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How should the man choose to protect skin to taste? Does male person selected protect skin to taste what should notice?

Shop of a lot of bazaar has a man to protected skin to taste now, so friend of a lot of men also can be bought incidentally a few protect skin to taste will use, but can be male friends chosen really protect skin taste? Actually friend of a lot of men is bought protecting skin to taste is very optional, won't resemble female friend in that way, the skin that returns meeting him ground chooses character. So how should the man choose to protect skin to taste? Does male person selected protect skin to taste what should notice?

How should the man choose to protect skin to taste? Does male person selected protect skin to taste what should notice? (1)


One, how does the man choose to protect skin to taste

1, drying skin

Face problem: The skin looks appear more exquisite, pore is not apparent, without fat feeling, but leather fat is secreted little, lack luster. Get more easily the influence such as outside physics, chemical element, ultraviolet ray and dust, produce allergic reaction.

2, allergy skins

Face countermeasure: Drying skin maintains the most important is to make sure the skin gets enough moisture. When choosing cleanness to protect skin to taste above all, do not choose alkalescent strong toilet soap or cleanness are tasted, lest restrain leather fat and sweat fluid secrete. After complete cleanness is facial, should use immediately protect wet sex water or latex to complement cutaneous moisture. Can do every week fume face and nutrient Facial mask, circulate in order to promote blood, quicken cellular metabolization, add leather fat and sweat juice secrete. Skin of Wen Shuiqing clean can be used before sleeping, massage 3~5 next minute, circulate in order to improve facial blood, use late frost appropriately.

3, to skin compensatory nutrition is mixed moisture

Applicable product: The clean scale that contains moist part breeds effective bate is organized, the contamination inside cleared pore, be not puissant decontamination function at the same time but moist skin with protection. Go knitting elite element, can promote cellular metabolism effectively, purify skin furrow. Nutrition is moist Facial mask, can recombine skin texture, offer active nutrient, include the fatty acid with indispensible skin.

4, neuter skin

Face problem: Neuter skin is the most perfect skin in all skins qualitative, the person that there is this kind of skin to pledge in the male can is rare, but perfect skin falls in harsh environment, maintain carelessly meet very quickly " degenerative " .

5, neuter skin pledges

Face countermeasure: Neuter skin chooses protect skin to taste should mix according to season oneself located environment, if you live in the area with northward dry climate, you should choose a few suit oily cutaneous to wash grandma or film of clean skin face, because of climate dry area sand blown by wind is bigger, the skin is dirtier, must notice cleanness so, cause the oily skin with bulky pore very easily otherwise. Live in climate the man of wet area can decrease a few protect skin to taste, the weather of these places always is damp, the skin breathes freely not easily, dirt loves to adhere to likewise go up in the face, wash grandma and film of clean skin face relaxedly so all the same indispensable, in the meantime, want to avoid to use the cream of heat preservation function in the summer.

6, use relaxed the breast that wash a face

Applicable product: Neuter skin is compared commonly flimsy, timely and compensatory water is divided or use filling water agent or filling surFacial mask the cream that defends wet action and contractive water can have protective effect to the skin.

7, oily with mixture sex the skin

Face problem: Facial often sleek bright, pore is bulky, skin is qualitative coarse, coriaceous thick and acne of easy unripe dark sore, produce furrow not easily. Mid, forehead, bridge of the nose, mandible has face of mixture sex skin glossy, grow acne easily.

8, pore bulky

Face countermeasure: Oily secreting at balanced grease with key of mixture sex skin, cleanness and tighten up pore. Daily cutaneous cleanness should choose a few grandmas washing a face that clean of pure and fresh bright feels after using, make clean Facial mask every week. Use the cream that a few have function accusing oil to improve facial condition giving oil at ordinary times. Controlling grease while, still apply filling water to breed frost complements in time moisture, mix sexual skin especially, after accusing oil, can become drier, so frostlike powder of filling water milk is attached most importance to especially should. In addition, a bottle of convergent water also is necessary, it can be convergent bulky pore, let the skin become clean and meticulous.


2, male person selected protects skin to taste want to notice

1, the requirement that at present the male on market protects skin to taste or cannot satisfy men, when wanting to remind men to protect skin to taste in the choice so, do not select female series as far as possible, differ with the man character because of the female's skin very big, also do not choose aroma as far as possible too full-bodied and pungent, aroma is full-bodied and pungent protect skin to taste majority excitant big, go against the skin. Once chose to suit his brand to protect skin to taste,returning some is men, cannot optional easy change and pursuit is modern and high-grade wait, because the man's skin is qualitative different female, the man's skin can be told is " good raise " , need not change all the day protect skin to taste, taste oneself when the experiment, also can saying is captious, be afraid the brand that changes at will protects skin to taste the skin allergy that makes you.

2, the male protects skin things besides the nutrient honey, fat that protect skin, prevent bask in the sweet fat frost such as frost, vanishing cream 3 kinds big outside, still have water kind, like perfume of liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or lotus leaves, male perfume, Gu Longxiang water of skin of water, bright is waited a moment, still have Facial mask in addition kind, if protect film of wet noodle film, dispel blain face to wait a moment, picture small make up mention the male to protect skin to taste sort, men can undertake choosing according to his need.