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How does winter man protect skin? What does winter man protect skin recipe to have?

Hiemal moment, to a lot of people, protect skin the mainest is to should have done filling water to keep wet job, the man also needs to protect skin, the man also should notice to skin compensatory water is divided in winter, avoid skin to appear a few problems, winter man protects skin method to have a lot of, so how does winter man protect skin? What does winter man protect skin recipe to have?

How does winter man protect skin? What does winter man protect skin recipe to have? (1)

1, winter man protects skin secret

1, at any time filling water

Lacking water is the fountainhead of any skin problems, want to have Bai Xi's bright skin, fill at any time water appears particularly important. Had better carry sparge of a filling water, in burning hot perspire, office air conditioning is dry wait for a circumstance to fall gently one gush, can alleviate skin is dry, yield profit of skin immediateness water.

2, keep clear of black head is dark sore

Besides grease dead skin, black head dark sore is men on the face another " long-standing " problem. These sclerotic grease block content, appear in the place such as forehead, nose normally, if not seasonable purify, have fat feeling with respect to classics regular meeting, and the time that procrastinate is longer, these grease are met finally sclerotic, it is black bit via oxidation epigenesis. Accordingly, must give character according to individual skin cleared, cope with oily skin, the key depends on balanced grease secreting, cleanness reachs convergent pore, the product that a few have function accusing oil should be used to improve when maintaining, water fills in the meantime.

3, use protect technically skin is tasted

Should choose to fit the clean face product with him simple skin, if the man is special,wash grandma or soft clean face black. After a large number of foam are made on the hand besmear is on the face, knead 2-3 with finger clear water of the reoccupy after minute is abluent. Next appropriative of the man on besmear moves skin water, secrete in order to balance grease, contractive pore. The expert is special point out, when the male is choosing to protect skin to taste, the man that should choose to accord with oneself skin characteristic as far as possible is special protect skin to taste or the masses protects skin to taste, use a the female sex less special protect skin to taste, contain hormone especially kind product.

4, shave must nurse want seriously

The male needs often shave beard, using bit wet when shave is needed, should use face of Wen Shui general first abluent, in case the bacterium is invaded, make cutaneous corneous with face of hot towel apply later layer bate. The Ying Xianxuan when shave is needed uses the shave with soft texture to must cream, with slow down razor blade cutaneous of the ministry opposite side grinds. Gel or latex still should be chosen to wait after shave is needed come slow cutaneous insecurity and exciting feeling.

5, fixed chamfer pledges

Corneous layer heavy panel, can make ageing corneous form pigment accumulation to be in not only skin surface, let skin look dark yellow. More important is, it still prevented the absorption of beautiful white active ingredient like a city wall. So fixed chamfer is skin wants character white tender, the homework that does surely.

6, the United States nurses in vain cent morning and evening

Of skin nurse the key differs somewhat in the evening by day. What need to do most by day is to defend + keep apart. What need to do most in the evening is to repair protect + alimentary, should let skin in evening optimal alimentation time gets best alimentary.

7, massage facial skin

Every night 3 minutes hold to both hands to massage facial skin, muscle, arrange facial muscle, hemal trend slowly, from in undertake massage outwards, promote facial blood circulation, make facial cell is secreted more colloid and oleaginous, rise to protect cutaneous action.

8, strengthen nutrition

Winter skin adjusts performance is poor, answer to eat the fresh vegetable that contains a vitamin, fruit and egg more, have animal egg white less, be helpful for cutaneous metabolization. Still answer to have the thing of lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood more at ordinary times, be like sesame seed, honey, eat the excitant food such as green, garlic less as far as possible. Besides, want the skin is good, indispensible still absorb a few mineral, wait like magnesian, Potassium, these are mineral can remove fatigue, outer leaf aid digestion, quicken enzymatic activity, stimulative blood to circulate, be helpful for hairdressing beautifying hair thereby.

