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What method does man beauty have in vain? What contraindication does man beauty have in vain?

As social progress, protect skin to raise colour had been the thing of female friends not merely, shop of a lot of bazaar has the male to protected skin to taste now, so friends of a lot of men also are the tide that complies with a times, begin to pay attention to protect skin to raise colour. Actually the man protects skin or should protect skin to want simple place than the female, so what method does man beauty have in vain? What contraindication does man beauty have in vain?

What method does man beauty have in vain? What contraindication does man beauty have in vain? (1)


One, man beauty has what method in vain

1, when wanting to sleep, take small cucumber to cut face of Bao Fang buy to had gone up a few minutes to be taken, face of a moon is met white tender.

2, the cheapest makeup is used before sleeping cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear.

3, get up everyday drink 2 cups of water, among them one cup adds some of salt, can clear intestines and stomach.

4, segregation frost must be brushed to reach before going out prevent bask in breast, return the home to remember the discharge on the horse makeup.

5, wash a face to be able to let skin with cold water of warm water reoccupy first already clean and wool stoma is met decrescent.

6, must drink water not to stay up late more, eat deepfry less kind thing, maintain skin cleanness.

7, after washing a face every night, recuperate is happy making up more on cotton, direct apply is in two buccal, connect forehead, the lower jaw even also but incidentally on apply, not only go spot holds the United States concurrently white, because of every time dosage has 1/6 bottles only about raise happy much.

8, drink water less in the evening, drink water more by day, ; of film of bright side of water of the apply before sleeping eats a fruit more, do not drink not to smoke not to stay up late, assure Shui Liang.

9, the rehabilitate after basking in is very important, want to notice filling water. Can use water of paper film bubble (water of skin of milk, bright, mineral water, clean water... OK) hind apply face, can be in freezer safe a little " cool " best, after be being basked in especially.

10, include apply key point 5 minutes with cold tea above all, make the motion of a similar yoga then, this movement is first cross one's legs, raise the hand again tall hind bend over forth below, maintain this pose about ten minutes. This movement accomplishs ten minutes not easily at the beginning, want the practice of period of time, but the effect is very good really.


2, man beauty has what contraindication in vain

1: It is OK to use the United States one year to be tasted in vain in Chun Xia season only

Think truly effective beauty is white, should use the United States uninterruptedly to maintain in vain all the year round cosmetic, notice to be prevented effectively even at the same time bask in.

2: Water of the grandma that wash a face, bright skin is OK the United States is white

Numerous home brand rolled out the beautiful white milk that wash a face, also claim on the concept the face begins beautiful Bai Congjie, but actually this more it is hype of a kind of concept. The time that the grandma that wash a face keeps on the skin is so short, and its main effect is clean skin, although added beautiful white part among them, also cannot such apace produces effect. Skin of beautiful white bright kind product as much, its main function is value of balance skin soda acid, the chroma amid of beautiful white product is little little, action is quite limited also of course.

3: Skin already very white, do not need to use beautiful white product

Not only the person that is skin Bai Xi, some advocate the person of wheaten lubricious skin also thinks he does not need to use beautiful white product, actually these idea and those think to the United States maintains in vain even if will skin " blanch " the idea that is a mistake euqally. The United States maintains in vain the biggest effect is to help skin block break melanin generation, will already stain is attacked medicinal powder, your skin looks even and bright.

4: Imagine become Bai Xingnan overnight

For the person that to begging the United States the heart cuts, wish the skin that delicate Bai Xi has between one night, but, the United States is the chronic process of a successive in vain. Those claim of spot of white dispel of OK and fast beauty protect skin to taste, contain mercury probably or benzene the composition such as 2 phenol, ten million should take care, if you cannot help really,these composition can harm your skin; greatly, want to try fruit acid to change skin, or it is the beautiful white method such as laser dispel spot, must reach professional hospital or be beauty parlour undertakes.

5: United States white product can eradicate the stain on the face

The United States maintains in vain tasting is the stain purify that gets on the face impossibly absolutely, its action is to let melanin disperse more equably, let pigment grain be decomposed more finelily and restrain melanin to generate, final result is your stain desalt, the odds that your stain generates decreases, let complexion look evener thereby, bright. But, once maintain undeserved, stain still can be in come out.

6: Go after the United States overly to be disregarded in vain prevent bask in

Major melanin is by sunshine medium ultraviolet ray is caused, be like not nurturance put on the skin prevents the habit that bask in, calculate besmear a few beautiful white products of no help at the thing. If you go after skin blindly white tender, and the aspect protecting skin with other oversight, if prevent,bask in protect wet etc, let fleck splash wait take advantage, your skin scarcely will be perfect. Accordingly, besides beautiful Bai Zhi, you still must understand more the composition about the product and character, ability suit the remedy to the case, astute beauty is white.