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How is the man beautiful white? What should man beauty notice in vain?

What all the time female friends go after beautiful Bai Yangyan, but the progress as the society, friends of a lot of men also begin to be paid attention to slowly protect skin to raise colour, because good people always is the can better look that draws others, so friend of a lot of men resolutely the joined beautiful Bai Yangyan procession of definitely. So how is the man beautiful white? What should man beauty notice in vain?

How is the man beautiful white? What should man beauty notice in vain? (1)


? 1, how the man should be beautiful white

1, milk beauty is white.

Very strange, small make up a milk beauty to be put in the first place in vain, prepare one cannikin bright milk to be put in freezer refrigerant, be written down not frozenly, after face of hot towel apply, calling milk with finger turn daub is in facial ministry, massage gently, wash with clear water next clean good, take a looking glass, it is white tender a lot of!

2, aloe beauty is white.

Will fresh Lu Hui and cucumber are put small bowl is entered after extracting juice in juicer, put egg white, amylaceous attune to become next mushy, after washing the face clean even daub. Abluent finally, take the water that protect skin can.

3, tomato honey beauty is white.

Tomato adds honey to be become in the agitate in juicer mushy, even daub is on hand ministry and face, after about 10 minutes abluent, to bleak the skin and oily skin have very good effect.

4, prevent it is very important to bask in.

In hand the method above, your skin condition has bigger improvement inside again can short time, but also must notice to prevent bask in. Sun umbrella is not the schoolgirl's patent, the man student also can be used, if feel embarrassed really, can wear sunglasses and hat, beautiful after all the thing that is oneself in vain. Additional, should strengthen move and assure enough sleep, this does not sell at a discount the beautiful white result that assures you, do not rebound.


2, man beauty is white note

1, eat vegetable more fruit

The United States protects what the key of skin depends on nutrient composition to absorb in vain, the nutrient element that only ceaseless development skins place needs, ability makes of oneself facial it seems that Bai Xi is ruddy. Research shows it is OK to eat the food that contains vitamin A and vitamin E more have first-rate beautiful white effect. Contain the food with vitamin more A to wait like spinach, pumpkin, onion, Chinese flowering quince, mango, grape, they can prevent melanin form, the skin Bai Xi that lets you is smooth.

Scientific food to skin maintaining is very important, if to the male skin makes an investigation, the skin of most male is belonged to oily, simple point says even if grow blain an oil, easily easily. So, alimental chooses dispute to often be necessary. The good origin that oil of shrimp of all sorts of nut, wheaten embryo and crucian carp fish, sea, vegetable is vitamin E. Vitamin E can decrease and prevent the generation with qualitative brown of the fat in the skin and deposit, still can prevent blain.

2, much drink water

In different season, skin the position that presents is different, oil goes out easily in summertime skin, in dry of winter skin Yi Gan, appear because skin water oil is lopsided,such phenomenon basically is, drinking water more so is very be necessary, drink water to also can achieve the result of beautiful white skin actually. The simplest, convenient beautiful white way drinks water more namely, enough water not only can make of each organ it is normal to run, the help is metabolic, can move more quickly at the same time except the melanin hyperplasia that makes the skin because of ultraviolet illuminate rock-bottom.

3, much drink green tea

In a lot of fundamental situations, drink tea to be able to reflect those who give an individual to savour. A variety of microelement are contained in tea actually, healthy to human body impact is very big. Drink tea for a long time not only the effect that has disease of prevention and cure to human body, to the hobby at drinking, the male of smoking has very good health care effect. A large number of antioxidant are contained in green tea, it can protect your cerebra, let you be far from the worry of cardiovascular disease. Additional, green tea still can counteract the loss that insolation causes to skin, the skin is improved on certain level.

4, reject cigarette

Good habits and customs is the key that raises a good skin, because long-term smoking place is caused,the reason with most man poor skin is, smoking is the another cause that causes skin addle. The chemical composition in cigarette can destroy the collagen albumen in skin, if observe carefully, the person that you can smoke all round discovery can begin to be pulled with the age difference of other people from 30 years old big.