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Is skin short of water how to do? How from immanent give skin filling water?

Weather is changeful, some moment are very damp, some moment are very dry, the symptom that removes a skin can appear when our skin has, this explains skin lacks water, that this how does ability give skin filling water? Although we often are used,keep wet product, but this just fills from the surface water, the most important is from immanent filling water, below, introduce to everybody from immanent the method of filling water.

Is skin short of water how to do? How from immanent give skin filling water? (1)

1, skin is short of water how to do

, had caught immanent filling water

General we live daily in, says immanent aspect goes filling the word of water, drink water to fill usually through us namely of water.

Yangtao, pear, watermelon, apple is the fruit with filling water very good effect, contain a lot ofof all kinds vitamin, dissolubility fiber, mineral, protect wet factor and many moisture content, often feed can make skin water tender. Additional, must drink water more everyday, give skin compensatory moisture directly, have stimulative metabolism again, the effect of eduction body endotoxin.

2, fill before eat water most raise a stomach

Does water fill even before having a meal? Before eating solid food, first nip half cups (about 100 milliliter) water, also can be the fruit juice of normal temperature, yoghurt, water of tepid rock candy chrysanthemum or light boiled water, or a bowl of small thick appetizing soup, it is the very good standard that raises a stomach to protect skin.

3, drink the water that lose sight of more

The food of general place edible in daily life also is to contain certain water, for example rice, among them water content is achieved 60% .

Vegetable fruity water content exceeds 70% commonly, even if eats vegetables of 500 grams fruit one day only, also can obtain 300~400 milliliter moisture. Be inferior to making full use of the opportunity that 3 eat eat will fill water.

4, catch very explicit filling water

1, use protect wet area film, protect wet sparge

The skin according to oneself is qualitative, choose those who suit oneself to defend filling water of film of wet sparge, face, if idle also can be abstained, choose rose water, milk, mineral water a kind natural east. General, oily skin suits to select the relaxed, product that does not have a burden, drying skin first selection is moist model.

Use protecting wet sparge is means of first-rate filling water, get effective particularly fast. Can put in the bag usually, carry, at one's leisure takes skin to fill filling water, fill to be beautiful with every two hours, can very good slow, moist skin.

Will tell to office worker, arrive Zhou Wu but apply keeps wet noodle film in the evening, zhou Wei morning and evening. The time that keeps wet noodle film to stay on the face is longer, but better for portion of skin complement water, be over in apply normally after Facial mask, there is the feeling that water should become on the face.

2, filling Shui Xiaomiao enrols the skin

Abandon clean face black, perfect clean

Clean face black is very good dry season, suit summer to use, do not apply to Qiu Dong season absolutely however, should not say the dry skin of change garments according to the season more. To yield skin water profit, can use the gentle grandma that wash a face, had better be to add those who protect wet factor to wash breast, can alleviate of skin stretch tight closely feeling, also can reduce the phenomenon with allergic red extensive.

Make up water wet apply is alimentary

Skin of moment of change garments according to the season is unusually dry, a lot of people can choose to use humidifier make indoor damp balanced, still be so cannot if water embellish skins, can choose Shi Fu to make up water will achieve moist ensure wet result.

Make up water wet apply can form diaphragm in skin surface not only, also can use skin to achieve first-rate status, need only everyday 3 minutes, both neither is costly also not be defeated to keep wet noodle film, but do not use cleanness model make up water comes apply oh.

Protect wet elite strengthens nutrition

Do not think elite kind protecting skin to taste is ripe age skin uses, protecting wet elite is restricted without the age. The young member class status of elite fluid can arrive deep directly by flesh, the water embellish that desiccate dry skins the instant changes, elite is used daily do not stop, also can use thick apply law to protect wet skin regularly.

Protect wet sparge to be taken

It protect skin to taste without what is OK really to protect skin to taste without what assure skin 24 hours of water Shui Runrun, our need is accordingly standing one protects wet sparge, will alleviate the thirst disease of skin.

Method: Be apart from centimeter of facial ministry 15-20, can bear more as far as possible most moisture; Like playing piano, dab facial ministry, promote absorb; If still have a few moisture fails complete have a thorough grasp, not when airing, use paper towel or be to make up cotton is pressed press Gan Shuang; Final daub protects wet latex.

Fixed chamfer pledges

Although Qiu Dong season is dry, unfavorable chamfer is qualitative, but Qiu Dong season also is metabolic when slowing, because this needs fixed chamfer to pledge, avoid the growth of blain blain, acne, also but beautiful Bai Huanfu.

Proposal use grain is ground pettily arenaceous cream, and be little excitant, be used 1 times every week or be every two weeks are used 1 times.

Labial ministry is protected wet fasten forget

The double lip that has water profit has some of reluctance in dry season, no matter drink water more, labial ministry always works dry. Because this needs those who strengthen labial ministry to nurse, protect a lipstick to ask moist, fight those who knit composition, if you return the habit that has daub lipstick, protect a lipstick to serve as render with respect to what need a moist part more.

Face film nurses deep-seated and moist

Seasonal, dry lack water, and the most immediate repair, defending wet method is apply Facial mask, prepare for oneself moist model the Facial mask that keeps wet filling water, can resist for us the dry weather harm to skin.

If you feel troublesome, can use Morpheus Facial mask directly, can raise already colour, moist skin, also can succeed for your leave out a lot of measure, save time.

3, how does the skin fill water

1, daily the skin nurses

Beauty of each days begins from in the morning, we must notice cutaneous nurses daily. Face and the skin that him basis must notice when making up are washed to choose what filling water keeps wet kind to protect skin to taste character in the morning, wash grandma, make up water, BB frost is waited a moment, should choose filling water. Still have even if also should notice to fill at any time in a day of job water, can carry convenient filling water to protect wet sparge to wait will have filling water.

2, notice food habit

Dry of winter months content, cause skin problem because of suffer from excessive internal heat very easily. Friends of a lot of females often like to eat the acrimony, excitant food such as chaffy dish. The requirement that winter is used to to food is photograph contrast is stricter, we are OK as far as possible go choosing a few delicate, the food that filling gas raises blood will eat. Should drink 6 cups of plain boiled water to complement at least everyday the moisture of fast prediction of a person's luck in a given year inside the body.

3, evening fills water is protected wet

Evening nurses to cutaneous also is to not allow small gaze. Face of wet Facial mask apply is kept with filling water before sleeping everyday. Not only the moisture that can offset prediction of a person's luck in a given year of a day of skin, also can have deep-seated repair to the skin. Everybody can choose a few filling water to protect the Facial mask with wet fine effect to undertake nursing. Be in everyday when the bath in the evening, also can add right amount rose essence oil the filling water that oil of essence of chrysanthemum of foreign perhaps of one's own accord will come to to have the whole body is protected wet.

Summary: Small write a hope the about skin filling water knowledge that you can learn today shares the young associate beside people oh.