9, enough Morpheus

The skin is outer by day expose, night needs the cell of compensatory and enough nutrition and repair injury, the following day ability of color of skin is delicate and bright, smooth. And cutaneous nutrition and rehabilitate basically came at 10 o'clock in the late evening before dawn at 4 o'clock. Accordingly, want to assure the Morpheus time that comes 8 hours 6 hours everyday.

10, cut off ultraviolet ray

Skin dark heavy very major reason is the harm because of the UVB in ultraviolet ray and UVA, must will prevent ultraviolet hour to be put on the heart. Attention: When ultraviolet ray is not had, be absent, not just summer needs to defend, year season even winter needs to defend. Face computer everyday, also need radiation-proof.

11, measurable drink

Drink dark sore of excessive meeting occurrence skin, at the same time excessive absorbs carbohydrate to also can make skin hair yellow. Daily much more drinkable the fruit that contains vitamin C perhaps promotes metabolism with a few green tea, can prevent skin effectively dark heavy.

12, adjust mood

Change of the person's psychosis, psychology is control by pallium, action at cutaneous nerve fiber, if humor anguish, spirit is dispirited, or feel for a long time insecurity, fear, depressive, can cause skin blood to circulate in short supply of undesirable, nutrition, make cadaverous, Huang Hei, furrow deepens the skin, premature consenescence. Accordingly, should notice to adjust at ordinary times mood and strengthen take exercise, have healthy state of mind and physique, ability has healthy skin.

2, the man protects skin product to recommend

1, sharp edge concealed exceeds Jiliemeixi conveniently uses razor suit

The price: RMB287/ set

Li of of beard of shave of embedded auspicious row is moist model, ji Liefeng concealed exceeds suitable razor piece, ji Liefeng concealed exceeds conveniently to move razor to give you experience of perfect shave beard. Sharp edge concealed upgrades edition Indicator shows model lubricant contain lubricant part, beard letting shave is smoother. The angle between bit and arrange a course to be calculated scientificly, close together joint is facial curve, your beard is taken and clean, need not exert oneself to do sth. shave is blown repeatedly.

2, clean skin of man of spring of green jade Europe meticulous suit

The price: RMB800/ set

Skin grease secretes the male to compare female much 40%-70% inherently, firm abluent before long, reply again glossy is full of. Unlike traditional product accusing oil, meticulous series can restrain clean skin of man of spring of green jade Europe not only grease is secreted, can be absorbed effectively more and volatilize quickly the redundant sweat of skin surface, antagonism sweat be bored with.

Use method:

Step1 clean skin is meticulous clean face creams: Natural and mineral mud abluent all over the face glossy

Step2 clean skin is meticulous bright skin water: Water of skin of bright of different quality of a material, convergent pore, slow skin, improvement is oily skin pledges

Step3 clean skin is meticulous protect wet breast: Accuse oil + curb sweat, reduce blain blain to cause, defy in the round glossy

3, SK-II man shine dew of the vivid elite that protect skin

The price: RMB1080/150ml

SK-II man shine is the vivid elite that protect skin shown accumulate contain Pitera of more than 90% natural extract? , it is the peculiar class status of all SK-II products. Use for some time, can make a man skin becomes suitable send slipperily, closely, reduce glossy, show settleclear bright work flesh.

Use method: Pour 3-4 second elite to be shown at the centre of the palm, pat divide evenly whole face to reach next cervical till be absorbed completely. After washing a face early, late, use.

4, bright skin of Long Liji vigor is decorated breed

The price: RMB290/50ml

Bright skin of NICKEL power strange vitality decorates breast, the photograph of integration amends the effect to be able to diffuse the light and desalt flaw, fruit of embedded ox oil but alimentary reach flowing and rough spot, the subtle powder that contains dumb scene can absorb facial and redundant oily share. Bring even, do not float oil is reached arrange slippery skin. Day answer day, litchi elite and small alga elite can make the stain on the face is controlled gradually, look clean, health.

Use method: Can use at facial skin directly, also can cooperate moist article use.