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Does man winter protect skin how to be done? What does man winter protect skin method to have?

About protecting skin, a lot of females understand very much, and to the male, although begin,protect skin, but a few methods to protecting skin are not to understand very much, put possibly still in a few errors, the man also should notice to protect skin in hiemal moment, so does man winter protect skin how to be done? What does man winter protect skin method to have? Everybody introduction is below.

Does man winter protect skin how to be done? What does man winter protect skin method to have? (1)

1, how does male winter protect skin

One, should go in the winter cutin

Above all, want give up conveniently to take bath dew, soap to go up toward the face the undesirable habit of put on the skin. Alkalescent too strong product often makes facial ministry skin more coarse, should choose the male sex special the grandma that wash a face or common the grandma that wash a face, everyday morning and evening is serious clean and facial, every month is used twice about grind arenaceous cream or chamfer qualitative frost, clear thoroughly cerebral cortex, make pore unobstructed, avoid acne generation.

2, keep clear of black head is dark sore

Besides grease dead skin, black head dark sore is men on the face another " long-standing " problem. These sclerotic grease block content, appear in the place such as forehead, nose normally, if not seasonable purify, have fat feeling with respect to classics regular meeting, and the time that procrastinate is longer, these grease are met finally sclerotic, it is black bit via oxidation epigenesis. Accordingly, must give character according to individual skin cleared. Cope with oily skin, the key depends on balanced grease secreting, cleanness reachs convergent pore, the product that a few have function accusing oil should be used to improve when maintaining, water fills in the meantime.

3, use protect technically skin is tasted

Should choose to fit the clean face product with him simple skin, if the man is special the grandma that wash a face or soft clean face black, after a large number of foam are made on the hand besmear is on the face, knead 2-3 with finger clear water of the reoccupy after minute is abluent, next appropriative of the man on besmear moves skin water, secrete in order to balance grease, contractive pore. The expert is special point out, when the male is choosing to protect skin to taste, the man that should choose to accord with oneself skin characteristic as far as possible is special protect skin to taste or the masses protects skin to taste, use a the female sex less special protect skin to taste, contain hormone especially kind product.

4, go out answer Tu Fang basks in frost

Winter not only climate cold and climate is dry, sunshine can cause harm to the skin likewise, accordingly, in winter when outdoors activity, there should be the nutrient frost that ensures wet result or latex on besmear, to often needing the man of outdoors activity to answer Tu Fang basks in frost.

Nurse the patent that the skin is not female friend, male friends also want to add an attention to nurse to him cutaneous more in the life, this also is a of male health protection indispensable link. Pay attention to pair of cutaneous to maintain, the explicit figure that can let us not only looks more cheesy, return the scent that can mask years effectively, no matter how time passes, we are green unconverted countenance as before.

2, the method that winter man protects skin

, wash a face

Spring often blows, door of drying cutaneous man should notice to protect wet, when washing a face, should use protect do not have foamy wetly to wash grandma, the skin moisture that does not let oneself evaporates too much. The man's skin is to slant mostly oily, the gentle toilet soap that washs a face to suckle He Jie face should be used when washing a face.

2, use recuperate water

The man should want to choose to suit him cutaneous to recuperate water to undertake recuperating after washing a face. Oily cutaneous man should choose to have the recuperation water of alcohol, it is OK also to can accuse oil already so clean. Drying cutaneous man is about to choose not to have exciting recuperation water without alcohol. After washing a face, skin is in recuperation skin is below bare condition to make good opportunity.

3, use a frostlike powder

As a result of the reason of the man's job and life pressure, the man appears very easily black rim of the eye and pouch. It is very important also that eye ministry of the man nurses. Frost of eye ministry use eye can skin deep lining, furrow of effective purify eye ministry, the problem such as microgroove.

4, purify dies skin

Male skin is coarser, should periodic, had better be bimonthly undertake purify dead cell. Can improve the skin effectively so coarse, let the skin more exquisite burnish. The man suits those who choose massage particle to die quite leather product.

