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How does man autumn winter caress the skin? What does man autumn winter protect the method of skin to have?

Qiu Dong is seasonal, skin condition has a lot of, to a few males, want to notice to caress skin health, male skin also can encounter a lot of problems, the male also can protect skin, will improve the problem of skin, make skin condition better, reduce the burden of skin, so how does man autumn winter caress the skin? What does man autumn winter protect the method of skin to have?

How does man autumn winter caress the skin? What does man autumn winter protect the method of skin to have? (1)

1, how does man autumn winter protect skin

1, long protect the skin to have excellent plan

The man always hopes to be in effective and moist skin at the same time, the feeling won't stick be bored with. Should choose accordingly a few, the embellish skin that is absorbed extremely easily by the skin breeds, just can achieve depth moist not fat, the result that makes the skin dry and rapid disappear. Accumulate contain natural the embellish skin breast that protects wet factor applies to of all kinds skin.

2, cleanness protects wet double effect syncretic

Man grease is secreted times more than the female, ministry of face of the even if when Qiu Dong is dry, t word very fat still, so need cleanness is protected at the same time wet. Right now Mr Li can choose the product of man clean face of Li shape, retain skin moisture at the same time in thoroughly clean skin, the skin after clean face is relaxed and incompact stretch tight. Product of face of clean of Li shape applies to drying to reach sensitivity skin to neuter.

3, explode tear open complete caress

Winter lip explodes extremely easily tear open, on the lip weather-shack can you affect appearance? The embellish lipstick that sets for the man only on besmear, high moisture is moist double lip is not fat.

2, man autumn winter protects skin method

1, wash a face

Male grease is secreted quite for the female more exuberant, so the male should wash a face one day 3 times, namely in the morning, mix midday in the evening. When washing a face, should notice water is warm maintain control in 40 degrees, wash a face to suckle thoroughly clean skin with man appropriative.

2, those who notice the basis is seasonal is different, those who choose different property protect skin to taste

Qiu Dong's seasonal and northward weather is drier, it is the skin appears the most easily when doing grain, want special attention to protect at that time so wet, can choose to keep the product with wet expensive sex of purpose when the choice protects skin to taste. Otherwise your skin can be in these two season are aged very fast.

3, the attention goes regularly cutin

Skin metabolism of the person is very fast, every other can form a cutin a few days on the face, these corneous need are done regularly eliminate, otherwise these cutin are skin of meeting block up absorbs the nutrient element in protecting skin to taste. The frost that can buy chamfer of appropriative of a man to pledge in brand shop or it is a latex, use 3 times every week can. (the attention cannot wash a face to be used every time) .

4, the man also should make film

Average woman student can do Facial mask make her skin carries sample tender slippery. The man should have good color of skin, also maintain from what do not open fixed Facial mask. The proposal does a face to stick type here. Do not make paint, because facial pore of the man is bigger, of daub enter pore easily, bring inconvenience to cleanness. Of course if your itself is lazier, still can protect skin inn to do Facial mask to maintain to professional man.

5, drink the plain boiled water of 800CC at least everyday

Vivid momentum of the male is bigger than the female, male skin is commonly outside work inside oil, fill so water to the man blame very at the female. Autumn winter season should notice to drink water more more, also be to be in so give skin filling water secondhand. Retain skin water benefit, reduce grease to secrete, prevent pore bulky.

6, go out to notice to protect skin all right

Although the sunshine unlike summer of autumn winter season that kind is intense, but the ultraviolet ray in sunshine or meeting harm cutaneous. So the man goes before travel, also should notice " dress up " . Wear sunshade hat, it is OK to perhaps wear guaze mask. Also should notice not to make the skin long expose additionally fall in sunshine.

3, the error that man autumn winter protects skin

One of errors: Jump over hot water, clean force is jumped over tall

Enter Qiu Dong season, skin is metabolic gradually hasten slow down, dead skin and bilge pile up easily. A bit not advertent cleanness, rise early when looking in the mirror, can discover a scurfy, color of skin is gloomy, black easily first class problem. Male skin texture wants than the lady originally thick, and most man likes " change numerous brief " the link that protect skin, make afore-mentioned problems more outstanding.

A kind of view that in the bookshops circulates, hot bath face conduces to clean bilge, and heat up better more, more but will deep-seated dirty stuff " dissolve " change and take away. What many men believe thoroughly is fabulous, existence is actually double fallacious. Above all, the face had better use Wen Shui and washing is not hot water. The water of overheat is right although grease has better deliquescent effect, but washing a face to go up redundant grease while, also destroyed the leather fat film that has protective effect, aggravate skin is dry. Wen Shui is the water that shows 40 degrees are controlled, than skin temperature slightly tall. This temperature tactility is best, use Wenshui makes skin not nervous, recipient. Next, deepness cleanness needs the product of major of have the aid of.

Of the error: Moist product, jump over " oil " better

The whole environment humidity of Qiu Dong season drops, the water content in air decreases apparently than summer. And strengthen increasingly as cold wind, facial ministry water divides easier be lost. Disturb skin stretchs tight closely feeling very closely associated with each other, as the fall of temperature, still feel gradually prickle slightly.

Many people will " embellish skin " and " oily " end is together, and afore-mentioned skin problem, criterion end of ground of follow a rational line to do some work well is short of for skin " oily " , cannot hold back the be lost of skin moisture so, thereby the product that pure pursuit Gao Zirun spends, jump over oil to had been jumped over. The concept was opposite here half: Can let skin chain water is divided, leather fat layer produces tremendous effect really. However, water oil balance is more crucial. So, good moist product, cultured is " speed " and " deepness " .

Of the error: Bask in in summer only black

Leave " Adonis " , with individual character of ego of label of healthy color of skin, it is the fashionable choice of modern man. In the summer of colourful Yang Gaozhao, the perfect color of skin that take off jacket and obtains, be about to make an original shape again in Qiu Dong?

This error caused the anxiety of many people really. Think carefully, relative to the phlogistic summer with broiling high temperature, qiu Dong's sun more the lady of like maturity Wen Run, did not have burning, more make a person accessibly. After moving, why to change – boldly to continue to enjoy sunshine bath in Qiu Dong. While skin obtains perfect color of skin, the metabolism that still helps the body is carried fast, have more healthy body and mind.

Of the error: Shave, when all can

Convenient, the behavior surveyor's pole of numerous man believe in, shave not exceptional also. As long as it is conveniently, shave beard can undertake in any time. What your place does not understand is, shaving also is a when protect skin important segment actually, it also is to have cultured. Optimal shave beard should be arranged as far as possible in the morning, pass one night after all amend, facial ministry skin is in most relaxation condition. Razor is not be in and " nervous " skin is opposite forcedly forcedly antagonism, arrive to the harm of skin decreases or falling consequently lowest.