccupy hot towel covers beard, or cream bate beard Tu Yuhu is needed on, make beard bate. Besmear again a little while too on shave must cream or black fluid, mix to the cut of beard at blade with benefit reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation.

Shave must cream is man shave beard is special article, have bubble model with blame bubble model two kinds, some still can give out heat automatically. Shave must cream use method is compared simple, take beard place with Wen Shui first wet hind, squeeze a few shave to must cream even ground daub is on beard again, wait for bubble to appear or just a minute hind, can begin to blow beard.

3, correct shave is blown

Take up skin answers when shave is needed, the obstruction when moves in order to reduce razor on the skin, can prevent to touch broken skin. Especially age is old emaciated perhaps person, the skin removes a ruffle easily, more should take up skin, made maintenance flexibility and support power certainly.

The order that shave needs is: From left to right, from the top down, arrange pore shave to blow first, go against pore shave to blow again, again suitable finally blow but basic shave is clean. The attention does not want east blow one knife, one knife is blown on the west, be without random shave of ground of art of composition. Shave is blown end, the towel that use heat bubble rub-up or with after Wen Shui is abluent, should check still have introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad crop.

4, shave hind maintains

After shave is needed, should notice the skin maintains, when shaving beard because of shave, have certain stimulation to the skin, and make leather caul is damaged easily, protect good skin to be before second birth of film of new skin fat, hot towel should be used after shave is needed again on apply a few minutes, after can choosing such as to need next, cream, the put on the skin outside the honey after the water after the beard, face, fat that protect skin or and so on of embellish skin frost. Can form so maintain film, make the skin suffers outside stimulation less.

5, beard clip with maintain

To the person that harbour is needed, a serration can be used when clip beard small wooden comb and a bend are small cut, comb beard first suitable, the mustache that cuts off cock again next and grow the beard at Hu Xing, make the beard after clip keeps orderly the appearance that holds out draw together. The lower edge of labrum beard wants neat, can affect countenance otherwise beautiful.

3, the harm that does not shave

Researcher is in the United States epidemiology periodical (Ameri-canJournalofEpidemiology) publishs a report to say, in this by a definite date in research of 20 years, had had 835 people death. And on the whole, not be daily shaved person has 45% die, and at least daily the person that blows mustache has 31% demit life. Not be daily number of death of the person that shave is much, the person that smoke with them is more and habits and customs is poorer about, but investigator expresses, this still cannot explain why they are apoplectic probability is higher.

Study the result shows, not be daily the person that shave is mostly maiden, and the many time that for; of labor of blue collar class they enjoy orgasm is less, the figure is shorter, and suffer from angina pectoris easily. Suggest for your health you shave everyday so.