5, use elite

If be opposite,oneself skin strengthens men nurse, can choose a few suit oneself quite from cutaneous beauty white, fight consenescence, still have even if go the elite element of the effect such as spot. This OK of course for the time of work and rest according to oneself.

6, apply Facial mask

The man also needs to do every week a few nurse particularly, that is apply Facial mask. There are a lot of nutrition parts in Facial mask, it can be offerred nursing daily in the center cannot provide skin enoughly bored moisture and nutrient, make skin quite bouncy. Of course this skin that also needs to follow oneself undertakes choosing to accuse oil model still is to protect wet model, still have even if fight consenescence, this applies to the man with a few older age quite.

7, by day defend

Ultraviolet illuminate is stronger by day, the men that often work outside also need to choose a few defend cream undertakes defending, prevent ultraviolet ray to be harmed to cutaneous, the cream that the choice uses can fight oxidation effectively, slow down skin is anile.

8, in the evening repair

Men work one day by day, wind blows insolation, the skin lacks water in great quantities, wet night is protected to strengthen skin to need moisture with cream with a few filling water before resting in the late evening, let be gotten alleviating effectively by day outside by the skin of harm.

3, winter hand is weather-shack how to do

1. hand is weather-shack with rice vinegar

If the hand is weather-shack, bubble hand is a very right choice, enter rice vinegar in the hot water that prepares bubble hand, next bubble hand half hours, can promote haemal circulation not only, OK still bate skin is corneous, let weather-shack dead skin become soft, water be soiled is wiped after bubble is good, the ointment on besmear, with last velar wrap up, general the following day the place with weather-shack hand can improve.

2. hand is weather-shack and OK use sodium bicarbonate

Go to sodium bicarbonate dissolve in Wen Shui, use hand of sodium bicarbonate bleb next, hold to everyday so, about two week hind can see the effect, on the hand weather-shack the symptom disappears with respect to meeting improvement, restore tender slippery both hands.

3. hand is weather-shack and OK use aloe gum

Aloe glue has embellish skin, defend wet, antiphlogistic, composed action, have the person of the symptom with weather-shack hand, aloe glue spread can be used before sleeping everyday one apply hand, apply hand when can be in of the hand outside the bag lasts one layer film, put apply of a hot towel next above, the absorption that makes the skin better aloe elite, take after 15 minutes next towel and last film washs his hands with Wen Shui, hand frost is protected to be able to sleep on besmear, this method is right of both hands moist degree very tall, what if be,bring about is weather-shack, so this method is very effective.

4. hand is weather-shack and OK use paste

Ointment copes with skin problem to have very much, if be short of the word with too serious water, suddenly many filling water may cause the skin to prickle, the meeting is relatively a bit gentler if using paste. And ointment is OK skin of bate craze scab, lubricant skin, moist it is good to although do not have aloe glue,be spent, the hand is weather-shack nevertheless very serious person proposal is improved with ointment first, much better reoccupy aloe glue.

5. hand is weather-shack use tea water

A lot of people like to drink tea, the boiled water that drinks remnant can fall directly, little imagine these boiled water adversary are weather-shack have very pretty good effectiveness. When we drink tea by day, leave the boiled water that drinks remnant, these boiled water are used before sleeping in the evening again add some hot water uses bubble hand, if do not love to drink tea, so show bubble to also go, insufficient tea is best bubble is a few longer, hold to everyday so, can see the phenomenal swoon with weather-shack hand one week later, the skin becomes smooth, this method is used on the foot as much appropriate.

6. hand is weather-shack use potato

It is the food that loves to eat in work of a lot of life tomato patch, so you know potato adversary is weather-shack effective also. Husk potato, evaporate is ripe, next pound becomes potato mud, add a few vaseline to mix together smooth, besmear next go up in the hand, besmear at least everyday, available word can besmear a few times more, can get effective after a few days.