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What does the summer protect skin common sense to have? What is the gist that the man protects skin?

The summer is very burning hot season, a lot of people perspire easily an oil, the skin still can be basked in by ultraviolet ray, the summer needs to had done the work that protects skin, reduce the outside to alleviate the bad influence to skin, the summer protects skin to need the respect of understanding to have a lot of, so what does the summer protect skin common sense to have? What is the gist that the man protects skin? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the summer protect skin common sense to have? What is the gist that the man protects skin? (1)

1, the summer protects skin common sense

1, what does the summer suit to be used to protect skin to taste?

Choose to protect skin to taste without what too big change actually, nevertheless proposal summer uses relaxed sex to protect skin to taste, drying skins or key choice defends wet filling water model protect skin to taste, oily skin controls oily product with mixture skin or choice, additionally the proposal maintains the skin often clean, let skin maintain appear can free breath, lest grease is secreted,bring about skin pore to jam too much, form blain blain and acne.

2, can the man use a lady protect skin to taste?

The skin texture of the male and female agrees basically, but the sebaceous glands inside male skin parts more, the skin is secreted exuberant, consequently, skin acidity is taller, pore appears bulkier than the female, grain of pigment of layer of together with base parts more, color of skin appears blacker, the skin looks coarser also. Suggest so or choose man appropriative to protect skin to taste.

3, is because,oily skin really endocrine problem?

Oily skin forms advocate because be to lack water, the ability that lack water brings about pore to cannot discharge oil normally, make pore outspread, release more oily cent to protect the skin, bring about skin grease to secrete excessive, the skin gives oil, it is the signal that the skin lacks water actually, want to accuse oil, want filling water first, water oil balances the skin ability is healthy.

4, protect wet have distinction with filling water?

Filling water and protect wet it is two different ideas, protect wet it is to prevent prediction of a person's luck in a given year of skin appearance moisture content to be in its are exterior form diaphragm, and filling water is in carrying moisture skin cell, go. General proposal fills first water is protected again wet, ability makes skin water tender.

5, is apply over can you besmear after Facial mask other maintain taste?

The skin is finite to protecting what skin tastes to draw rate, Facial mask apply is on the face when, the skin is absorbed already saturated. If do not get on the face scour off of Facial mask elite protects skin otherly to taste with respect to direct daub, affirmative meeting affects these the skin is right absorb protecting that what skin tastes.

2, the gist that the man protects skin

1, clean: Advocate " tall relaxed "

The life rhythm of modern man is busy and be full of move feeling, long-term overworked rushs about, need retains exuberant vigor at any time and place. But sweat and fat be like a man " the bug after end " , as if to also be swung forever do not drop. So, cleanness is a man to protect skin the first want justice, "High-definition bright " the feeling can reply cheesy instinctive quality of the man! The skin after shave is needed nurses is the important step that the man protects skin.

2, clear: I should " the most comfortable "

The 2nd pace after cleanness passes, clear namely cerebral cortex. The man uses close skin water rarely commonly, the water after actually it resembles needing is same very necessary. The PH that close skin water can help farther cleared and cuticular leftover grease, convergent pore maintain skin weak acidity is worth. Some contain the close skin water that defends wet factor more can farther soft change the skin, use after clean face, shave is needed, the feeling is more cozy, because shave is needed,still can prevent effectively to cause " inside unripe beard " or allergic phenomenon.

3, moist: Go after " 0 burdens "

The man is in protecting always is on skin very be afraid of to there is a responsibility on the face, they are fed up with facial the skin that be protected is tasted " burnt " the feeling of the move, so, pursuit " 0 burdens " one of standards that are man good product. Relaxed model embellish skin dew, not fat, can let a face the ministry feels relaxed and be permeated quickly, form a diaphragm, chain effectively portion of the water inside skin, give skin abiding moist.

3, the method that summertime beauty protects skin in vain

1, reduce ultraviolet ray illuminate

If not be must, avoid to arrived to went out at 2 o'clock afternoon at 10 o'clock in the morning in the summer as far as possible, because of a day in the center, the strongest, ultraviolet ray has the sun of this paragraph of time most might, the biggest to the harm of skin.

2, go out had made preventive measure

The hat is worn as far as possible when going out, maintain parasol, Dai Taiyang glasses, wear pants of long sleeve garment, in order to protect skin. When every sunshine goes out, answer Tu Fang is basked in article, and should hour of every other 2-3 is brushed. And Tu Fang also answers to bask in when swimming article, and still should be used waterproof and prevent bask in an index taller prevent bask in article.

Want to had undertaken outdoors activity only, no matter insolation degree how, the Dou Yingxian after coming home bathes, cleanse the whole body gently with massage means, use Wen Shui first, reoccupy cold water is strong drench, wipe some of dew that protect skin all over.

3, bask in hind repair

After insolating, if conditional usable towel is wrapping ice cube to come iced is aglow by burnable skin with slow down local and hot and dry, catch less with the hand as far as possible, otherwise will the generation of the spot after aggravate is basked in.

After basking in, return desirable the Xian Luhui in using the home, the aloe material apply that blows a center is on skin, have mix calmly the United States' white effect.

The hand also wants put on the skin to prevent when go out bask in dew, and arm, foot, genu is naked Tu Fang also answers to bask in when appearing article, can bask in in case already so can reduce stain effectively again, especially middleaged generate prematurely later " senile plaque " .

4, much drink water

Water is hairdressing emperor content, awake in the morning should as soon as possible is hollow drink cool leave in vain, if a lemon is added in water, criterion hairdressing effect is more apparent. Before sleeping in the evening 30 minutes also drink one cannikin water please, make a cell sufficient absorb, can prevent furrow effectively to generate.

5, protect Shi Meibai to should be shown consideration for and take care to preserve

Seasonal change often affects the skin. When spring, air temperature can be climbed slowly litre, the corneous layer that comes down in winter place accumulation at that time can make skin surface coarse, murky. So, spring is the United States is white must period of time.

Nevertheless, advanced be merciful is clean before beautiful Bai Zhi, skin ability gives to beautiful white product absorb adequately. When spring comes, weather is dry, the moisture in air is little, the moisture that makes skin compensatory and enough so also is need not but little.

6, the beauty that avoid by all means does not spend with Gao Nong is white product

Some females see Bai Xi of people color of skin and oneself are dark heavy hair is yellow, fraught, begin to be used by hook and crook contain Gao Nong to spend beauty of class of high dose medicine the beautiful white product of white composition. The characteristic of this kind of beautiful white product is beautiful white rate fast, the day uses the winter to also be no problem.

Nevertheless, its weakness is apparent also: Beautiful Bai Cheng is divided too too powerful, general skin can not bear easily character. All offer a piece of advice here each beautiful Bai Da's person, careful spend with Gao Nong shine skin beauty white product.