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What does the male protect skin to should notice? Does the man protect skin what to error there is?

A lot of friends begin attention to protect skin now, the person's skin is very flimsy, if maintain carelessly, the skin is harmed very easily, so friend of a lot of men also begins to protect skin now. Protecting skin actually is a knowledge, not be blind is bought a few protect skin to taste what make protect skin. So what does the male protect skin to should notice? Does the man protect skin what to error there is?

What does the male protect skin to should notice? Does the man protect skin what to error there is? (1)


One, the man protects skin note

1, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

Above all must smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. As the man smoking has made a habit, a lot of people cannot have left it, everybody knows smoking is harmful and healthy, want your appearance is clean luster, man must smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. If you can be accomplished above the word of the first pace, I believed to had succeeded half.

2, protect skin

Protect skin as the man, following a woman is different, a few females often are to give a person to the requirement of hairdressing with beautiful, disposition, advantageous for direction, and basically the male people attention is most is him cutaneous real quality, spray the temperament that perfume suits him, and the weakness that how can all mask him hairdressing aspect more.

The male on the market protects skin trademark now is not very much, sort is not whole also, below such circumstances, suggest everybody still uses product of big shop sign, after all quality has assure, although the price is a few more expensive, but the effect will be very distinct.

3, massage

In daub cosmetic when, want to insist to massage, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks human body facial features is the centre of look of spirit of person essence of life, often massage not only have effect to the skin, have good profit to the whole body.

4, prevent frostbite is prevented bask in

Often the man of outdoors exercise and activity, want summer to prevent bask in, winter prevent frostbite. Summerly sunrise door did not forget to prepare some prevent those who bask in and so on of oily, frost to defend article, in case the skin is basked in.


2, the error that the man protects skin

Misunderstanding 1: Wash a face with clear water directly in the morning, had been washed clean in the evening before today anyway.

Solving: The skin is passed one all night metabolic, what what do not imagine like you actually is so clean. Again hurried morning, also cannot ignore cleanness of facial ministry cutaneous, rise early 5 minutes, use clean face breast to wash a face normally, in complete cleanness while give skin one day original protection, prevent the generation of the problem.

Misunderstanding 2: Protect skin to taste managing use, the part that takes more is put again.

Solving: Metamorphism or feculent day are changed article not only the skin of the person that won't let use, hair be able to beautification, make the skin becomes coarse likely still or generation pigment is ad cool-headed. Ferial use cleanness or maintain when tasting, should avoid to be dug with feculent finger as far as possible take bottle / the product inside the box, lest bacterial infection arrives inside,the partial; that has not use is like the cosmetic that takes out to have not give out, write down sincerely not again inside replace bottle, lest create soil. Protect skin to taste after using, want to wipe the incomplete floodwater on low-lying land that takes in opening place clean with paper towel, screw cap again.

Misunderstanding 3: After washing a face every time, can wipe the moisture on the face with towel.

Solving: The man often goes up in the skin with dry towel energetically knead, such meetings are harmed and stimulate the skin, let skin grow microgroove. Right way is: Wash a face to press water with towel or face tissues dry, than using wiped method to be opposite cutaneous drag and harm want to be gotten gently much.

Misunderstanding 4: Undertake facial massage, time heals long had healed.

Solving: Facial massage time appropriate is measurable, cannot too long or too short, must inspect skin state of qualitative, cutaneous and age will decide. Generally speaking, neuter cutaneous massage time controls; drying cutaneous to massage time to be 10-15 commonly for 10 minutes minute massage time of; oily cutaneous should be controlled in 10 minutes in; irritability skin had better not be done massage.


3, the method that the man protects skin

1, when washing a face, will achieve abluent effectiveness besides black of use clean face or clean face breast besides, best have the aid of washs bilge that brushs ministry of thoroughly cleared bazoo.

2, can make face of 1-2 second evaporate one week, make an appointment with 5 minutes every time, at washing facial hind to undertake. Face borrowing evaporate can make the pore of nose ministry expands, the bilge that is concealed inside pore can be poured out of automatically. But, after evaporate face, must rinse with cool and refreshing cold water, at the same time both hands takes the department that make a face gently, in order to achieve the result of compressor skin.

3, then, the latex with relaxed smear, when brushing a latex, answer to be reached by drier two buccal place brush all round eye socket case, brush place of first class of nose, forehead again finally, such ability won't bring about bazoo to the ministry crosses oil and cause acne.

4, after washing a face usually, should make up with softness the position that water lays acne easily in the nose exerts oneself to do sth. a bit knead, can prevent the generation of acne.

5, after every use a latex, the astringent that must reach action of moisture absorption, oil absorption in order to have diminish inflammation again makes up water takes the department that hit bazoo gently.

6, be like desire extrusion nose acne, should in order to make up paper or make up cotton encases the finger squashs. In the meantime, after been squeeze, answer with making up cotton is touched make up water, apply sticks his to go up, in order to achieve the effect of antiphlogistic analgesia.