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Can the man protect skin to taste with the female? Does the man protect skin to taste with the female harmful?

A lot of men begin to protect skin, but the skill of a few methods to protecting skin still is not to understand very much, the hope learns to the female, some people say those who pledge to protecting skin is minute of skin, some people can use the male sex to the product of the female that protect skin, as long as effect is likely OK, so can the man protect skin to taste with the female? Does the man protect skin to taste with the female harmful? Everybody introduction is below.

Can the man protect skin to taste with the female? Does the man protect skin to taste with the female harmful? (1)

1, the man is unfavorable protect skin to taste with the lady

, male appropriate protects skin with the man article

Male chaos protects skin to taste with the female browbeat besides what will face female hormone, the influence of the chemical material that is called adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid possibly still by a kind. Adjacent benzene ester of 2 formic acid is a kind of chemical that can have bate effect, consider to make clear, it can violate endocrine standard of the male, reduce spermatozoon amount, bring about spermatozoon motion ability low, configuration is unusual, cause to male reproduction system on certain level " troublesome " . To this kind of circumstance, the man wants disuse cosmetic only, cross body of period of time to be able to restore by oneself, because overmuch and estrogen is alone,need not take male hormone.

The man should understand him cutaneous characteristic above all, generally speaking oily skin selects frost agent character, oily and opposite less skin chooses medicinal extract character. Additional, the man's facial skin injured cutaneous as a result of the reason such as shave beard natural keep wet film, dehydrate very easily, the choice that protects skin to taste is protected wet it is main index. Generally speaking, relaxed model the water after clean face product, beard, close skin water and can not fat, rapid permeate maintain wet profit skin frost, it is the first selection that the man protects skin to taste.

A lot of men not quite care about a man to protect skin, of optional use cummer protect skin to taste, it is very unscientific actually, above all the man's skin should compare a woman character thick, next the man belongs to oily skin for the most part, the most important is a lady there still is many female sex hormone in cosmetic, if the man is long-term edible female cosmetic may produce very great harm to the body.

2, the harm that man use lady protects skin to taste

1, the cosmetic that female hormone contains female hormone can not be a kind two kinds, wiped this kind of thing to male friend, he goes out to be annoyed to other man is bagatelle, once endocrinopathy, be afraid sexual feature meets Lian Nan to suffer an effect greatly.

2, the heavy metal material such as the lead that heavy metal contains in mineral cosmetic, mercury, normally the skin with the female mediates for the foundation character. Male skin meets the mineral element that does not suit him complexion, often be troubled by heavenly palace; to await a man greatly, the long torment that is dermatosis.

3, weigh what oil man skin compares a woman to want thick, grease is secreted more exuberant, accordingly, protect skin to taste with the female slant quite commonly oily photograph is compared, the male protects skin to taste use plant part commonly, do not contain grease part at the same time, with reducing skin burden as far as possible. If you give him the cosmetic with you, be just like is to give pork to wipe a grease, result how, need not say to also can imagine get!

3, protect skin to raise Yan Nan daughter to have not

1, the male protects skin to taste use the recipe that do not have oil more.

2, with the female the product that protect skin pays attention to beautiful white photograph to compare, the male protects skin to taste what pay attention to recuperation color of skin more is balanced with health, is not to go after the United States blindly white.

3, the male protects skin to taste those who pay attention to its quality of a material is relaxed, prevent pore to jam even while moist nutrition skins, avoid the generation of skin problem.

4, the female with as powerful as odour, threatening aroma protects skin to taste photograph comparing, the male protects skin to taste general odour quietly elegant, won't produce powerful fragrance.

5, the male must use a product indispensable. Secrete as a result of leather fat exuberant, the skin of most male slants oily, pore is easy by smeary jam form acne or dark sore, if nurse inadvertent, facial department regular meeting leaves sunken hole scar. Correct shave needs a program to give a man a relaxed face not only, return the generation that can avoid facial skin problem at the same time.

6, the leather fat of scalp still can cause scurf increase too much, the health that affects a hair even trichomadesis.

2, the distinction that the men and women protects skin

1, the male accuses oil more important

Male skin is thicker than the female, pore is bulky, amount of its sebaceous glands is much and develop, have relatively crass corneous layer, so the skin should be gotten than female consenescence slow, and flexibility is better than woman skin also, not easy generation is fine compile and print, because this is divided,knitting is not the main purpose that the male protects skin, but the male skin of 80% above belongs to oily skin, grease is secreted overmuch, can bring about pore to jam, grow acne or dark sore easily, this makes the biggest job that controls oil to become the male to protect skin.

2, clean method different

As a result of sex hormone of male and female different, male sebaceous glands and sweat gland are secreted more exuberant, add male cutaneous PH value slants acidity, the skin is easy and fat, sweat is more also, so, cleanness is a man really protect skin the first want justice, just, this kind of cleanness cannot wash a face a few times to achieve with how absolutely, contrary, the time that wash a face is more, skin water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is met react in order to secrete more oily aim as protection, the result is instead " wash oilier more " , the result of grease unbalance is pore jam, be overflowing with of acne dark sore.

3, shave must nurse, man particular

Regard the male as the beard of the mark, also be the key that the male protects skin, and it is any females protect skin to taste the man that cannot replace's particular measure that protect skin.